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  1. His way reminds me of Derek Dietrich's one.
  2. FO turns on Tanking mode. How about callup of Bleday or Connor Scott?
  3. Nats sell their ace and all star SS for dodgers No. 1, 2, and 17th prospect. and, Two shortstop Turners are sharing in one team.
  4. I think we are the worst offensive team in the major league baseball.
  5. Made by Thin depth and B-rated Bullpen, as you know.
  6. I sent some cheer message to him via IG when he started. What a shame.
  7. I thought Castano goes to bullpen and takes a long relief role cause of the weak depth.
  8. Sometimes, it is so difficult to win a single game thru the season. I think we need some "depth" to become the true competitor.
  9. 6 lefty (including 1 switch-y) in there.
  10. It looks like Brinson's very last chance to play with Fish, as a regular guy.
  11. Btw, It was just one run allowed game with JORGE ALFARO catching.
  12. Is is too early to make "Jazz Chisholm Jr. for NL ROY" thread?
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