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  1. Like Rays in this season, how about 4-man rotation? Well, we have nothing to lose. Just for saving prospects and money.
  2. I know. But Nicolino was an out-of-option guy. He will earn it at first.
  3. Rotation : Urena-Straily-Despaigne-Turner-Nicolino OF : DD-Brinson-Maybin I think Shuck and SVS were finalist of one OF backup spot.
  4. Astros extend Jose Altuve

    A 5y / 151M deal starts in 2020, covering 30 to 34-age After three consecutive 100+ losing season, he got the Ring, MVP plaque and Big Money. Congratulation. Maybe Brinson, too?
  5. Please don't mind this. We are Miami Marlins, a 8-season straight .500 below team, sadly. If we make a championship-caliber team near future, then we will meet a new player at 3rd.
  6. Anyway, Who Cares?
  7. Justin Nicolino: Trying to no longer suck

    One way or another, I believe this season will be Nicolino's last moment as a marlin. A finesse pitcher can hardly survive in this "Homer Friendly Era". A K-number showed that. Mark Buehrle? His K/9 ratio was 5.1, but Nicolino was 3.8.
  8. Mariners signing Ichiro to MLB deal

    Unsigned Cargo still available. If I were a Mariners GM, I will get him. Cargo will accept a 1 year deal, gladly.
  9. Mariners signing Ichiro to MLB deal

    In other case, OPS .875, 1B Adam Lind just signed 1year minor league contract. But Mariners add OPS 600 Ichiro with 1year major league contract. That's not fair.
  10. Do you know the 2018 Marlins quiz

    13/15 I didn't cheat
  11. Maybin signed

    Maybin became third oldest position player in Marlins camp now. : Prado(34), Scott Van Slyke(31) and Maybin(30).
  12. Maybin signed

    Our other OF options were Jon Jay who was a Miami native and Melky. I think Maybin fitted us realistically as a stopgap. We might not guarantee them a multiple-year contract.
  13. Maybin signed

    Maybin will turn to 31 on April. He was very young guy in roster when he wore a Florida Marlins jersey.
  14. Maybin signed

    I believe it's one or two-year contract.
  15. Souza to D-backs in 3-way deal

    Dickerson DFAd; Souza to Dbacks; where will Kiermaier go?