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  1. NBA Finals MVP Next?? Cleveland will not win the title so no. :mischief
  2. My vote goes for Lindstrom for not blowing the save.
  3. Cantu is our best hitter with runners on base. Go Marlins!
  4. The Yanks need to learn that overspending on players doesn't translate into greatness.
  5. Hermida was the player of the game in my opinion. I hope this is the year he goes to the next level. I got the Nats feed but boy was it hilarious when they called this their second win of the season and boom Hermida went deep. Now let's get the third sweep of the season. Go Marlins!
  6. We have a chance of sweeping this series and go 11-1. Go Marlins!
  7. I voted for Cody because he tied the game when it seemed like we were gonna lose. The bullpen did a terrific job not allowing any runs. Go Marlins!
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