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  1. For Dontrelle Willis and Ricky Nolasco Thanks cubbies! Wow, seriously, I didn't think Nolasco could get anywhere near 10 wins, but he's on his way.
  2. Marlins have a lot of pitching....Willis is expendable.
  3. Where is the offense lately? We are facing horrible Pirates pitching and can barely hit the ball.
  4. Sweet, management would rather play a guy that they want to trade rather than giving us the best chance to win.
  5. Why does Girardi seem to think we need a different line up every day? And what is wrong with Jacobs? Is he not an every day player in the major leagues? Girardi keeps handicapping us by not putting our best line ups on a daily basis. What other manager would do this?
  6. I blame Willingham. Our hot streak started when he went on the DL and abruptly fizzled out when he came back. The guy has some bad mojo going on! :whistle
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