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  1. I was born & raised in Miami, & have lived there all but 3 years of my life. I don't think this logo is "Miami" at all. The vast majority of Miami is west of the beach, downtown, and 95. Not that I expect any logo to do so, but this certainly doesn't represent Miami as I know it. And again, it's hideous.
  2. I'm disgusted by the pink, yellow, & light blue. Known this was coming, but good heavens, why? Why do all these people running businesses think they know better than their consumers? I will not buy anything with this color scheme, and I hope enough people do the same that the organization wakes up and reconsiders.
  3. Even if not to close, it would have been nice to get Wagner to have a LHP who can actually get out LHBs, since the Fredi & co insist on using Meyer and Pinto in these cookie-cutter situations forgetting the reality that both are more effective against RHBs, even in comparison to the RHPs in our bullpen.
  4. Manager of the Year is a mostly meaningless award anyhow. Same with Rookie of the Year. How many ROY winners actually have a good career? Not many. Rookie of the Year winners of the last 10 years: 1999 Williamson, Scott 1999 Beltrán, Carlos 2000 Furcal, Rafael 2000 Sasaki, Kazuhiro 2001 Pujols, Albert 2001 Suzuki, Ichiro 2002 Jennings, Jason 2002 Hinske, Eric 2003 Willis, Dontrelle 2003 Berroa, Angel 2004 Bay, Jason 2004 Crosby, Bobby 2005 Howard, Ryan 2005 Street, Huston 2006 Ramirez, Hanley 2006 Verlander, Justin 2007 Braun, Ryan 2007 Pedroia, Dustin 2008 Soto, Geovany 2008 Longoria, Evan While they may not have all gone on to become perennial all-stars, I think it's a bit much to say that not many have had good careers. I believe there's at least 3 MVPs on that list, and remember also that there are years where there just aren't as many good rookies coming up.
  5. Why would it be so ridiculous to have Uggla stay here and keep Coghlan in LF on the same team? It's not as though Coghlan is known to be better defensive IF. I think it's also kinda strange how much people have been down on Uggla's production when (excluding the recently acquired Nick Johnson) Uggla has led the team in BB and HRs all season, and still then he's viewed as a strikeout machine. I think someone else pointed out his second half numbers so far, but I think it bears repeating - AVG: 286 OBP:393 SLG: 527 Not to mention big HRs to tie games and big hits to win games. I will never understand the desire some of you have with getting rid of good players. Coghlan can stay perfectly fine playing in LF, and here's hoping we make a run at this year that motivates the FO to keep both of them in the lineup. Seriously, while we could deal with the loss in power production that came from replacing Cabrera with Cantu, and with shipping Jacobs off altogether, you can only go so far and maintain a strong offense year after year when you remove offensive power and don't really replace it. If Hanley is the only 30+ HR guy in the lineup next year we will not be in the race.
  6. ADAM DUNN WAS A FREE AGENT. And the Nationals are paying him $20 million over this season and 2010, which would be nearly a third of our payroll. Besides, he's not even that good. Say what you want about payroll issues, but Adam Dunn has more HR & RBIs so far this year than any Marlin and by a healthy margin, along with an OBP over 400, and all that on one of the worst teams in baseball. And not to mention that he would provide that power from left side whereas all the current Marlin power threats are on the opposite side. If could've been had at the same price and under the same circumstances as Nick Johnson than it would have been a better deal no matter where you play him. Whoever prefers having Jeremy Hermida on your team over Adam Dunn, I just don't even know what to say... Speaking of though, I would like to see the Marlins trade Hermida to Boston for John Smoltz to come in as closer and bring up Maybin to play CF with Cody in RF. But that's just me.
  7. Bad Umpiring + Volstad's struggles = loss. There were some positives, both defensively and offensively, but it's just not getting it done. As someone else said, the hitting w/ RISP is ridiculous. As silly-sounding as it is, simply no hitter on the team was "clutch" tonight, and for a while now. We are clearly capable of hitting and getting on base, but nothing works. The bad calls obviously didn't help, but the players still need to step it up. Let's hope they simply weren't back settled at home yet and that all of them will be better on their game throughout the homestand.
