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  1. I agree. Its not like the Marlins don't get enough bad press as it is. They definitely did not need something like this.
  2. Thats not realistic to hit on a lot unproven players year after year, ie draft picks and international players. Thats why practically no team has won long term with this strategy.
  3. I used to believe small market teams can be competitive, and to an extent, they can. But the reality is, they have VERY small windows without extending or retaining players. Look at the Pirates and Royals. Their windows are already slammed shut after how long it took to even reach that point. So as fans of small market teams, we have to wait and hope the rebuild works for a 2 to 3 year window, and if that doesnt work, another long rebuilding cycle. Baseball is very screwed up.
  4. This team won't do well in the local market until it moves somewhere else. For a long time, there was the excuse of not having the stadium. Blame all the owners. Then we sign one of the best players in baseball to an extension, does attendance increase? No. 58 home runs? No. Miami is a lost cause and this franchise will just spin its wheels forever.
  5. What are you talking about? Luke was very whiny in the original movies along with some of the other characters. Its actually very in character. We just tend to think of those movies fondly and forget all that because nostalgia. I rewatched those movies several times lately and was shocked at how much bad I overlooked before. As far as Luke goes, they just didn't take the direction with the character you wanted them to, which is fine, but I didn't mind. My opinion is that bad story telling is doing the same thing over again. Don't worry, with JJ doing Eposide 9, I'm sure you'll get another "safe" movie that doesn't take risks.
  6. Who cares if people threaten to not attend games? The attendance is going to be poor no matter what the front office does.
  7. Loved it. Masterful trolling all around. It's like they made this movie to make the "hardcore" fans whine even more.
  8. I haven't been excited for a Marlins season since 2012.
  9. Trade value is based on several things, including the desperation of the other teams on the other end of the deal. Acquiring Ozuna at this point was a luxury for the Cardinals. Even if you think his trade value would decline during this season, the Marlins could have even waited until after spring training started and some other team suffers a big injury to lure them into wanting someone like Ozuna. Then the Cardinals may come knocking with an even better offer knowing this other team is chomping at the bit for him. The Marlins jumped the gun big time. They were played
  10. Yeah keeping Mike Hill makes no sense. Its just a large neon sign to other teams that they can fleece the Marlins in any trade. This guy would trade a hundred dollar bill for two 20 dollar bills because two bills is better than one.
  11. Maybe, maybe not. I think with Ozuna they could have held out more until they got something more impressive. This also makes the team weaker in other trade negotiations if they want to ship off someone like Yelich. Teams will play hardball knowing that the Marlins are bad negotiators. Dont expect other teams to offer high prospects for anyone now.
  12. There was no reason to trade Ozuna now. They couldve gotten a lot more at the trade deadline imo.
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