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  1. Nice songs bro, your stuff reminds me of the Gorillas in a good way. Do you make your own beats or lease them?? Thanks...and lease 'em, we tried for a while to make our own, but it just didn't come out as well...
  2. myspace.com/retrofutureofficial has a couple more, though I'd say those are all worse quality than this one, but not necessarily worse if you know what i mean...
  3. I'd really appreciate some feedback on one of my new tracks...im not a stereotypical myspace rapper or anything...just listen to the music, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7898661 I've always wanted to make Cody Ross a walk-up song though, thats my real dream....ittl happen some day. So give it a listen, tell me what you think.
  4. I remember when Jacobs first came up with the mets, had like 10 homeruns in 90 at bats.. i think it was a good trade for Nunez though. I didnt realize he threw so hard(no homo) How is there anything even near homo in that sentence?
  5. Lol, if we win out the rest of the week, ESPN will be like "We were wrong, they have no pitching. They suck!"
  6. So we're 8th because of what we MIGHT do in a couple of offseasons..... LOLZ AT U POWR RANKINGZ!
  7. So he never did Gasolina? My grandfather made us leave early (obviously :thumbdown ), but that was the one song my dad ( :lol ) wanted to hear. Gasolina is from Daddy Yankee. Unless if there's another Gasolina I don't know about. Shows what I know. I did have fun dancing with myself, though. I'm sure he made a remix to it once. There was a period of time where he remixed every song out. It was a terrible time to live in Hialeah. Like I've stated before, I can't stand his music. At all. He is on a song with my long time friend "Kalli" from "Dorks, Morons, & Geeks". And he's put them in his videos so he does look out for fellow rappers from Hialeah. Although their music is great. It's actually music, not this crap that's been confused as music on the radio for the past years. I respect what he has accomplished, I just can't stand his music. The only song that is ok is the one with Casely. From the DJ Khaled We Global album. Everything about this post wins.
  8. If this is a slump, I think he'll be fine...
  9. Those 2 ks by N??ez were nice, that changup is so much effective than T. Tankersley slider. I agree 100%. Nunez has really impressed me this year, as has our entire bullpen. :cool :mis2
  10. I love rap, I love Miami, I hate Pitbull.
  11. Every first pitch is a curveball right down the middle...and nobody has swung at it...
  12. ALDS 1 Red Sox vs. Angels # of games: 5 ALDS 2 Twins/White Sox vs. Rays # of games: 4 NLDS 1 Brewers vs. Phillies # of games: 4 NLDS 2 Dodgers vs. Cubs # of games: 5 ALCS Angels vs. Rays # of games: 6 NLCS Cubs vs. Phillies # of games: 5 World Series Angels vs. Cubs # of games: 6
  13. Maybin's right arm looks weird when he runs. He got that trait from his dad...Flavor Flav. Cameron Maybins dad is flavor flav? Well, they certainly LOOK related. The real answer is no, unfortunately. Fixed.
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