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  1. He ran off into the vast unknown of the interwebs..... But I choose to believe he had to divest himself of the website while chasing his career aspirations and took a step back afterwards. I see his byline from time to time. He's around, just not around here. He's too good for us pond scum. He's a big fish now. He's Gary Sheffield, and were all just John Koronka, Russ Morman, Ron Mahay, Colin Rea, Anthony Friese and John Johnstone.
  2. Rumor has it Jumbo Joe Frisaro got a bonus for every Marlins fan he blocked on twitter. He's finally been able to retire after adding the final block to his retirement nest egg.
  3. Believe it or not, Samson has done alot of this. Even admitted his own failings and what was Loria's problems. I know Samson gets alot of crap (rightfully so) for what he did here and what he's done in the media... but I will say hearing him talk about it I never once felt he was lying. Hes just naturally candid. He's thrown "Jeffrey" under the bus enough to know that he isn't afraid to speak the truth. Loria 100% was involved in all those short sighted vet signings and trades and didn't value for a second prospects that weren't gaining acclaim as a top 100.
  4. From whats been said.... Loria didn't value minor leagues outside of baseball americas top 100, and considered them all expendable in exchange for the thought of immediate winning. Thats how we lost Paddock, Castillo, German, The Toothless Guy who ended up in PITT. Hill preached development and took an interest in the minors. Loria used them like fun coupons and offered them to other teams like lobsters they can take home to their miserable wives (wolf of wallstreet reference). Loria signed Bell, Buck, Chen, pushed for Latos and others and the team was handcuffed with their salary on the
  5. Hill deserved better than he got after 18 years with the team. Heck- so did Samson, Perez, Dawson, McKeon and Conine. To give him a token contract offer they knew he'd decline reeks of the Mckeon debacle. Jeter has disdain for anything pre 2018 and while we lampooned the Loria years as ignoring the past... atleast he respected what long time vets could do to grow the game and the Marlins Foundation made a consistent difference in the community. Samson was the head of their philanthropic endeavors and should have been retained for that alone. Hill when left in charge proved
  6. All I see is “Florida Man Yells at Wall” They want two open air ballparks because building a dome in ONE location is too expensive. This just comes down to politics and a politician being a dick. I think this is the only leverage they could try to get without burning all bridges for 8 more years. Realistically, I’d just fold in a few years- bankruptcy like if you will. They can’t force a business that went under to play. They can pay- but they won’t have anyone here. Let him try to purchase another team after a one team expansion is done- move the organization / players to a new team a
  7. I don't believe in payroll increases either, but.... if you're going to bring someone in... why Ozuna. He was so erratic when he was here. Unless his arm issues have really killed his value and he wanted to be back at a discount. Really, I hope they don't break the bank to bring this guy in.
  8. [MEDIA=twitter]1128273913270755328[/MEDIA] Has he lost his G'damn mind?
  9. That team- Easily between 73 and 83 wins. Add One or two starting pitchers and we could have a real chance at a Division Title. Wait... Isn't that the 2015 Lineup? I think if we were still with that group, we would have signed a SS or put Dee Gordon back there, moved Dietrich to 2B or Bench and had Brian Anderson Playing 3B by now. Prado (assuming he's in the same physical condition as now) will play the utility infield role. Loria would have traded JT Riddle, and Drew Steckendeckerriderdafur for Hansel Robles too.
  10. I'm more of a Jessica Robbin fan myself.
  11. 99 Problems but Monte Harrison aint one.
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