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  1. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    1. Stanton + @ 2. Gordon and Ozuna + @ (if Stanton isn't available) I think only 2 options we have right now for unloading 50M.
  2. 2017 MLB Postseason

    Kluber wasn't good enough. That's why Indians lost ALDS.
  3. Marlins hire Gary Denbo

    Welcome Denbo.
  4. 2017 MLB Postseason

    An ex-Marlin, Austin Barnes looked so good.
  5. 2017 MLB Postseason

    Sorry, Nats
  6. 2017 MLB Postseason

    An Overrated Nats game was so boring. I think their numbers were overblown. They just have beaten the weak teams in east division.
  7. 2017 MLB Postseason

    What an ending by Indians. I like this team.
  8. 2017 MLB Postseason

    Hey guys, I'm watching for a Yankees-Indians, ALDS game and a losing-again-Nats, NLDS game. If you don't mind, just enjoy the postseason.
  9. 2017-2018 Miami Dolphins Thread

    Btw, A korean Chargers kicker who helped to win Dolphins was waived today. No excuse.
  10. http://m.marlins.mlb.com/news/article/257244330/letter-from-derek-jeter-to-marlins-fans/?topicId=27118378 Jeter wrote the letter. Read this.
  11. Should the new owners change the look of the team?

    Actually I don't mind change the jersey immed. I liked recent Marlins style. But I've changed my mind. We have to do anything if we can throw the "losing mood". 8-season straight losing streak and 14-season straight PS drought that 2nd longest currently. That's really shameful. Like Nats and Astros, we should think about "tanking" season for bright future. Yeah I know. it's rare possibility cause of a new tv deal. I mean we should try to anything that improvement.
  12. 10/1 Braves vs Fish

    Urena, 8th; Dee, 9th and OF Big 3 put on 1-2-3.
  13. 9/29 Braves vs Fish

    We got a 120-RBI duo, Stanton and Ozuna.
  14. Jeter fires Berger, McAvoy, DelPiano and Benedict

    Jeter has cleaned whole Baseball operation and player development division. Impressive. I agreed with him.
  15. Post Game 09/28

    Big G hit 58th and 59th homer of this season. Peters got a career first major league win.