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  1. bmg42

    Just call Realmuto daddy

    No word whether they named the baby “Shea” or “Fenway” or “Virginia” (naming the baby “Jeter” would send mixed messages)
  2. bmg42

    6/15 Battle Of The Bad Part One

    I had 10 bucks on the Marlins tonight +156. Ridiculous line - who the f are the Orioles that they should be that much favored over anyone - even us? So thanks bad line-makers and Jose Urena
  3. bmg42

    Countdown to 26th Anniversary Season

    I have some money on the Marlins under 64.5 wins. Figured they’d struggle to hit and they didn’t really address the rotation, and then in July they’d unload everything not nailed down except maybe JT (like the Braves did with Freeman) and they’d be really bad. Of course, it’s only June 2 and they’re already really bad...
  4. Picture a Marlins team that can win the World Series going forward. How many players on the current roster do you see as part of that team? Castro would probably be a decent 7 hitter on a champion, but that's about it. Realmuto is one of the better catchers in the game, but will he still be a catcher in 4-5 years? Will Brinson ever learn how to hit ML pitching? Everyone else will be long gone by then. None of the pitchers except maybe a few of the middle relievers will ever be championship-level players (I'm looking at you, Tayron Guerrero). How about in the minors? Maybe Harrison. Maybe Alcantara. Maybe Sierra can be Juan Pierre, who was a very useful player on the '03 team but not nearly the best. You need a bunch of All-Star caliber players to even make the playoffs, let alone win the WS. Most if not all of the best players on the 2022 Marlins will be drafted by the team the next few years. The Braves and Phillies are miles ahead of us in development. We're a very long way from contending.
  5. bmg42

    5-4-18 Marlins at Reds

    Are we having fun yet?
  6. 2016. We were 9 over at the end of July, 57-48, only a few games out of first, with a really good chance to make the playoffs. Then the calendar turns to August, Stanton gets hurt again, Ramos gets hurt, Phelps gets hurt, and Bour takes forever getting back. Even Dietrich went down. We just ran out of guys. I went to two games the week of 9/19 - the 9/20 game and the 9/24 game. The 9/20 game we won 1-0, behind probably the best pitching performance I'd ever seen (and I was at the Halladay perfect game), and we won a pretty exciting game on 9/24. 9/24 was a Saturday night, there was a pretty good crowd and a great atmosphere, and I'll always remember how I felt going home. I felt like if only the team was able to stay on the field in August things might have been different, but the sky's the limit for the team going forward. And then 9/25 happened. The worst, ever. 2012 was very frustrating, and having everything slip through our fingers in '05 was pretty bad too. But we had a pretty good baseball team for most of '16, and it ended in the worst way possible.
  7. bmg42

    Jax Jumbo Shrimp outdraw Marlins

    The Jumbo Shrimp drew 5,328 yesterday. Fewer than the 6150 at Marlins Park, but not by a lot, and who knows where Marlins attendance will be later in the year against teams without local followings. Hey, Neidert pitched pretty well last night. 5 6 2 2 0 4. And Harrison went 1-3 with a walk and 2 SB. Progress!
  8. bmg42

    4/10 Post Game

    Lay off Brunson already. Stanton has a hole in his bat. If Lewis is still struggling into May then we can talk about this
  9. bmg42

    2018 Season Overall Impressions

    These have been problems since they moved to the new park. There's always an excuse or two - the traffic situation is always blamed on the police - but this is now year 7 in the new park and it happens every single time they draw a crowd. Not to be cynical or snarky, but it's going to be a few years before the team is good again, so they have time to figure this out. Lord knows Loria/Samson never did...
  10. Also once we get into the Summer there's a chance literally every day of a shower or three. A couple of years ago there was a freak shower on Opening Day which caused a short rain delay. Has nobody ever explained this to him before?
  11. bmg42

    Marlins switch bullpens at Marlins Park

    Why? There were two reasons for the move IIRC? They couldn’t see the LF BP, and the Clevelander made it noisy. So what changed?
  12. bmg42

    Favorite opening day memory

    Mine is watching Charlie Hough throw the first pitch in '93 on TV. Real major league baseball being played in South Florida.
  13. bmg42

    Brinson makes opening day roster

    Teams are locking their players up early. The Braves are talking with Acuna already. The Phillies locked up Kingery. If Brinson performs, he’ll have a deal long before the Marlins are good again.
  14. bmg42

    Brinson makes opening day roster

    I do understand this. But again, at this point any time in the minors for a kid his age is dumb. Just because everyone else does it doesn't make it any less dumb. I'm not even talking about arbitration. If we're still worrying about whether the team has control over him at age 30 - which would mean that we have not given him a long-term deal by then - then he's not good enough for this to matter. I'm not sure why you don't understand that losing an average-to-below-average guy who's pushing 30 won't make anyone sadder if we lose him to 6-year free agency rather than an average-to-below-average guy who's pushing 31. The trend is toward locking kids up early. Brinson wants to stay here long term. TL;DR: Either Brinson is good enough that he gets a decent-sized long term deal by 2020, or who cares?
  15. bmg42

    Brinson makes opening day roster

    Brinson’s 24 in May. It’s not like he’s a 20-year-old kid like Acuna. Bryant was 23 when the Cubs made him start the year in AAA but it was only 12 days and not 3 months. Keeping Brinson down now stunts his growth as a player. Either he’s going to have a long-term-contract by ‘19 or ‘20, or nobody’s going to care about him by the time service time becomes a concern. And if jt’s option 3, in which he’s an All-Star-caliber player who we refuse to pay, well, that would be a different reason not to care...

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