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  1. Does anyone here have any racist friends? How about coworkers? Class mates? Does anyone here have anyone in their close group of people that have ever said anything offensive? If you say no, you are a liar. Bob, there's a huge difference. We're not senators running for president of the United States. I don't care who someone associates with in his private life, but if you're running to become the most powerful person in the world, then yes, of course it's relevant. What would happen if McCain were to have attended a church for 20 years, and the white reverend of that church preached about blacks being low-lifes and how welfare and affirmative action have taken money and opportunity away from the white man? (And could you imagine the reaction of Revs Sharpton and Jesse Jackson if that happened?) Obama's church's magazine gave an award to Louis Farrakhan, saying he "truly epitomized greatness." What would have happened if McCain belonged to a church that gave an award to the head of the KKK? His campaign would be through, no doubt about it. I mean, good grief, Wright called America the U.S. of KKK A, and said the government (who are a bunch of rich, white men) invented AIDS to kill blacks. The guy is a wacko. I'm not saying Obama feels and thinks the way Wright does. But to be associated very closely with this man for 20+ years, so much so that he baptized your children and married you, and is your spiritual mentor, it is absolutely fair and necessary to question Obama's judgment.
  2. :| to that jersey. BTW, Cabs looks great. Not crazy about the tattoos, but it looks like he's lost quite a bit of weight.
  3. Oh please. The death penalty is a joke of a deterrent. Plus, rotting in prison for your life is far worse than a swift and mercy death like that. Is it really? I'm not in particular favorite of capital punishment but neither am I really opposed to it. I think being a life is far better than death even under giving circumstances.. It's also embarassing that we are the most looked-to country on the planet, and yet we still execute people. Many countries in Europe banned that practice a long time ago. If you've ever been in a prison (not as a prisoner) or have watched programs about prison, you might change your mind that life in prison is a better thing than capital punishment. It's a living hell, especially for those who are there for the remainder of their lives. You are so far out there in left field. Yes - it's so embarassing that we execute people that brutally rape, murder, and mutilate children. It's embarassing that we execute people and then you have the audacity to try and use "european countries" as a moral example that we should follow? Are you kidding me? We're just stooping down to the level of the criminals themselves. In some cases, they WANT to die anyway. No point in giving them what they want. One of my biggest problems with the system is the high number of innocent people who have been executed. That's just unacceptable. If you can't even guarantee that the person you are executing is guilty, then you certainly shouldn't be putting them to death. Who are the high number of innocent people who have been executed? I've heard stories of the possibility of someone being innocent, and maybe this is enough for one to be against capital punishment, but I've never heard of any clear-cut evidence of a person put to death who was not guilty. And I would think life in prison would be more sufferable than a quick death, but if that were the case, why do so many convicted killers (and their lawyers) fight for their lives in court?
  4. 2007: Cabrera, 24, 150 OPS+ Wright, 24, 150 OPS+ and Wright's defense is much better, and he actually brings something with his stolen base prowess (34/5) God forbid that I may at one point have made a mention that I liked Wright better, which I don't even remember making The fact is Wright had the better year and Wright has been improving while Cabrera has not. Cabrera's uncharacteristically long slump from mid-August to 1st week of September took quite a hit on his average and OPS. Up until that point, he was having a career year. Yes, slumps are part of the game, but Cabs normally doesn't go into long ones. And he still had career highs in homers and RBI.
  5. I put up some weight since Cabrera came to the Big Leagues as well. Everybody has. Hes still in a developing body, plus a lot of this weight is muscle weight. If youre in a developing body, of course your weight is gonna increase That ain't no six pack he's sporting under his jersey, dude. It was an 8-pack after the '03 World Series. I don't know if you ever saw the picture of him with his shirt up during the parade... This one? I'm not seeing an 8-pack, but then again, why do people keep comparing Cabrera at 20 and now? Look, the guy's gotta lose weight, but why not compare his body to 2005's body, after he filled out a bit.
  6. I don't know what I'll do if they trade Cabrera just to slash payroll. f***ing Loria and Samson scum of the Earth eaters of babies pocketers of revenue liars aplenty You are aware of your haiku, right? eaters of babies pocketers of revenue liars aplenty
