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  1. Bret Hart

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    Today's couple of comic scenes will be aired on hilarious and funny baseball TV show.
  2. Bret Hart

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    Thanks everybody, Goodnight.
  3. Bret Hart

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

  4. Bret Hart

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    When does it finish?
  5. Bret Hart

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

  6. I think 100 lose depends on remaining Braves and Nats series. They were pulverizing Fish in this season. (2-5 against Braves; 1-6 against Nats)
  7. Bret Hart

    Mike Matheny Fired

    There is some buzz that Joe Girardi will be the next Cards manager. I don't understand Matheny's bullpen management. By every single season, there was some exhausted bullpen pitcher, for example, Kevin Siegrist, Trevor Rosenthal, Jason Motte, Seth Maness, Seung Hwan Oh and this season Jordan Hicks. He was an evil definitely.
  8. Bret Hart


  9. Bret Hart

    Marlins Trade News / Rumors

  10. Realmuto is One and Only Fish. And Congrat for his first selection.
  11. Bret Hart

    Sandy Alcantara being called up

    Oh no
  12. Bret Hart

    LBJ to Lakers

    but, I easily bet GSW gonna win again.
  13. Bret Hart

    LBJ to Lakers

    I think it's not over yet.
  14. Bret Hart

    Would you rather have a season like the Mets are having?

    If they did something to win, people could not oppose their selling. But to push the reset button at first, it is not funny at all and people will lose their loyalty. Btw, Is there any "loyalty" on this team?
  15. Bret Hart


    I wanna call for him "a thing".

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