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  1. I watch occasionally if I have nothing better to do. Football season starts in a week and a half, thankfully. EDIT: Is it just me or did everyone's signature go missing?
  2. Other than Leo being Leo, it was a nice game. Nice to see Lomo get some hits to get runs home. When are we expecting Coghlan to play again whether its in NOLA or FLA? Leo gave up 2 runs so we could finally have a 1-run win.
  3. I'm still kind of in shock.
  4. Someone tell me why I should watch this instead of Star Wars. Which one is it? If the answer is Episode 1 or 2... then the Marlins game is less painful. A New Hope. Someone tell me why I should watch this instead of Star Wars. Because you already know who wins in the end...OH WAIT. Are you referring to the movie or game?
  5. Someone tell me why I should watch this instead of Star Wars.
  6. That ending looked like something from a Marlins game.
  7. I'm usually an optimist, but there's no way to sugarcoat this. We suck.
  8. I don't know why I bother watching anymore.
  9. I think a revival meeting is the best solution. Or an intervention. A what?
  10. I think a revival meeting is the best solution.
  11. what an awful hitting lineup we have tonight. Isn't it like that every night?
  12. We're going to win this game. You heard it here first.
  13. I'm usually optimistic, but I can't think of any possible way we can win this game. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  14. I don't think this song relates to baseball in any way, but I'll post it regardless since the Marlins can't get much worse.
  15. I haven't done one of these in a while, so I don't remember what all to put in here. Chris Volstad (2-5, 5.67 ERA) is pitching for the Marlins (31-29). Jair Jurrjens (7-2, 1.75 ERA) is pitching for the Braves (34-28).
  16. It seems the Bad News Bear have been back for the past week.
  17. I doubt I'll watch it if the Who aren't performing as the halftime show.
  18. If Tebow is truly 100% back, then Miss State will be a good revenge game for them. But keep in mind, they were Florida's only loss last year. The loss last year was to Ole Miss. Florida never played Mississippi State last year and doesn't play Ole Miss this year.
  19. The officials are trying to give the game to UF. As glad as I am that we did pull out the win, the refs screwed that game up bad. That PA was questionable and the usc call was a joke. Arkansas got away with delay of game on their last drive but they missed the field goal anyways.
  20. UF won, works for me. I didn't see the game, but I saw that they only scored 13. Tebow still showing some effects or just great defense? I think it was mostly the play calling. Tebow seemed alright when he was running.
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