  7. We should all get together and hold a rally outside Loria's office. (Is it at Dolphins Stadium?)
  8. I seriously would have to consider my loyalty to the Marlins if this happens....I took Sheff, Edgar, Josh, Lowell....I can't take this, I just can't. Yeah, honestly, I'd be done. why would trading cabrera disappoint/upset anyone? shouldnt we all be prepaired for this one given the franchise history? i dont think this should be anything groundbreaking or shocking....i dont want it to happen either but if it does that doesnt mean i become less of a fan Because if you want to be treated like a big league franchise and you want people to pay big league prices, eventually you have to start acting big league. There is not one realistic trade scenario, not one, that brings back the kind of talent the Marlins would need to replace Miguel Cabrera. We've already well established that we're absurdly profitable under our current economic plan. Dealing Cabrera signifies it's not about baseball at all, just making money. Does Goldman Sachs sell tickets to watch them acquire businesses? Or Moors & Cabot to watch them assemble hedge-funds? I mean, seriously. If the purpose of the Marlins is just the bottom line, and not the win-loss column, why even bother watching? I (and many others) went along with the most recent firesale because of the fiscal and baseball sense it made. Were there frustrations in there because we were overly cheap? Of course, but I think many still had some degree of faith in the big picture being Hanley, Miggy, Hermida and our pitchers running the table in 2009. If we scrap that all over again by trading one of the 4 best hitters in all of baseball for more "two years away" players, what the f*** good does it do? If we won't spend $11 million for one player, how on earth are we ever going to afford this team when all the 2006ers are in arbitration (because lord knows we won't buy them out). Seriously, if Miggy's gone to just get cheaper, f*** this franchise. And may I add that none of the Marlins traded in the past were of Cabrera's caliber. Sheff was the closest. This "major-league" team is just one bad cycle. Seriously, how can they maintain fans when their players are recycled every 3 years?
  9. Gotta love a guy who starts off his post, "Listen friends." You guys are insane if you think the Yankees are going to give up Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy, and Phil Hughes for anyone. That would be like the A's having given up Zito, Mulder, and Hudson for any hitter in the league when the three were Oakland's top prospects. Do you honestly think the Yankees are gonna give up three top tier, Cy Young stuff type pitchers a player who is an amazing hitter.....Miguel Cabrera is an amazing hitter, one of the best (not the best, that would be Albert Pujols), and nothing more. He is slow, overweight and a liability defensively. Let's get serious. And on top of that, you guys wanna throw in Robinson Cano, a proven all star, who has decent speed, decent power, makes great contact with the ball, and plays solid defense. It's like asking for Andre Johnson (proven young star), DaMeco Ryans, Omobi Okoye and Travis Johnson (3 top defensive young players) in return for Willie Parker (a great running back, one of the best, but not the best). You can't ask for the whole team in return for one great player. If the Yankees make that deal, they're left with Wang, Mussina, Pettite (who will most likely retire if they trade their whole staff away), Igawa, and then a guy like Jason Jennings. They would have traded away all their young pitchers. It would be like the Marlins having traded Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, A.J. Burnett and Luis Castillo in 2002 for Manny Ramirez. It's literally the same. Would you have done that? Do you people think we could have come anywhere near a championship in 2003 without Beckett and Penny? Why would the Yankees do that? No one hitter is worth 3 top of the line ace potential starters AND a 2 time all star 25 year old second baseman with the potential to be a 25-30 hr/100 rbi/above .300 hitter every year. I suggested a realistic trade. Not a video game trade. You can't trade the entire Chicago Bulls team for Kobe Bryant...If you do, what do the Bulls become? At the most, an 8 seed, 1st round elimination team. Oh and by the way, I LOOVE how we write off Kei Igawa after one year. We just wrote off a 27 year old pitcher with a lot of talent based a rookie season. Good call there. Kinda like the guy who would have written John Smoltz off for going 2-7 with an ERA of almost 6.00 in his first season, or Johan Santana who went 2-3 with an ERA upwards of 7.00 in his rookie year. Igawa is due 4 million a year for the next 4 seasons. The Yankees would pay 2 million a year for Igawa, and 7 million for the final year of Pavano's deal. Those 2 salaries combined for the Marlins would be 5 million, while Cabrera would be making around 11 million this year. Cano won't make that much, and Chamberlain has a rookie deal, and Betemit makes 405,000 while Bruney also has a rookie deal. Ohlendorf is a potential number 3 or 4 guy in the rotation and also has a rookie deal, so combine each player in this equation and they still don't make more than Miggy will this year. I'm sorry, use your heads people. We all love what Miguel Cabrera has done, but without a stadium in place, nor a deal on the verge of being done, we should sell while his stock is at its peak, and get a good set of players. 2 major league ready high tier prospects, a young perennial all star, a young pitcher with a lot of potential, and a throw in (Pavano). Remember how Mike Lowell was a throw-in in the Beckett deal? Look how that worked out. If the Yankees deal for Cabrera I expect a lot of angry fans on this forum when they see that the Marlins didn't get the entire Yankees starting rotation, Cano, and Melky Cabrera...Hey you might as well throw Matsui in there, and Jeter. Why not? Since we are asking for ridiculously unrealistic amounts of major league talent for one player. Good luck with that. Here is my final and most realistic trade offer I think the Yankees will be willing to make. Miguel Cabrera Ross Wolf for Robinson Cano Chase Wright Joba Chamberlain Kei Igawa (2 of his 4 million dollar salary per year paid by NY) Brian Bruney Carl Pavano (7 million of his 10 million dollar salary paid by NY) Wilson Betemit Cash considerations Seriously, that deal is not only realistic, but so solid for the Marlins. We get 5 pitchers (4 of which are under 28 years old), 2 of which are top prospects, 1 is a hard throwing solid reliever, 1 has potential and talent to be a decent starter in the NL, and 1 is a filler who had great success in his contract year with us. We also get 2 infielders, 1 of which is a top 3 best 2B in the majors right now, and the other is a productive hitter with power and a decent glove. Obviously a young, solid player like Wilson Betemit got overlooked in my last trade proposal. P.S. Allen Iverson got dealt last year for garbage, and he was the top scorer in the NBA at that point. ps iverson wasnt a 24 year old superstar that is on the career path of the homerun king and is one of the top 5 hitters in teh game. And that offer is horrible Hanley Ramirez, not MIguel Cabrera. Hanley was much more productive this year, with only 5 less HR than Cabrera, 49 more SB, 34 more R, 24 more H, 10 more 2B, a higher fielding percentage...Hanley is our top guy, and may in fact be the most productive overall offensive player in baseball. I wonder who contributed to HanRam scoring so many runs. Could it be the guy who hit .375 with RISP?
