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  1. Mike Stanton was supposed to be our Savior in 2010- 2011. Its a shame he just disappeared after 2011. That Giancarlo kid tho... he had some pop.
  2. I mean, it is.... but at the same time atleast it's more engaging than the previous ones. This ones more tech and pop culture reference savvy, and younger. For what it's worth, I've enjoyed it. Especially when they asked others to "Drag Em!!!" when a reply was very hate filled.
  3. Yeah, it's a big thing here in South Beach and most latin restauraunts. IDK why the latin diners got into it though. (I don't assume its waste based, I think they are just cheaper to purchase and easily disposed of).
  4. nOOOOooooOOOOOO DEAR GOD NOOOO0o0o0o0o0o0o
  5. Jeter's so cheap he won't even buy himself a uniform.
  6. If they start handing out those paper straws ya'll are screwed. I prefer to drink straight from the cup though. Those paper straws get stuck to your lips and taste like shit. Trust me, me and Yelich know what shit tastes like.
  7. Was hoping if he showed the boys.... he'd get a little cash for a SS.
  8. Number one rule.... don't go drinking with your subordinates. That one little thing- declining invite after invite... scares em ;). After that, be you. Youre all adults- if you gotta tell em how to do their job, their in trouble. I've never had a problem w anyone I was "managing". Except when I took em out drinking, scared the shit outta them by how much I can eat and drink- then they got too chummy.
  9. Wait.... top down? When I saw Sherman he was in a 2015 Malibu, and Jeter was in an older Land Rover lol.
  10. True, but then the shysters can easily sneak into the good seats. Keep em upstairs and they don't have much of a choice. Or make 3.05 seats in sections 3 and 5 !
  11. Yeah, make em go downstairs- put it by the escalator whichever sections they can sit in.
  12. There is a garage door by the players entrance built INTO the park that Jeter and Sherman use.
  13. The black for the Mets worked though. Their look had become terrible just prior to the black and NY isn't always cheery. They Royal Blue and Orange with WHite Homes and Road Greys were stale. Once they added the black, they were able to stabilize their look, add more merch and had a kick ass hybrid black/blue cap to boot. They dropped the black drop shadow, but pretty much still use the same uniforms as 1998-2011. It's a good look now, but having that Midnight Black was a good choice. The black worked regardless. Same with the Reds. The Royals should have added gold, the A's shouldn't have done anything - but then again I think it was #FuckBeane and #CheapBeane because he didn't want to pay for stain removers in the clubhouse.
  14. Misery loves company, and as suckers we are all company men.
  15. Don't insult the rocks like that. I hope Mattingly brought this into the center of the Room and slowly remove pieces of is uniform while everyone shares Jobu's Rum Step By Step, Game By Game, Piece by Piece (ooh, ooh, ooh) And this old fanbaseis rough and ruined So many dangers along the way So many burdens might fall upon us So many troubles that we have to face.
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