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  1. Hanley is chickentastic.
  2. Hanley is chickentastic.
  3. I'm as loyal a fan as they come. Those days when they had less than 1,000 fans at a game, I was one of them. I'm not giving up hope, but when this team constantly takes a huge dump, it helps to vent a little. I mean, we are just giving games away. Josh Johnson should be 6-1 at worst right now and we should be at least 6 games above .500. I still think we can turn it around though. Either way though, we suck on ice right now.
  4. Man, we're 7-20 since that great start. I'm trying to find the silver lining here, but that's becoming harder and harder.
  5. Obviously, the biggest differences have been the offensive production of Uggla and Bonifacio. Bonifacio's drop in production was to be expected. (noone, let alone a rookie is going to hit .500 all season) Uggla however, is letting us down in a big way. The guy isn't even hitting above the Mendoza line right now. Hopefully he can turn it around.
  6. If you were gonna sit in the Infield Box, I would recommend the Bullpen box seats instead. They're cheaper and and if you sit in section 106, the seats are actually at an angle so you don't have to spend the whole game looking over at one side like you have to in the Infield Box. May just be a personal preference of mine, but I've been sitting in that section since 1994 and it's never steered me wrong.
  7. I live in Tallahassee and what really annoyed that the Rays game was on FSN instead of the fish. I understand that Tampa Bay is closer, but tonight the Rays/Yankees game was already on ESPN 2. So for me, I had that game on 2 different channels, yet the Marlins were nowhere to be seen.
  8. Cody Ross is a baller, I bet he'll be alright for opening day.
  9. 1. Hanley Ramirez SS 2. Dan Uggla 2B 3. Josh Willingham LF 4. Mike Jacobs 1B 5. Cody Ross CF 6. Jorge Cantu 3B 7. Luis Gonzalez RF 8. Matt Treanor C 9. Mark Hendrickson P Atleast, that's what I would put on the field. Given the circumstances, and assuming Hermida starts the season on the DL, it seems like the best we can muster against Santana. If Hendrickson can keep us in the game, I think the offense can squeeze a run or two out of Santana and possibly another out of the Mets bullpen (assuming we knock Santana out by the 7th inning). If that happens, I think we have a shot but I'm a realist so I won't get my hopes up. My Prediction: 5 - 3 Mets victory Hopefully I'm proven wrong and the Fish pull it out. Feel free to share your opening day lineups and predictions. wow, looks like the starting lineup of the NL Allstar team.
  10. I agree with your list, accept you dont' have Josh Beckett anywhere. He might be the guy for 03, and if not, probably 04. They might put also put Lowell in 02 and not have Castillo at all. He seems to be vastly underrated by many.
  11. Anyone else here feel the utter disgust I do at our current rotation? We went from having Josh Beckett as our opening day starter 3 seasons ago to now relying on the unproven arm of Andrew Miller. ugh. not trying to be a downer, but jeez, how the mighty have fallen. Here's hoping Miller can surprise us all.
  12. Nope. He's still a bad owner. So the stadium got approved, yet we have to wallow in low payroll for 3 more years? Why can't he at least apply the profits from the last two seasons towards a slight increase? There's no excuse for that. Two reasons 1 - What does payroll have to do with it? Really. Is signing a $10 mil a year OF and a $10 mil a year pitcher making this a playoff team? No. This team is being built around Hanley/Hermida/Maybin, and the 20+ arms we have that could develop. When the time is right, meaning 2-3 years down the road when everyone is MLB ready and we have some experience, then it might be necessary to add a FA player to compliment what we have. Adding payroll right now, to defer against future income, is absolutely retarded unless you believe a $5 million dollar Kenny Lofton lofts this team above Atlanta, Philly, and NYM. I say, no. He does not do that. (And any rational baseball person would agree.) Therefore, adding payroll is a horrid idea. Meaning not a Loria issue. 2 - The stadium is approved, but cost over runs are not accounted for. The Marlins are on the hook for this, so until a realistic stadium cost is realized, which will take 1-2 years into construction, the Marlins do not have flexibility until they know how much they are going to have to spend on the stadium. It is a smart idea to be cautious and not add payroll. Let the kids develop. We'll see what we have post 09. I am not a Loria fan by any stretch, but if this is your argument against him, you need to rethink this and come up with a more compelling reason. You say that this team is being built around Hanley/Hermida/Maybin. It was only 2 and a half years ago that I was being fed the same line with Cabrera/Willis. That was after we traded/sold off pretty much the entire 05 team. I'm not saying that spending more money is going to be our ultimate fix. However, be realistic. Our current ownership is not doing its best to put a competitive team on the field. It's all good and nice that we have all these prospects, and sure our prospects turned out most of our 03 championship team. But, you can't count on every prospect we sign going on to be the next Josh Beckett or Hanley Ramirez. In the meantime, Our pitching is in such dire straights and has no trusted veteran anchor. A few million more dollars towards this season's team would help put us on the right track.
  13. Nope. He's still a bad owner. So the stadium got approved, yet we have to wallow in low payroll for 3 more years? Why can't he at least apply the profits from the last two seasons towards a slight increase? There's no excuse for that.
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