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  1. Yanks settled DJ and added Kluber today. Finally real stove season is beginning.
  2. I believe most of pitchers at the pro-level can't leave any comment on this. I mean everyone in this business knows and connive this issue.
  3. It's below "1M" contract so Detwiler over Tarpley with cheap money.
  4. I think FO want Matt-Joyce-type ver 2.0. How about Joc Pederson or Schwarber or Nomar Mazara?
  5. I bet this might be below-2M contract.
  6. #CheapJeter or #WorldSeries... which tag do you prefer??
  7. Generally, foreign players' stats at KBO league was overestimated, especially foreign hitters. Overall KBO pitchers' level wasn't good enough. Maybe AA or somewhere of between AAA and AA. The bottom line is DO NOT PAY MUCH MONEY IN THE MARKET.
  8. So we gonna pick some Rule 5 draftee, right?
  9. Actually I expected Jordan Yamamoto's waive news. This was a little surprise to me.
  10. Everyone has his or her own ideas. It seems lots of players would be available after the shortened season. I think Jeter would weigh an option that adding underrated, jobless or non-tendered guys.
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