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  1. That reminds me of what some schmuck in the CBL did with the Gotham Knights.
  2. Can't wait for us to see this hanging over cashier at the local Chevron Station while we grab a pack of dutchs, a scratch off lotto ticket and MD 20/20. Oh and a quick pick.
  3. Had a great time at the 2013 WBC, with a little help got to meet my screennames' inspiration on the field. Outside of that, Glove save and a beauty on Manny Machado's line drive up the 3B line/wall on my birthday. Might have even thrown a little "statue of liberty" on that one.
  4. Really hope Brinson turns himself into a capable ML. Wouldn't even complain if he turns into Maybin 2.0 since, well.... He was part of Cabrera 2.0. Just hope it's with us on cheap deals if that happens.
  5. The cool thing about fanatics is these are made to order, so NO one has physically touched this shirt ever...... Thank god lol. Anyone have the Joe Girardi one from 2006/2007?
  6. Nah, they have "equity" in the Rays name, and they want to sell merchandise lol. Think of th eWashington "Senators".
  7. Watch them be Pink with MIAMI across the front in teal. The reverse retro of these if you will :
  8. Or if the Rays end up leaving the market we end up being the only programing available in state baseball wise.
  9. I never said I didn't like them, that has a negative connotation that brings the idea that I dislike the team. I'm indifferent, which might be worse....but doesn't mean I won't eventually care one day again like I used to. 2004 Red Sox had built up a contender and took years to get past the Yankees, they traded one face of the franchise for a ring, they ended up with 2 or more depending how you want to look at it. The 2016 Cubs built a winner from the ground up and had to move Starlin to start that. I'm sure that was fun, but they didnt have what we had player wise. The Astros tore it down and alienated a big part of their fanbase and somehow ended up with a disgraced front office and players. However, all of those teams and examples were just one player and none off a MVP season, cheap contract or premium position. We traded the Reigning MVP, the next MVP and probably the top C in the game. Nevermind an all star in Ozuna and a former batting champion in gordon. Look. Youre entitled to your opinion and to feel like I should be excited. I just don't see a reason to be right now. Maybe come July or August I'll get more enamored with the team, maybe someone will step up and wow me. Right now the only thing I can enjoy watching is all these arm develop and hope we see Bleday and Conine one of these days.
  10. Trust me: I’m a Panthers, Dolphins and Marlins fan. I barely know what a playoff is. What I am a fan of is not crapping all over the good will a incoming ownership group had coming into the 2017 offseason by unloading the reigning MVP and two other MVP candidates. I love prospects, I love building teams through trades and FA. They could have ran it back one more year and I wouldn’t have felt this way. Instead they crapped all over the excitement a ownership change brought. I was in favor of sending ozuna to STL, and the Realmuto trade was a decent enough one since it got us Sixto. However, the return for Yelich is underwhelming and might go down as Cabrera 2.0 and outside of Stanton salary relief it didn’t produce a decent player or prospect. Again, you can have your opinions and I can have mine. You’re excited about a NLDS playoff exit and I was excited about two to three potential Hall of Fame careers and moments those players provided. I wanted to see them get to the postseason, and I’m glad Stanton went HAM last year for the Yankees.
  11. Anyone see one of these for Marlins Park yet? Or do we still call Marlins Park Joe Robbie as well? https://www.caneswear.com/products/i-still-call-it-joe-robbie-shirt-orange
  12. Can’t wait til we have the Papa Slam by Brian Anderson presented by Publix over the Palacio de Los jugos Left Field wall into the Jager bomb ballpark seats.
  13. Like I said, I don't have to like they did it. Would have preffered to keep Stanton, Yelich and his contract, and Realmuto. It is what it is. Like I said, they broke it up, doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm the same guy who celebrated the 2012 firesale, and whose favorite Marlin came from the 1998 one. I didn't say I wasn't a fan, I just said I don't care what this team does right now.
  14. No, you have it wrong. They broke up the team, they broke it up. I'm defending my right to not be enamored with the 2021 team and why I went from someone who watched every game to someone who has no feelings one way or another with the current roster.
  15. Soon the ballpark is going to be wearing grey sweatpants.
  16. I just threw up in my mouth. I pray they dont go that overboard with the logo.
  17. Not hard to see, just not easy to get excited about either. I’ve watched games, probably 4 times a week in their entirety. I just, I feel nothing watching this team.
  18. With his track record of power and the fact the Marlins ate salary anyway..... I bet teams that can’t sign FA would have made a run for him. I’ve wanted one more hear himself which is why he declined the trade to STL and SF. he would have ended up a yankee or dodger regardless, but there would have been suitors.
  19. Oh it’s clear. Doesn’t mean I have to like they did it. They had a solid core to build from. I wanted and I think the fan base wanted just one more year after stantons MVP season.
  20. I once had hopes and dreams for this team, but much like my marriage I’m left with memories and regrets.
  21. Sounds like MLB might have helped them secure this loan.... errm deal
  22. I’m calling it “Two Live Chickens Park” or TLC Park for short.
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