  8. This is the right move. Getting Boner out of the lineup is also the right move. One of these will not happen. And before someone (bronco) comes in spouting a bunch of crap about "Boners showing a willingness to work hard and improve and blah blah blah", how do we know each and every one of these guys who is struggling isn't doing that? They are major leaguers? Why are some people willing to give Boni the benefit of the doubt in this regard? I'm not even picking on Bonifacio. I think Uggla and Cody need time off too. Because the FO and Coaching staff are doing it as well, and they generally have a more complete picture of what each player can do or is doing. BTW, anyone know who is getting the call up to take his spot?
  9. Don't understand the bullpen option here, since the bullpen was one guy tonight. Anyway, obviously it's JJ. 8 IP, 0 BB, 1 R, can't do much better than that. Timely hit from Cody was very helpful. Hanley's work goes without saying. Nice to see Lindstrom come in for the close and mix his pitches. Especially nice to see the slider for strikes. He was more effective with that then the fastball tonight, and he needs to be comfortable with doing that.
  10. For as many good draft picks may zoom through the system there are also plenty that have been rushed to their detriment. Just look at Andrew Miller if you need an example, of a guy who came up way too fast and always looks like damaged goods.
  11. great, now we'll probably see the walk machine get called up again Assuming you meant Miller, he's coming back regardless but he isn't down, he's on the DL. i meant taylor because didn't he get sent down after his last start? They may just start Badenhop in Anibal's spot and wait to see for Miller in the last spot. But I suppose having Taylor and Miller in the rotation at the same time is a fair possibility as well. But I actually have more hope for Taylor to be productive at the moment. Maybe it's just because I'm so jaded because of how many times Miller has dissapointed us, but I also think Taylor pitched well in his start at Wrigley. 2 runs in 5 IP on 88 pitches, I think he might have been capable of lasting another inning for a quality start.
  12. And it was nice to see Ricky pitch well. Not dominant, but he never lost control out there, and finally a SP gets a win. Can't say enough good about the hitting either. We need it.
  13. Wow, Coghlan plays one game and now Uggla is getting tradedine less than 2 months? I do realize who and what Coghlan is as a prospect, but I am also a little sick of how everyone writes off Uggla after he does poorly in April every year, and he hasn't even been that bad at the plate. That said, I don't know where the two fit in on the same team. So far as I understand it, Coghlan would be a defensive downgrade at 2B or 3B and it's not as though we are actually lacking an offensive producer at 2B. Honestly, I think Coghlan will be back down once the pitching staff is filled out again, not because he's not ready, but because he should be playing everyday, and there really won't be a spot for him.
  14. 3 Runs isn't enough. Let's not put the blame on pitching because let's face it - giving up 3 or 4 runs is pretty normal for an average or even a good pitcher when they are not at their best. MAYBE we can say that we shouldn't be digging ourselves out of 6 or 8 run deficits in the first couple of innings, but if the pitching staff can hold the opposition to 4 or fewer runs then the offense should be able to step it up and give them the support to win. Of course the flipside to that is that you do occasionally have to deal with opposing pitchers who come in and happen to be lights out that night. But there have been enough games that we've had the chance to win and haven't. Nobody has been clutch since we left DC except for Cantu, and even he can't do it every night. But what bothers me the most is it feels like we have double digits left on base almost every game. I can't find any place where that stat is recorded for all MLB teams, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we led all of baseball in LOB with how we blow scoring opportunities.
  15. In all seriousness Hermida has looked good IMHO this year, and I am usually critical of him. His patience at the plate is a very welcomed departure from the rest of the lineup and even his defense looks better this year, even if he did have a few moments in a game or two already. But I don't have any major complaints about Hermida this year. I do wonder if he could maintain that effectiveness at the plate though if was moved up in the order, maybe to the #2 spot. If Maybin picks up a bit more and Bonifacio struggles more then I'd like to see Maybin & Hermida go 1,2. I agree, and its funny that I didn't even check this thread before posting about the same exact thing in the post game thread. I'm another person critical of Hermida, but seeing him walk 21 times thus far this season, he can be very productive for this team. His abilities aren't being used to the fullest in the spot he currently is in, and it needs to happen that he bats 2nd, get the pitchers timing off, he can ride up pitch counts and draw walks. And with Maybin in front of him, we still have our base stealing ability at the top of the lineup, and it seems to me always that Maybin bats better when he sees the pitcher first and doesn't have to wait until the 2nd-3rd to bat for the first time. And not to get totally off topic with Maybin, but during his productive moments when he was called up last year, he was batting leadoff almost exclusively. But I also like Hermida in the #2 spot because even without the speed of other guys, if he's getting on base before Hanley and Cantu, the team will be better off for it.
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