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  1. Nobody really stands out, but I picked Uggla.
  2. thanks do you think he can replace tucker in the pen?? i like rick better and has more experience...right?? No way... Tucker has an above average fastball, which he has show he has control over, and a decent second pitch which is all you need to come out of the bullpen...VandenHurk relies on command, you don't want another walks machine coming out of the bullpen do you? Both of them still need time to develop. Rick is 23 and Tucker is only 21. Im pretty sure Vanden Hurk does'nt have that much more experience. I dont remeber him pitching more than a few times for the fish. VandenHurk was a starting pitcher for a significant portion of the 2007 season. He does have more experience than Tucker, and would be more effective this year out of the pen as a long reliever, IMO. Tucker does have more promise for becoming a consistent MLB starter though. Right now he should go back to the minors.
  3. If Baker turns out to be the answer at catcher, then forget about trading for a catcher. But if he doesn't, then that's a place we need to look for someone else down the stretch. I think we should go after some relief pitching as well. Maybe a closer, maybe a good set-up man. Pinto is good but Gregg is very shaky, sometimes he's great, other times he sucks. The other place we could look for is first base. I'm in favor of Cantu being the 1B and McPherson or Helms playing third, but if Fredi doesn't think that's an everyday option, then maybe looking for a first baseman would be a good idea. I think that Jacobs should be placed on the trading block. Also, placing Hermida on the block for a catcher or pitcher wouldn't be a bad idea, as I think Gonzo could do an excellent job filling in for him. Gonzo is old though so i don't know if they just want to throw away a younger guy like Hermida in favor of a 40-year old who will retire in a few years.
  4. Hanley is better than Cabrera, Lowell, or Beckett when you compare player-to-player. If it's Lowell and Beckett vs. Hanley, I think the Red sox got a slightly better deal, although even at this point it's close to a wash. If Anibal turns out to be good and can be a 10-20 wins per year pitcher consistently, then we got the better end. Lowell is somewhat overrated and I don't think we lose much in giving him up. Beckett was good but like others have said, he only contributes every 5 days. Hanley does it every day. I think the best trade in recent years for the Marlins has to be the Pierre trade. Nolasco is a lot more valuable than Pierre, plus Pinto and Mitre as add-ins, we really got the better end of that deal. I think we will see the Detroit trade as being a really good one as well in a few years. I think Miller will come around eventually and will be a dominating pitcher in his prime, if we keep him that will be a really good move. Dontrelle Willis probably will never win another ML game in his life (once people started to figure out his herky-jerky delivery, they started hitting him in 2006. 2005 was a fluke for him, as the hitters didn't pick up his pitches at first because he has such an unorthodox pitching style. I really don't think Willis is good though, he'll come back up to the majors but will not succeed and eventually will be sent right back down). Cabrera is decent, but I think with his defensive struggles, weight gains, and such, that he's going to be relegated to a DH spot, and even there will be a .250 to .280 hitter with 15-20 home runs per year. Not terrible, but nothing spectacular. And I'm not sure how many teams want that kind of numbers from the DH spot. Even if Rabelo turns out to be a bust i think miller for those two was definitely worth it.
  5. Tampa being on that list is garbage, but even Miami beats them out. If you're talking about 2008, maybe Tampa has a case. But all-time, they lose in everything. The Marlins have 2 rings, the Rays have none. Heck, the Rays haven't even had a winning season until now. The Marlins are at least usually competitive. In college football, USF has zero. UM has five and UF has two but that's not even in Tampa. UM is the only team in the state with college baseball titles. In the NFL, the Dolphins have two, the Bucs have one. Tampa has no NBA team. Tampa Bay Lighting are better than the Panthers.....that's the only area that they're better. But obviously someone from Tampa put a lot of votes into that poll and that's why it's there. Tampa has no right to be there over Miami though.
  6. So I know everyone has their gripes with Gregg and how some of his saves may induce a heart-attack or two closing out games, but today he pitched a perfect ninth. Lets just hope Gregg can be more consistent and locate his pitches. Go Fish Gregg actually has one of the best ERAs and records on the team. He has been pitching real well lately. He had a few shaky games earlier in the season but as of late he has been pretty good (with the exception of the Oakland game).
  7. Tucker will be good, but at this point he isn't quite ready. He should go back to AAA for now and come up if we have any other injuries but probably could be in the starting rotation next year at the latest. He has potential but he isn't ready to be a big-leaguer yet.
  8. Nolasco. He has been great for the last couple of months. Our best pitcher for sure right now. Hopefully he'll get into the ASG as picked by the coaches. He deserves it with the way he has pitched. Even the two runs that he gave up were because of a bloop double. Amezaga had a great game as well but like others have said we can't rely on the home run.
  9. This is good news that the trial won't be delayed until September. I think we should be confident that the Marlins will win, because it's happening next week and not in September like Braman wanted. Go Marlins
  10. This is torture; it's not about the stadium as much as it is about whether or not we will have MLB in Miami. Weary from visiting this forum 10X per day. We'll have MLB in Miami. At the very worst case scenario the groundbreaking is delayed. But Braman will not win that trial. Let's hope everything gets going.
  11. Willingham, because he had TWO home runs and the walk-off. Ramirez was the most clutch player of the game though - coming through when down a run in the ninth with one out for a homer is something most players can't do. And to do it two days in a row, amazing. Waechter did a nice job coming in for a struggling Tucker so he played an important role as well.
  12. I voted for the balk. Second would be hitting the ball into a catwalk. The hit by pitch would only be awkward if the batter was really hit badly and was lying down in pain. In that case the HBP would be the most awkward. Otherwise the balk and cat walk would be much stranger.
  13. Not to change the subject but.... how many World Series titles do we have in 15 years.... hmmm i believe the answer is 2 What does that have to do with anything? I think he was referring to how the Pirates fans have an excuse for not going to games: that their team has been bad for a long time. The Marlins have won two world championships though in the last 11 years so the fans should support the team more, as we have at least been somewhat competetive almost every year in the last five and have won the world series a couple of times recently. Pittsburgh hasn't been good in a long time so that's probably why they don't get a lot of fans. And yeah i saw that we only had 30K or more in two games so far, but we do get 25K or more in most saturday games. Like last night for example i think there was between 27 and 28 thousand. I was there, a great game with the postgame concert with KC and the sunshine band (even though we didn't win). The pirates have a lot of Sat. games where they get less than 20K which is less than the Marlins. But i see how it evens out since we have had some lower lows on weekday games. Hopefully our attendance will go up at the new stadium, and I think it will, as long as the team stays competitive. If we turn into the Pirates though then the attendance will stay low even at a new stadium. I don't think that will happen though because Beinfest has the eye for good players and they also agreed to raise the payroll once we get into the new stadium. The Pirates are exactly what we DON'T want to become though. And that game against them on a Sat. in early April was low attendance because nobody wants to see the pirates since they have been consistently the worst team in the league for so long.
  14. WoW Seattle got better in one year lol Seattle was good last year though, so it actually wouldn't be that surprising to see them back in contention in 2009.
  15. I was looking at pirates attendance and it looks like they have less than the marlins usually. Sure they got a lot for their series recently with the Yankees, but they usually get about 8-10 thousand each night on weekdays while the Marlins usually get 11-12 thousand. And on Saturdays the Marlins get between 25 and 35K while pittsburgh only gets 15-20K. So who has lower attendance this year overall so far? And why do you think they have it so low, they 've got a new ballpark and all.......do you think this will happen to the marlins even after they get the new ballpark? i hope not....but it proves that even with a new ballpark, if the team always struggles like the pirates, they will not draw a lot of fans.
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