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  1. Bret Hart

    4 coaches including Perry Hill gone

    https://twitter.com/PHill_bone Hill just updated his twitter bio, Seattle Mariners-Infield Coach.
  2. Bret Hart

    Anderson finishes 4th for ROTY

    Not unanimously, but Acuna wins it, as everyone expected. 2 MIA and 2 CIN writers voted.
  3. Bret Hart

    Seattle Mariners Considering Rebuild

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2787867-updated-mlb-farm-system-rankings-after-2018-trade-deadline#slide1 Mariners farm has been exhausted. And they had lots of long-term-contract guys, King Felix, Cano, Gordon, Segura and Seager. Also they didn't make PS as we are. So they tried to push the reset button early.
  4. Bret Hart

    The Monte Harrison Appreciation Thread

    Harrison was cruising on AFL. He got .353/.460/.431. with 10 walks and "12"k thru 14-game, 51 at-bat. Also he was chosen as an AFL Fall-star(like Allstar) with Marlins pitching prospect Jordan Yamamoto
  5. Bret Hart

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    How about Rafael Furcal? He didn't do anything but sleeping.
  6. Bret Hart

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    Jorge Julio
  7. Bret Hart

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    Prado, Cooper, Smith and Lopez were reinstated yesterday. Now 5 seats empty for 40-man roster.
  8. Bret Hart

    Realmuto's agent says JT will not sign extension

    I won't say anything about this. FO got plenty of time to handle it, so I'm just waiting.
  9. Bret Hart

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    (Confirmed) Donnie, Fredi and Realmuto goes to Japan to make money.
  10. Bret Hart

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    How can we fill the 40-man roster?? Possible lots of NRI?
  11. Bret Hart

    2018 World Series Thread

    Thanks @Michael and everybody. I was enjoying 2018 PS with you guys. See you soon at Stove League.
  12. Bret Hart

    2018 World Series Thread

    Dodgers didn't add any reliever at trade deadline. So they deserved it. A back-to-back WS loser, Los Angeles Dodgers.
  13. Bret Hart

    Joe Girardi?

    Btw Twins named Baldelli as a new manager. He has not been a manager both minor and major since retired. Only had 3 season as a 1st base coach @ Rays. Interesting.
  14. Bret Hart

    2018 World Series Thread

    We need players like veteran J.D and rookie Devers.
  15. Bret Hart

    MLB 2018 Official Playoffs Thread

    Poor Yeli. Two big Market teams from west and east make WS matchup

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