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  1. I really want to see our guys again, so this season should be cancelled. It's only way to protect whole Marlins organization and their families.
  2. I just thought about fallback if Isan keeps struggling.
  3. Why he is still snooping around this business?? Out of money?
  4. Maybe you forgot the Derek Dietrich case.
  5. I didn't read this article, but it's very familiar on this mood.
  6. I think Yankees will pick him up. Recently Yanks rotation got the red alert after Severino was out by TJS.
  7. Totally agreed. I know we will have to waste time for Brinson with various reasons. That makes me exhausted.
  8. Honestly, I want to know Brinson's present thinking after this comment. Actually I really want to give a chance to Monte Harrison or Sierra than Brinson, even if Brinson hits ball really hard in ST.
  9. I don't know whether he thought about his future truly or not, but it seems he has been considered his realistic role for staying in major.
  10. Just think about the situation that both CF Brinson and 2B Diaz would not be ready. We don't have enough infield depth both major and minor, even I can't find any qualified infielder among NRIs.
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