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  1. I voted online and at the stadium. Near the homeplate area just to the third base side, they have a table set up with ballots - if you sign up on their list and fill out a pack of 50 ballots and return them, you get 2 tickets to a future game. Got 2 tix for monday vs rays. It would be a crime is Stanton is not starting the ASG.
  2. First time placing an order through your link. Hope that worked!
  3. I have a full season plan but will not renew the same plan. I may get a 20 game plan (or something similar in terms of number of games) but get better seats.
  4. Remember Kris Benson? Probably not but what was his wife's name? HELLO?.........EXACTLY! Ah yes, the always crazy Anna Benson. What did she say when Kris went to the Mets? "If he cheats on me, I'll sleep with everyone on the Mets staff, including the team and the bat boys." Something like that? There's an article on Fox News about the nasty divorce Kris and Anna are going through. He did, indeed, end up cheating on her with one of her best friends. I hope she was an 11!
  5. "The Astros are paying virtually all of the $9MM left on Carlos Lee's contract, but one club that spoke to the Marlins said Miami wanted as much as $2.5MM in return for the slugger. Talks never progressed." -MLB Trade Rumors Incredible...
  6. He struck out the last two and three of the last five batters he faced (one basehit in his last inning).
  7. This autograph session is gonna be really fun!! Jesus Christ....why couldn't they have done this one week ago???
  8. You have to be a member of the Marlins Fan Club to participate. Contact Marlins intern Andrew Cheston (acheston@marlins.com) for more info. He was the one that sent me the email confirmation.
  9. MLB held their first ever competitive balance draft today and the Marlins will receive one of six picks awarded before the start of round 2. These picks will go after the first round free agent compensation picks are decided (due to Type A free agents, etc.) The other clubs with picks (in order) before the second round are: Royals, Pirates, Dbacks, Orioles, and Reds. Marlins pick after the Reds. Additionally, six other clubs will select before the third round (after round 2 free agent compensation picks) and they are Padres, Indians, Rockies, A's, Brewers and Tigers. One side note: these picks CAN be traded, so it's very possible that the Marlins can have multiple picks next year's draft if they trade this year with clubs that were awarded these same picks. Picks CAN'T be traded in the offseason.
  10. Don't know if this is the right place to post this or not. I suggested we keep this thread for people who have tickets for sale. I have two tickets for tomorrow in Sec 309 Row C. $15 each. PM if interested.
  11. I think I remember reading that on here
  12. I would recommend the shuttle. I took it for Opening Day. As soon as you get off from the Culmer Station, the shuttle is RIGHT THERE waiting. There were others behind it so it's definately running non stop. I did not take the shuttle back since a friend dropped me off but I did see they were there waiting, even before the game ended. I've heard lots of people that took trolleys were upset that they were not on time and when they did arrive, had to fight to get on. Now, trolley is free and shuttle you have to pay. I think it's the same as if you take a Metrobus. If you have a monthly pass, it's included. Otherwise, gotta get an Easy card or Easy ticket from the station.
  13. I think they just don't want you to have good pictures to sell! LOL! I have a 70-300mm lens as well. Normally I just have that lens in my pocket and have the standard on my camera. For the opener, I took my camera backpack and inside had my lens but they never checked it. They checked all my other zippers but not that one. Also, as far as the video cameras, they are banned. I had taken mine (not knowing it was banned) because I wanted to record my experience of opening day and the new ballpark. Thank God I got there with plenty of time before gates opened because at the gate I was at (Center field) was told I could not bring it in and would have to check it at the home plate entrance. I said OK, started walking to another gate, placed the video camera in my pocket, and walked in with no issues. These guys won't hassle you for anything you may have in your pockets (as long as they're not bulging out).
  14. Is it possible that we can pin a thread for whoever wants to sell their tickets? I have four tickets for saturday in section 309, Row C in Vista Box. $20 a ticket, which is what they are going for on the Marlins website, but save the ticket surcharges.
  15. I was bummed out that the HR sculpture didn't go off on Gaby's homer. Anyone have any info as to why?
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