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  1. Who is gonna do this job? Definitely next "GM" will be served as a puppet for CEO Jeter.
  2. Maybe all people who working at this industry knew that.
  3. Our 2020 season was done today, but I'm really happy to enjoy the playoff with our guys. Also I'm so excited how Jeter and FO create something in this stove season. and Thanks to all marlinsbaseball.com members including The Great @SonOfJack, @SilverBullet, and @Michael.
  4. Because Yankees and Dodgers fans are more than those of any other DS competitors. It will affect TV rating and commercials. So it's very reasonable choice by broadcasting stations and MLB. I don't like this either but it's inevitable.
  5. I think this system needs to adjust the benefit of league 1st place teams. There's no difference between them and other division winners. Also, this could be reduced tanking and motivate the playoff pushing to the every team including slightly above .500.
  6. I didn't expect that Sierra hit rbi single with two outs and 2-man on. Cubs chose him after the intentional walk for Rojas, and that decision was pretty smart I thought.
  7. @Michael, Can we beat the Braves? I'm a nail biter.
  8. Padres' homer parade was so scary. I could't imagine how is it going on that we meet the Padres at WC.
  9. I hope that rest of WC games are over tonight, and just enjoy the only one Fish game tomorrow night. Actually I don't like a day game.
  10. I just felt that this game was one of many 162 regular season game.
  11. Thanks @Michael. I hope to see him tomorrow, healthily.
  12. Any news on Marte? I'm so concerned.
  13. Everyone knows this team's problem. The Ownership.
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