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  1. How can you look at the Marlins dugout and not see him there joking around? Such a huge loss.
  2. I can't believe this. I'm in utter shock. First saw this on my Facebook feed. Fuck the baseball gods the are so cruel to us.
  3. I just don't even give a shit anymore. Whatever move the Marlins make will be the wrong move. At least that's how it seems.
  4. This team is finally being put down like the diseased dog
  5. People are frustrated with Stanton and I get it. But trading him now would definitely be selling low. so I am highly against it.
  6. Ozuna plays center field so hes actually pretty rare. Sure people will target Fowler in FA but it's not the same as the others.
  7. I forgot to add ......get rid of Preston Wilson and Eduardo Perez.
  8. Move Scruggs to left Move Yelich to first. Trade Bour and Ozuna. Trade Ramos. Stick someone in center. Get rid of losers Dee Gordon and Hechavarria.
  9. Meh I'm not surprised. Not sure why I even bother checking in.
  11. Don Mattingly is a colossal dumb ass. Stop weakening the line up with your stupid double switches. I really hope the Marlins lose in nine innings so I don't have to see Rojas hit.
  12. Dee Gordon is garbage. So glad he's back.
  13. This walk just tells you how much this offense sucks. Can't even risk one run.
  14. Step right up, improve your stats against the amazing Marlins line up. I guarantee they wont hit your worst pitcher. Want to make your kids feel all pro? BAM, Marlins line up. Want to impress the ladies? BAM, Marlins lineup.
  15. Getting beat by a bunch of scrubs. What a surprise.
  16. They pretty much have to bring Prado back. There is no other option unless you want Chris Johnson playing 3b every day...
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