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  1. Looks like it may be three-on-thee with Bryan vs. Kane instead.
  2. For anyone who watched the Hall of Fame show on the WWE Network last night...it was quite an experience.
  3. As per Raw, if Triple H beats Daniel Bryan, HE will be in the title match later in the show. So the WWE World Title will be defended by Randy Orton in a Triple-Threat match regardless of the result of Bryan vs. HHH.
  4. Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H has been added to Wrestlemania tonight on Raw, with Bryan advancing to the title match on the show if he can beat Hunter. Also, a 30-Man Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
  5. I just hope Punk's music hits and Barrett comes out with some "bad news". Close.
  6. Antonio Cesaro is now just "Cesaro," and Big E. Langston will now only be known as "Big E."
  7. Well, he did it. WWE wants him back quickly, though there doesn't seem to be any indication that Punk wants to return. It's going to be a long Mania season with the chants for Bryan and now likely Punk (especially when Raw is in Chicago in a month).
  8. So...the Pittsburgh crowd was not a fan of Batista winning the Rumble.
  9. Mae Young passed away, for real this time. She was 90.
  10. Ultimate Warrior was named the first inductee to the 2014 WWE Hall-of-Fame tonight.
  11. I liked the Jake Roberts appearance. Hoping that bodes well for a Royal Rumble shot for him. Kaitlyn Tweeted that she has left WWE - her last match is tonight on Main Event. And of course, WWE's big announcement (the network) is tonight.
  12. WWE aired a vignette for the return of Batista last night on Raw. He's scheduled to return on the January 20th Raw, the go-home show for the Royal Rumble.
  13. I certainly don't think Cena vs. Taker NEEDS to be for the title. And Cena isn't turning heel. But yeah, great segment to close Raw. Oh, and this: http://dailywrestlingnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/CM-Punk-laughing-at-Stephanie.gif
  14. Creatively, WWE is just awful right now. Survivor Series and Raw were downright terrible.
  15. The Survivor Series card looks really bad. I kind of regret buying tickets. Oh well. It's always better live.
  16. Damien Sandow cashed in his MITB briefcase tonight against John Cena. He lost.
  17. Rey Mysterio returned to the ring in a tag match last night in Mexico.
  18. I thought Cena was meant to be out 4-6 months, not 2? First, WWE has historically extended the timeline for injuries in order to spark surprise returns. Second, let's wait to see if he actually wrestles.
  19. It wasn't AS BAD as people say it was. There were some good matches, imo, despite lack of storyline. The ending, while pretty stupid, was at least new and unexpected. They'll settle it at Hell in a Cell. Probably with Big Show as the special referee. :lol People don't spend $55 on a PPV to see the main event resolved at the NEXT PPV. There really is no excuse for a non-finish in a PPV main event.
  20. Battleground is gonna be pretty crap I reckon Oh it was.
  21. Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) returns to face Randy Orton tomorrow on Raw; if Dustin wins, Cody gets his job back.
  22. Or come back as a major face to save Bryan or another face, since the rest of the roster isn't allowed to or they'll be fired.
  23. Edge returns to Raw next week, likely to offset the return of MNF.
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