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  1. Mathis if you're going to suck at least make him throw more than one pitch
  2. Stanton pops up a hanging pitch he should crush
  3. Terrible at bat by Stanton. Not surprising.
  4. Didn't Hech do the same thing earlier this series? What a dumb ass.
  5. What a stupid decision. There was no play at the plate.
  6. The Marlins are running into a buzz saw, red hot team. Hopefully this series doesn't get ugly.
  7. You also need a lot of luck to have such a long string of success.
  8. The Cardinals always throw together some random assortment of players and it works out every year. It's insane how much luck they have with personnel.
  9. They need to put PED into contracts. If caught with PED a team can terminate your contract. This should make some athletes think twice.
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