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  1. bmg42

    Marlins bringing the Holiday axe

    In the past on other boards I’ve gotten crap for not capitalizing the word when referring to the Christmas/New Year’s season. Can’t please everyone I guess
  2. bmg42

    Marlins bringing the Holiday axe

    Organist was one of the jobs listed, so it looks like she’s gone, too.
  3. bmg42

    Marlins bringing the Holiday axe

    Believe it https://www.teamworkonline.com/baseball-jobs/miamibaseball/miami-marlins/event-management They fired a LOT of people.
  4. I have it on good authority that the Marlins fired a bunch of people today by e-mail. At least one of the jobs (not going to name names, but the employee was the spouse of a good friend of a close relative) was Tweeted as available about 8 hours ago. Anybody out there have more information than I do?
  5. bmg42

    Press conference scheduled for Monday at 11 AM

    Jorge Ebro from El Nuevo Herald says it's the Mesas. Unofficial, but the story is they've passed their physicals and are going to sign with the Marlins
  6. bmg42

    New Logo Coming

    It’s hilarious that the Marlins keep sending me e-mail to buy Marlins gear when it’s all going to be out-of-date very soon
  7. bmg42

    Dump Starting Pitching

    The Rays had a starter win 21 games this year with a 1.98 ERA, so all this talk about bullpen only doesn't take him into account. They were a pretty mediocre team when Snell wasn't pitching
  8. bmg42

    Lewis Brinson is better than Mike Schmidt

    Brinson was 24 this year, so he's a year behind Schmidt in development. Schmidt was already an All-Star at 24, leading the NL in HR, hitting .282 and walking 106 times. Lew might not get to 106 walks for his career unless he learns to make contact.
  9. bmg42

    Worst in the NL

    My point was he's got MVP quality (duh), and he wasn't there this year. 38 HR in 700 AB is not a good year for him, especially moving from Marlins Park to Yankee Stadium. And even with that, he, Ozuna and Yelich were as good offensively as almost the entire Marlins roster
  10. bmg42

    Worst in the NL

    We’re where the Astros were on year one of their multi-year wilderness. Their guys now weren’t in the organization during year one. They had three #1 picks and a #2 in a four-year stretch - and they got out of it partly because two of them are now All-Stars (Correa and Bregman) and they also spent wisely in the international market. We’re not going to get the #1s because there’s too many other teams tanking. The minor league teams were all pretty bad this year. The problem with prospects is the same as it always has been with this club - there’s no guarantee that enough of them will stick that the team won’t continue a cycle of mediocrity and recycling.
  11. bmg42

    Worst in the NL

    Congratulations, Derek Jeter. Your team just clinched the worst record in the National League! Your prize: the 4th or 5th pick in the draft! Make it a good one! Two of the 3 Marlins OF from ‘17 had subpar years, but with Yelich possibly winning the triple crown (no NL-er has done that since 1937), they combined for 97 HR, a .289 average, 287 runs scored and 297 RBI. The entire Marlins hit only 128 HR, 589 runs and 554 RBI this year. The tough part is that virtually everybody we got in the trades for Yelich, Ozuna and Stanton have underperformed so far except maybe Alcantara, and the best prospect we seem to have right now is Peter O’Brien, a RH Bour-type hitter who’s 7 months younger than Stanton. OK, so I’m being facetious a bit. Dean might be OK, but he’ll already be 25 when ‘19 comes around. Bottom line: The team is terrible now, and the guys who are going to be here when the team is good again for the most part are not in the organization.
  12. bmg42

    Miami Marlin Updated Prospects Top 10

    Nick Neidert is our #3 prospect? Good lord we’re in trouble. I mean, he’s not awful, but his ceiling seems pretty low
  13. bmg42

    2 years ago

    2 years ago today was Jose Day. The last Jose Day. We were going to come up short that year, but there was so much hope for the future. Jose was unhittable, the outfield was as good as any in baseball, Dee was back from suspension, JT looked like a really good catcher. The future sure looked bright, even if Loria still owned the club. I was at that game, and there was something in the air that we hadn't had for a long time - hope. There was actual hope for the Marlins - something we haven't had too often. When he pitched at home, you always expected that the Marlins were going to win, almost like when the Hurricanes play a non-BCS team at home. And fun, too. The Marlins tend to rip the fun out of the game. But Jose made baseball fun again. If someone had told me that would be the last time we'd see him pitch, I doubt I would have believed it. Let's say the boat flips over but everybody survives the crash. Maybe Jose serves a suspension but he wises up and stops the partying, especially on the road. Who knows - he could have put up Bob Gibson / Sandy Koufax numbers for years. With the way strikeout totals have increased, he could have raised his K/9 rate well past the 12.5 rate he had in '16 and threaten 300+ K every year. I can't imagine we'll ever see someone like him again. Dammit.
  14. bmg42

    2019 Marlins Members Enrollment

    They did lower at least some ticket prices. My two tickets were 20 a game in ‘17. They were raised to 21 for 18 - one reason I did not renew. I checked it out, and they lowered the tickets back to 19 a game.
  15. bmg42

    Brian Anderson compared to other NL rookies

    Funny, I had always assumed that replacement level was the replacement for that position, not overall. So apparently the WAR formula helps Franco and hurts Anderson for their positions. However, the 11 HBP give Brian a serious OBP boost - about 20 points. Without those HBP he’s got an OPS closer to .730 than .750.

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