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  1. Because idiot ESPN predictions actually matter. If it was already into the season, or spring training, I might disagree .. but we just ended the '06 season, so predictions are pointless right now. Yeah the only prediction that is accurate enough that is worth looking at right now is the Troll Prediction. ESPN prediction is like guessing a number at this point.
  2. I'll do it, w/e it take for the marlins to add their name in the record book. Yes even if the record happen to be the most K's :plaindance
  3. I went in for a job interview last Wednesday. After I was told I had the job, they had me take an oral drug test. While I was sitting there with the test in my mouth, the assistant manager called the testing lab to arrange for a pickup that day for I was not the only person they had hired. The employer informed me that I would receive a call back after they receive the results of the drug test. It has been nearly a week and I have not received anything resembling a call back from the employer. The testing company's website says that most tests only take a couple of days, on average. As it has been more than a couple of days, I'm getting quite aggravated. Has anybody that has ever been involved in the oral drug testing policy let me know how long this process usually takes? Why are you so worry? Have you taken drugs before? :mischief2
  4. I don't think they have wings in hell.
  5. If you don't like it, then take it here! :mad http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/corylidle
  6. I agree that the 5 game series is too short. You lose the first game and the presure is already on you as game 2 is a must win to avoid a 2-0 opponect lead.
  7. Stupid Loria firing Joe and hiring a new manager in just 5 mins! We could be negotiating with the other Joe by now!
  8. Reggie Abercrombie back to back diving catches
  9. If we double payroll, that's 156 wins. Do it Loria. :mischief And we still would have the lowest payroll. I hate Loria. If Loria doubled payroll and the Marlins managed a record of 156-6, Bud Selig should have to blow him on national television. I'll be very piss everytime we lose one of those 6 games.
  10. A park was name after him. I was there when they open "Fernandez Park"
  11. He got injure during the 97 WS and was never seen again.
  12. :devil :evil :magic :guillotine :hanged :no Sampson Loria Beinfest Girardi 3rd Base Coach Olsen You gotta love smiley
  13. Texas League Jorge Cortes 25 OF .293/.366/.427 8HR, 50BB/63SO, 4SB/7CS-Astros Brian Stavisky 26 OF .297/.406/.425 8HR, 80BB/76SO, 3SB/1CS-A's Southern League Chris Walker 25 OF .292/.351/.390 2HR, 40BB/102SO 50SB/23CS-Cubs Eastern League Doug Deeds 24 OF .282/.383/.470 14HR, 70BB/107SO 4SB/3CS-Twins Trent Oeltjen 23 OF .299/.378/.411 3HR, 36BB/58SO 23SB/11CS-Twins Cubs!
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