  10. I hate public restrooms. I'm lucky to work in a building that keeps them so clean. Speaking of public stalls, I always roll up my pants to prevent them from touching the floor, especially since a lot of women squat, which induces splashing. If there's even one small wet spot on the floor of a stall, I won't use it. Also, it's amazing how many women either don't wash their hands at all, or run their hands under the water for 1 second. Do they really think that's going to get rid of the germs? Gross.
  11. If you think middle school students aren't having sex, you need to come out and join the real world very soon. Kids as young as elementary, yes- 5th graders are fooling around. I worked in a middle school where 3 students were pregnant and I can't even begin to tell you how many more young ladies confided in me when they were scared they were pregnant. These weren't poor or socioeconomically disenfranchised school populations either. Seems extreme to me. I know that some are having sex, but I have to agree that the side effects of birth control on kids that young are probably not good. And birth to an unwanted baby who will be raised by the parent or grandparent is better? Another mouth to feed or another baby given up for adoption? Geez, girls just start getting their period in middle school. It's way too early for the pill. 'Student Health Center'? - pfft, we just had a sh*tty clinic with a rent-a-nurse. Girls get their period as young as 4th graders. In middle school, they're well in the throes of puberty. There used to be school nurses but budgetary cutbacks forced schools to drop that luxury and have the parents turn to their own healthcare providers. As far as it being better than abortions... Is developing breast cancer better than having an abortion? Not all women taking the pill develop breast cancer and there is not a significant link between them either. I would advocate condoms rather than the pill because it's not like you can forget to put one on..... Additionally, condoms have no health issues, unless you're allergic to latex. In which case, you should invest in Ziplock bags. But seriously, I do agree with it. Unless no one is going to do anything about the problem, and yes, we have a problem - clearly the parents aren't stepping up to take responsibility for their children. The school isn't shoving it down the kids throats. It's available. Just like tutoring. If you want it, you can get it. Umm, did you just compare administering the pill to tutoring? Ok then. Anyway, it's not a school's job to give out contraception. I just find it fascinating (and a bit disturbing) that people think kids can make adult decisions about sex, even though we have laws in our society that prevent exploitation of children, i.e. child labor. If we think kids can make decisions about sex without their parents' input, why not let them make decisions about how many hours they can handle working while going to school, or getting a tattoo, or even going on a field trip to Disney World? Maybe schools should do away with all permission forms; after all, if the schools think it's safe and the right choice, why should parents have any say? If there's someone who's benefiting from all of this, it's the pharmaceutical companies.
  12. Posted: Sunday October 21, 2007 08:43AM ET If the Marlins deal Miguel Cabrera, one idea that intrigues them (for 2009) is moving Dan Uggla to third and using Single A prospect Chris Coghlan at second. But Coghlan -- whom Marlins advisor Jack McKeon predicts will be a good big-league hitter -- isn't close to being ready Does Uggla even have the arm to play 3rd?
  13. I downloaded Game 6 of the NLCS in addition to Game 6 of the 2003 World Series from MLB.com back in '03. They still offer the latter here: http://mlb.mlb.com/downloads/catalog.jsp?m=classics I'm sure MLB.com still offers those playoff games from 2003. I'll dig around and let you know what I find. ETA: I believe the above download is only playable on your computer.
  14. So they're giving away pills to middle schoolers in a place where 3% of the population engages in sex. Brilliant. It's not like we don't want middle schoolers having sex or anything. I think the government wants to make sure parents have no responsibility/duty. Exactly. It's similar to those states who don't require parental notification for an underage girl to have an abortion. Strange society we live in where an underage child needs permission to get her ears pierced, but can secretly have an abortion, and now, go on the pill, which by the way, contains hormones and can cause side effects.
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