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  1. I love the Lo Viste hand gesture. Also - if you goole image "lo viste", you'll see two seperate pics of Ozzie doing it with his hand turned the wrong way lol. pretty classic
  2. Will this game not be on mlb tv because it's before 7 pm on a saturday?
  3. Yes! I love this. People give this guy so much crap but he's good. Especially as a setup man
  4. Hey Gang, I know we have several DC area users on here so thought I would asked. Does anyone have a reccomendation for a contractor in the area? I recently purchased a condo in Alexandria, VA and am looking to tear down a wall between the kitchen and family room. Does anyone have any good (or bad experiences) with contractors in the area? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Blame the streaker! Interrupting the flow of the game which caused Logan and Dobbs to make an error. Seriously, our offense was lacking. Hanley with a hit and a home run though Sucks we lost. Let's hope we win tomorrow and avoid the sweep! Seriously? We scored 5 runs. Gave Ricky the lead twice. The offense did plenty to win. When you score 5 runs for your number 2 pitcher you should win. Bad defense and bad Ricky today - can't win them all. Ricky will bounce back and this game will be what it is - 1 loss in a 162 game season.
  6. JJ v Mets tomorrow, you know what that means.... DOMINANCE! this could be it. Maybe they figure they want to throw JJ against a tougher Mets lineup? Althought I'd say at this point the Nats and Mets have pretty compareable offenses. I think it's a dumb move. You should max out the number of starts your best pitcher can make. JJ should be pitching today...and not just because I'm going to the game :lol
  7. This would be his normal pitching day. Why aren't we taking the opportunity to skip Vazquez and give the best pitcher in the league an extra start? Doesn't make sense to me.
  8. Dontrelle! :P first It might seem like a minor move, but it's worth noting that the Reds have a bunch of pitching depth. Dontrelle Willis, playing for their AAA team, seems to have remembered how to throw strikes, again (2.8 BB/9 in 35 innings); he has a 2.52 ERA/1.29 WHIP in AAA so far. Minor move worth looking into to? I usually don't consider it a big deal but considering the Phillies are loaded with left-handed hitters, I think it would be more convenient to have a quality lefty in the rotation. Yes, a lefty would be nice. Plus side, Dontrelle's on a minor league deal, so not much risk. But gotta think that if the organization was interested in him, they would have made a play when he was a FA. Also, he got his 3rd win tonight while giving up 9 hits in 5 innings. Performances have only gotten worse as the season has gone on. Regardless, I really wouldn't put much faith in 7 minor league appearances. Mostly, laughing at the hypothetically hostile reaction you would have given O[Dontrelle]P if you'd read that P before P-ing. True but we didn't think we needed a starter then. Now it looks like we need a starter. Any of the guys mentioned in this thread would be better than what Vazquez is providing now. Man I would love a minor move right now, I really think it would go a long, long way.
  9. I think this is an important topic because Loria has proven that any time the Marlins are in contention, he's willing to add payroll and make moves. The nice thing is that we don't need a frontline starter, we need a consistent #4 starter. This means we won't have to give up a highly-rated propspect (good b/c we don't really have any) and that whoever we bring on probablly won't command much money. Off the top of my head, the realistic tradeable commodities we have include James, Hand, West, Dominguez and Ozzie (I'm not really sure if we have anyone else other teams would be interested in for a trade). Those guys would never net us a great pitcher but again, we only need a back end guy. How about Livan Hernandez? The Nats are playing well but will fall out of contention within the next couple monhts. Livan is an older guy and not part of their future. He would be the perfect guy to come in, pitch 4.5 ERA baseball and save our Bull Pen innings. Not sure what he's making but can't be more than $4 Million and I'm sure the Nats would part with him for a shot in the dark at a guy like West, who is young and at least has some potential. I doubt teams would be clamoring to add Livan so it's not like the Nats would be creating a bidding war for him, but he would be such a smart addition for this time. We have to think of guys that we can get for our minor leaguers (who aren't heralded). Less of a need is third base. We could certainly upgrade there but I don't think we have the specs to do it and I also think that continuing to platoon Dobbs and Bonifacio is good enough to win the championship given our strength everywhere else on the field. So what say you guys - think Livan is realistic? How great would it be for him to return for another run with the Fish?:thumbup
  10. "By May 30, I will have seven homers. And I'll be batting .290,' he told a reporter. "You better take a picture. Write it down.' - Hanley Ramirez. I sure hope hes right. Lol did he really say that? I admire it but I hope he meets his word for his and our sake. He'd have to hit about .450 for that to happen... Ha, well he's backed up bold claims before. Not quite like this but I remember when we had a chance to keep the mets from the playoffs 2 or 3 yrs ago, he ripped the mets, told them to ef off and that we would beat them....he was right then!
  11. "By May 30, I will have seven homers. And I'll be batting .290,' he told a reporter. "You better take a picture. Write it down.' - Hanley Ramirez. I sure hope hes right. Lol did he really say that?
  12. i really LOL'd at the javy option hahaha
  13. tied for first! I hope I'm wrong, but reality is eventually gonna catch up with leo 1.1 WHIP and a better than 3:1 K/BB ratio....I hope reality keeps kicking. He made two bad pitches today - the wild pitch and ball 4 on the batter he walked. Nunez is pitching quite well
  14. Since when is the Draft on a Thursday?? Isn't always over the weekend? I was pleasantly shocked to see the draft was on when I got home. This is the second year of doing it in this format. Tonight - First round Friday - Second and Third rounds Saturday - Fourth-Seventh I believe that's right? word - i just didn't remember. good stuff
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