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  1. Villar/Aguilar is a great no risk, high reward group of moves
  2. They should absolutely snatch up Villar. I have no idea what the Orioles are doing waiving a 4 WAR guy when their offense is already abysmal. But Angelos is notoriously cheap.
  3. Sorry, but we can't sign Castellanos because he would block Noted Prospect Lewis Brinson from hitting .180 again
  4. I just found out today that Kolek had ANOTHER surgery two weeks ago and may miss another season. God that pick was such a disaster.
  5. I'm just not convinced that this front office knows what they are doing on player development. A lot of the guys that they targeted to trade for are floundering and just not looking like good pieces. I agree that it's going to take awhile to rebuild this team, but this franchise has been suffering for so long that it needs to happen faster than with a team like the Astros. They at least had winning teams throughout the 90s and into the 2000s before they had to blow it up and start from scratch.
  6. I'm really not sure how you justify firing a hitting coach with an offense that is this historically bad. It's not like the team expected to be competitive. It would be different if our record was like this and we still had Stanton/Yelich/Ozuna/Realmuto/Gordon.
  7. Yelich turned into a legit star as soon as he left here which figures. Meanwhile Lewis Brinson still gets ABs because we have no one else
  8. I'm sorry but I was at the FanFest in 2012 and it was way more packed than that. You could barely move around.
  9. I think they said that O'Brien/Walker are going to platoon at 1st
  10. Camp starts on Monday, I'm not sure why people think they are going to suddenly add players now. I was surprised at the Granderson deal but that was a minor league deal with an invite to ST so they don't have to pay him unless he makes the team (which seems pretty likely since I think the FO has said that the only guarantee is that Lewis Brinson will be a starter).
  11. I really think that dumping guys last offseason for peanuts has given the Marlins no real bargaining power when shopping Realmuto this offseason. It certainly feels that way, since they keep asking for a ton for him (as they should), and have had no takers.
  12. Are you new to being a fan of this team? This ownership has made it pretty clear they are not interested in fielding a competitive product. Almost every position on the team needs help and it certainly appears like they are going to try and throw all of the younger unproven, and unready guys into the fire way too soon rather than pay MLB level salaries.
  13. Cole and Verlander are FA's after this year. Going to be hard to keep both after 2019.
  14. I feel like this thread doesn't even need to exist, since I have not heard a single rumor of the Marlins being involved in anything beyond shopping Realmuto.
  15. I don't understand why they are bothering with a SRO section in a stadium they can never fill. At least when I did it in 2002 at PacBell for the Giants, it was because everything else was sold out.
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