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  1. Btw, It was just one run allowed game with JORGE ALFARO catching.
  2. Is is too early to make "Jazz Chisholm Jr. for NL ROY" thread?
  3. Just wait and see what happen at New York and Georgia.
  4. Fortunately, we easily find our all weakness just thru first 5 games. Maybe it's a big deal for future.
  5. Athlete Jazz's energy sparks whole area of team.
  6. Rays offense and Marlins bullpen make me exhausted thru the opening series.
  7. "Hey guys, It's just Game #2." This sentence does not make me satisfied.
  8. When Austin Meadows hit a solo shot, I thought we gonna lose this game, 0-4 in the end, carried by the pen.
  9. It did not contain a full no trade clause, lol.
  10. I thought Pop gonna make the opening day roster, but Campbell won't. I was a little surprised that both rule 5 guys earned this.
  11. I think he has already been known his own condition before he signed with hometown team. Just want to wear a Marlins jersey thru his baseball career.
  12. How's it going on our Rule 5 guys, Pop and Campbell? I'm still eyeing on them.
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