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  1. "oooooooo boy, lemme finger that dick hole." - Lizzo, somewhere in 2020
  2. Off the top of my head. CJ Piazza Yarnell , Preston Wilson Yarnell for Lowell , Preston Wilson for Juan Pierre Juan Pierre for Ricky Nolasco , Sergio Mitre, Reynel Pinto Mike Lowell for Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez Hanley for Nathan Evoldi and Anibal for Rob Brantly and Jacob Turner Evoldi for Phelps / Martin Prado Phelps for Pablo Lopez
  3. I remain steadfast in my belief the Mike Piazza, Todd Zeile / CJ, Sheff , Bonilla, Eisenrich, Barrios trade was the most significant trade in Marlins history and that the absolute worst trade is the Cabrera trade. Research the Trade tree from the Piazza deal / CJ Draft selection and you'll see that it had the biggest impact on two world series championships, playoff runs and franchise leaders. If I remember correctly, there are still players on the current day roster that transactions can be traced back to the Piazza trade.
  4. I'm suggesting it right now until the end of the season to get him AB's and see what he has. If he's capable enough and surprised with the bat and glove enough.... keep him one more year as a Utility C/1b/3b/OF/DH and pray he finally brings something to the table. If he can't hit for shit and can't play any other position for shit- he's useless. Send him to the MCL and call it a day (Major Crickett League). I hope no one here played Cricket for Jamaica in the 90's.
  5. Play him at 3rd because even if he doesn't get to the ball, someone will be behind him anyway to scoop it up and throw it to the infield. 3B is incredibly hard to play, but also has very low expectations. How many times will he have to field a ball at 3rd a game, how many times will he have to hold the runner on the bag. His arm is good enough to get it to first with speed. Lets hope he catches it.
  6. I don't believe he has any trade value. You trade him for a PTBNL or a Single A minor leaguer and be grateful you got him off your books.
  7. Hard to give him AB when he's not starting. Can't start him because he'll wreck the development of the pitching staff. Can't put him in the OF because he sucks. Put him at 3B or 1B and see what happens. If he develops any semblance of a glove at those positions and a bat you keep him as a DH/ Poor Utility next season. If he can't do anything... you let him go and live with the fact another team signs him for a Major League Minimum and he hits .250 with pop.
  8. Wanna hit us with a #Waittosee? I recognize that argument anywhere and I agree with it. You should listen to DS's Nothing Personal Podcast.
  9. NVM... It was this cringe post:
  10. Piazza31

    15 years...

    I've been here 15 years....fml. What about the rest of you guys. Do you remember your first day? I think we were in the NL Wildcard race in 06 and Jumpin' Joe Girardi blew out Josh Johnson's elbow.
  11. Piazza31


    Das Texan is speaking Da Truth
  12. Crazy spicy skillet with no mushrooms, or Vegan Beyond Meat Burger with Pepperjack cheese, fajita veggies, bbq sauce and bacon. I shit you not, both are absolutely delicious.
  13. I mean, it is getting better. Just not quickly enough. Now we exploit EVERYONE in the work force.
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