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  1. FutureGM

    The team is not as irrelevant today

    While I'm glad they are spending money on international signings (something we never did under Loria), I would like to see them actually add to the MLB level this offseason but it sounds like that is not happening. There are so many glaring holes that need to be filled but I have very low expectations.
  2. FutureGM

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    From the articles about the offseason it sure sounds like they are going to do what they did last offseason, which is probably deal some guys and not add any MLB FAs. So I hope you guys enjoy another excruciatingly bad team in 2019. I still don't understand why they didn't trade Dietrich for something in July.
  3. FutureGM

    Is the 2018 team worse than the 1998 team?

    At least in 1998 some of those 1997 WS stars like Sheffield were still on the team for a bit, even if it wasn't for long. This team has nobody interesting outside of JT Realmuto, who will be gone soon
  4. That Yelich trade is looking worse every day Plus his contract is a steal for a few more years too
  5. FutureGM

    25th Anniversary Weekend is finally here...

    Except Jeter didn't listen to people and just added to the mess by pissing off fans even more with the way they blew up the team. On top of that he was pretty oblivious to the fan backlash (or just ignored it). I'm not sure who in their ownership group thought they would accomplish anything by nuking the roster 2 months after buying the team. It signaled to the remaining fans here that we were going back to the Loria days of blowing up a team when it got too expensive. This was the largest roster rebuild this team has had since arguably 1998, because at least when they did it in 2005/2006 a lot of the players were able to immediately contribute. Whereas so far, nobody we acquired in the various offseason trades has shown much of anything. Brinson in particular has been having a historically awful season at the plate, and he was one of the better talents acquired.
  6. FutureGM

    Should the Miami Marlins consider a Tim Tebow Trade?

    This can't be a serious question. He's awful.
  7. FutureGM


    My local minor league teams do stuff like this, which is how I think it should be handled. Crazy that an MLB team is having to do it at all. I get that they need to put people in seats and try and get them to spend money elsewhere at the ballpark, but it's still embarrassing.
  8. FutureGM

    Why was the 2006 rebuild so much better than the 2018 one?

    He's under team control for several more years. He is not even close to an immediate issue. I think they would have traded him in the offseason had the Marlins not weakened their negotiating position by selling off players for pennies on the dollar. From what I had heard, the Nats balked at the Marlins wanting someone like Robles for Realmuto, and wouldn't even part with their #2 prospect Juan Soto either. If they really insist on trading him, he will command more at the trade deadline.
  9. FutureGM

    Why was the 2006 rebuild so much better than the 2018 one?

    This team is very reminiscent of the 98 team. A lot of guys starting at the MLB level who are AAA or below talent level. In 2006, the team began a run that lasted 6-7 years of constantly churning out quality players that they had developed or acquired from other teams. As mentioned, the farm system coming into the most recent firesale was pretty barren minus an injured Braxton Garrett. Whereas back then, even after the veterans got dealt, they had guys ready to step right in and actually put up good numbers. Now, the Cabrera trade was a total fiasco, but when they traded Lowell and Beckett they got back Hanley, who won a batting title and performed well for about 6 years before he was traded.
  10. I don't really see much in the minors to get super excited about. It's possible that one of these guys will break out and be a star, but I'm not seeing where that's coming from. Braxton Garrett, when he is finally healthy, may be interesting. The Brewers sold high on Monte Harrison after his only year doing anything at the plate, following several years of repeating Low A.
  11. FutureGM

    low attendance

    Reportedly the paid attendance was 974.
  12. FutureGM

    Brinson makes opening day roster

    Who else were they going to put out there? Brinson has at least played in AAA. Considering I don't think any of the other major acquisitions from the offseason for the big players made the team, they had to put one guy from those lists in the bigs. I had thought going into ST that Sandy Alcantara would make the club but it looks like they don't want to rush him. Probably smart considering this team is several years from winning.
  13. Hermida and Coghlan come to mind. That 2005 draft class, where the Marlins had Chris Volstad, Ryan Tucker, Jacob Marceaux, Aaron Thompson, and Sean West. Five first-round picks and the best of the guys they drafted was a AAAA type pitcher.
  14. No, they somehow managed to get rid of Gordon, Stanton, and Ozuna without getting a single Top 100 prospect in return. Even if they got a few for Realmuto/Yelich (who I doubt they trade) they would still be middle of the road. Right now they are in the bottom third.
  15. They have no leverage for a future TV deal. Keeping Stanton and at least having a marketable star would have been smart, but now who do you market the team around? Yelich isn't long for this franchise.

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