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  1. Anyone else back to "Fuck this team, who cares"? lol. Another epic losing spree is going on that has been the hallmark of this team for many years now. I won't shed any tears if this team gets broken up. They made a decent run, but you start to see how easily they give up after the Nationals handed them their ass.
  2. The series against the Nationals tells me this team is still not close despite their "hot" August (mostly against bad teams). So really I don't care either way. I think some people have fooled themselves into thinking the Marlins are just a player or two away.
  3. Don't care. Any winning is unsustainable with a barren farm system.
  4. If Stanton was in a sex scene you would have to watch it on an Imax screen.
  5. Mattingly isn't interested in keeping this game close.
  6. I have to admit this team is serving me some crow. I never thought they would reach even this point.
  7. The Marlins are stuck with bad contracts. They aren't going to outbid anyone for the top FA pitchers, so they have to massively overpay for mediocre pitchers and hope they become good. So the bottom line is, signing starting pitchers is a bad idea for the Marlins.
  8. You may be right, but the next ownership group may not be any better, which is why its better to trade people at their highest value now. Waiting in hopes for the next guy is probably not the best idea. I don't remember the last time the Marlins have had some may pieces that would be desirable to other teams that should get a pretty nice haul.
  9. How about he does what is best for the franchise?
  10. Who cares about rebuilding seasons when the current team doesn't win? It's not like we are advocating breaking up the 2003 World Champions.
  11. It will be very sad if the Marlins don't sell high on guys having career years, especially a Justin Bour. He's a nice guy and all, but he's already almost 30 and I don't think someone with his body type is gonna hold up in the National League. He needs to go to the American Leage and be a DH. Teams are handing away prospects like candy this year and its time to cash in. Tyler Moore seems like a capable backup to fill in anyhow. Everyone keeps saying that this team has a good core of players but this same core has actually been around together for quite some time now - an eternity for Marlins standards - and haven't even accomplished a winning season. Spending money on starting pitchers is the worst possible thing the Marlins can do because they will never sign the top free agents and get stuck with people like Chen for terrible contracts.
  12. It all depends if some team gets stupids and overpays for him.
  13. The only way this team is going to rebuild the pitching staff is through trades. Also, the offense has been hot lately, but its not a top offense. They are still bottom half in runs scored last I checked. I'm not going to get too enamored by the current hot streak. Realistically they will be sellers at the deadline. I just hope the front office doesn't turn down any good deals if the team is still hovering under .500 at the deadline in some unrealistic attempt at a playoff run. The Marlins don't even have tradeable assets in the minors to acquire pieces for a playoff run, even if they managed to miraculously position themselves for one.
  14. Absolutely! Sell high. That's the only way to trade and make your team better. Bour could easily be a DH in the American League as well. You have to realistically look at the future. Ozuna probably wont sign long term. Prime trade candidate. Bour is 28 years old. He's not going to contribute much for a rebuild. TRADE TRADE TRADE.
  15. Getting nothing back for Cabrera that worked out is what doomed Beinfest.
  16. You guys are so negative. Gosh. Yes this team is terrible and will probably bottom out this year.
  17. Its not about spending money, its about an owner who is far too loyal to terrible people running a front office.
  18. Meh I'm just totally apathetic to baseball at this point. It's like we already have seen this show year after year and nothing ever changes.
  19. Start the World Series parade, they showed up for a game.
  20. He has a career OPS of .745 He started last year very hot too and tailed off to what he is. He's already in the process of doing it now. Yes, he's mediocre. There are many outfielders like him.
  21. I agree to trade Ozuna. He's really not that good but maybe you can get something for him since he flashes potential every once in a while.
  22. The starting pitching is horrendous and the line up is good but i definitely wouldn't call it great. They will lose a lot this year. Don't be surprised if things bottom out this year until new leadership comes in.
  23. When Brazzers buys the naming rights to the park they can convert it to a giant dong that squirts water.
  24. Thank God. A light at the end of the tunnel.
  25. Not sure what people are expecting. This is probably a third place team at best, and finishing worse wouldn't surprise me. Given that, its hard for me to be angry with losing to a team projected to win a lot.
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