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  1. I remember back in 2003 and 2004 when the Marlins turned off the radar readings on the scoreboard when Penny was pitching.....because he was always looking back at them after he threw a pitch. I don't think that will be a problem anymore.
  2. This absolutely isn't happening. Why do some people think its a given that this team blows up half the roster every single season? Whether some of those pieces being traded is justified or not is one thing, but this tweaked front office of Hill and Jennings isn't gonna send away a dozen players. Its just not happening. I have to agree with you Bullet. Let's see where the Marlins are in late July before we think about blowing up the team.
  3. We should also bring in Dontrelle and, F*** it, why not Tracy McGrady? I think that they should let LeBron pitch. After all, he has been whining since Miguel Cabrera is making $10 more million dollars than him.
  4. Great news from Frisaro about our baseball people on evaluating his talent. The Marlins "heard he has thrown well." Heard that he was throwing well? So none of the Marlins' scouts went to see him actually pitch? If this is about competing....they should have aimed higher than Randy Wolf.
  5. I don't think the season is over. I'm just happy that the Marlins are hitting the ball a lot better than last year. They still have a lot of good arms on the pitching staff and no one (except maybe the Nationals) are going to run away and dominate the N.L. East. Like him or not, Loria has proven that if his team is in it at the trade deadline.....that he will add to the team.
  6. The Marlins can stay in contention with Eovaldi, Alvarez and Koehler heading the starting rotation until when and if Jose Fernandez returns to action. For that to happen, they need Jacob Turner to start pitching better. He was good the last time out.
  7. They were 55-1 in March of 2003. My brother slapped a twenty on them in Vegas and won a cool $1,120 bucks!
  8. I really hope that he only has to miss a couple of weeks. He and Stanton are the two guys they can't afford to be out too long if they want to win the division.
  9. Well that's the problem. If he has the banner season, a team acquiring him will have to dish out a $175-200 million contract to secure him past arbitration, i.e. that is not trading him for peak value. A rational team is not unloading their farm system for the risk Stanton walks in two years or paying him the King's ransom. Likewise, if he stinks, he is not as valuable as he is right now where he is a year removed from a murderous season and 2013 is 'forgivable' based on the state of franchise and lack of lineup protection (not that he had a bad year, just not 'star' level production that is expected). Either way, next offseason is not as much in a trade as this offseason so the peak is gone. The only way keeping him on an arbitration tender makes sense, is if they plan on buying multiple free agents 2015-2016 (and I'm not talking Furcal, Jones, McGehee, Baker level players) to build a legitimate contender with him still here. I think we all know the chances of that happening, meaning they choose the only bad option. Signing longterm or trading him would both be better for the longterm picture. Keeping him for 1 year, does nothing for this franchise. But maybe they go nuts in June/July and trade and all of this is moot. Guess we'll see. I'm not optimistic these clowns have a plan besides padding Loria's bank account with that revenue sharing cash. Not to be totally positive here, but what if the young pitching staff clicks this year and the Marlins are in contention for a Wild Card spot this July 31st? Then Loria has proven in the past (2003 especially), that he's willing to spend to make his team better at the trade deadline. I know that's probably a pipe dream.......but is it impossible? No.
  10. I just hope that if the Marlins do trade Stanton in the near future.....that they don't get a big bag of crap like the Tigers gave them for Cabrera. That was a shockingly bad return for the best hitter of this generation!
  11. I don't see the Red Sox dealing Middlebrooks either. They can't pay everyone $10 million bucks in 2014.
  12. Losing is no fun, so I read into what he said is that he won't accept a long term contract from the Fish if they don't start trying to win. That being said, the pitching staff is looking pretty good for the future. If the Marlins just spent a little more money for a couple of legit veteran hitters to put in front and behind Stanton in the lineup, I think the can be a good team and convince him to stay.
  13. I could see Baker getting some time at 3B in 2014, but not 2B. I think the strict platoon of Jones and Baker at 1B will give them much more production than Logan Morrison would have.
  14. If the Marlins can somehow get Marmol to throw strikes, he can be an asset. If not, he will be out of town before July.
  15. You are surprised that the Yankees' rotation is ranked higher? Sabathia, Kuroda, Tanaka and Nova is a pretty solid top four. I don't get it with the Mets though, as Matt Harvey isn't going to pitch this year.
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