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  1. The real problem we have is that the Braves are 7th on that last and they have a massive head start with the guys already in the majors. Going to take a LOT for us to be competitive with them even by 2021
  2. But wouldn’t he be kinda in the way at all those positions? I mean, he’s not a SS. We have too many 3B already. No room in LF really either. So, either they think he’s Zobrist and can play somewhere else each day or he’s a really expensive utility player.
  3. Right but not explaining that the main reason to trade Castro is to open 2B for Diaz is pretty lame. Probably removed for space by editors
  4. Today the Sun-Sentinel made me laugh. Before 10 pm last night, Romo was traded to the Twins, but the Sun-sentinel got put to bed so early that they still put him in their “5 Marlins who might be traded” article. They give a “why he could be traded” and a “why he might not be traded” for each player, and for Castro, they don’t mention Isan Diaz. As much I want to rip Dusenbury, it’s clearly the editors who are to blame for this nonsense article...
  5. I’m all for #CheapJeter jokes, don’t get me wrong, but it’s embarassing
  6. Out here in CF - any reason why the grass looks so bad in the OF?
  7. Tonight (6/17) was the 13th time the Marlins have been shut out this year. They're now on pace to be shut out 30 times this year, which is a few shy of the record...
  8. ...and then they got shutout again last night...
  9. The most times a Major League Baseball team has ever been shut out in a season was 33, the 1908 St. Louis Cardinals. The Marlins have been shut out 8 times in 40 games, That's a pace of 32.4. The '08 Cardinals finished 49-105, which was 6 games better than their Pythagorean projection of 43-111. The Cardinals scored 372 runs, and allowed 626. Through 40 games, the Marlins have scored 105 and have given up 200, which is a pace of 425 for, 810 against. The Pythagorean projection has them at 9-31, The Wikipedia page on the Cardinals of that era says "With limited financial resources, the club could ill-afford to sign the amount of the caliber of players required to field a competitive team." Ha ha ha...
  10. When you're "rebuilding", "tanking", going through "the process", or whatever you want to call it, the only thing that means anything is to find out who can play and who can't. Sometimes the guys who can play are those you don't expect - there wasn't much of a reason to expect Realmuto to become one of the best catchers in baseball, and Dontrelle Willis was sent to us when the Cubs wouldn't agree to send the guy we wanted in one of the numerous salary-dumps of the John Henry era. Sometimes the guys you think are going to be great just aren't (I'm looking at you, Jeremy Hermida). If Alcantara doesn't work out, so what - there's a number of other guys waiting for their shot. And if none of those guys work out, either, then there's the draft and future trades. At some point this Summer, Starlin Castro will be dealt to a contender with a need in the IF - maybe Tampa - to make room for Isan Diaz. This team is NOT in a hurry, so they have time to assemble a group of 15-20 guys who can play.
  11. I take it Castro is the backup SS for now
  12. That guy wearing #42 pitching for Baltimore pitched pretty good today - he looked kinda familiar
  13. Consider the interest / principal payment on $400 million in debt. Remember that Sherman et al didn't pay $1.2 billion for the Marlins out of pocket - they paid $800 million and assumed $400 million in debt.
  14. This video was very weird. No mention of the fact that we almost lost baseball when Loria bought the team and Henry got his upgrade to Boston . There was also virtually no mention of how the team was put back together by Beinfest other than Miggy and Beckett, or how Henry also gave up on Florida like Huizenga did when he also was denied his stadium. To be honest, even though Loria is rightly reviled here, it must be said that we still have Major League baseball (well, a bunch of kids who may be good some day) because Loria chose to save us rather than stay in Montreal. When Henry was getting the upgrade, Loria was given a choice - you can keep the team in Montreal and we'll move the Marlins to Washington, or you can have the Marlins and we'll move the Expos to Washington. So, thanks, Jeff!
  15. Maybe he can hire a hypnotist - “Losing is a disease - as contagious as syphilis”
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