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  1. what wrong team at home their doing well on road now their are 0-5 at home this stand hitting was their on road pitching not been bad it scoring been bad at home
  2. what wrong team at home? their were on roll on road now home their 0-5 in homestand
  3. look tonight game we not close been playoff team close this topic
  4. miami need go back on road again
  5. game going get better chen coming into game!!!!
  6. this bad start homestand back old marlins came see them how better their are brave brouht them back to earth playoff you talking about playoff!!!!! i saw topic was started about marlins are playoff team look at them tonight!!!
  7. we see how team will fight stay winning way at home brave alway find way beat us their already have 2-0 lead
  8. phy better team if not trade all good player we be second place fighting for wildcard game
  9. team trying hard not get 100 losing games that only thing their playing for not playoff we still rebuilding stage
  10. we like kc royal that was worst team in big league long time
  11. was church all those night holy week
  12. i see 10,243 at game likely cubs fans
  13. we lost got sweep by bad team cubs
  14. people losing interested in team their should know we very bad team jeter have put on field to rebuild
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