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  1. How will you react to the firesale?

    With Chen having an opt out.... I hope the Marlins tell him he's going to be a reliever IF he's allowed back on the team, but they arent going to cut him..... so you might as well opt out if playing is important to you.
  2. How will you react to the firesale?

    I'd probably give up..... which is sad. Theres no legitimate baseball reason to break up a cost controlled core that has been one of the hottest in baseball and recordbreaking in the OF. Realmutto, Stanton, Yelich, Gordon, Bour are five guys you build an offense around knowing they are locked up and wont skyrocket.
  3. 8/30 Post Game

  4. Fantasy Football???

    If it's in espn I can take on another league.
  5. Stanton hates Wednesdays

    Hideki irabu?
  6. Stanton's Push For MVP Season

    Yeah yeah yeah, he hit 50 home runs.... but can he walk on water? shit... I think he just did!
  7. 8/24/17 Post-Game

    Here's a question- who starts a wild card game? Or do we go with a bullpen game at this rate?
  8. Koehler traded to Blue Jays

    Isn't Blue Jays single A close to his home too?
  9. Tips for Taking Your Dog Out to the Ball Game

    I can shorten this... dont take a Bitch to a ballgame- she'll ask you to leave in the third inning and you'll never round first base the rest of the night.
  10. Who decided to close Stanton's stance?

    You know, something that hit me earlier today..... I wonder how much of Bonds not coming back had to do with Stanton and his opinions of him, as both a mentor and a ballplayer. His 61* comment is kind of telling of what Bonds and McGwires accomplishments mean to him, I wonder if he respected him enough to learn from him last year too? I wonder if he didn't want him back. Wasn't it said that Mattingly didn't want Bonds back too?
  11. The Official Giancarlo Stanton Man Crush Thread

    If I wanted to show off I'd show off the protection he's used on his monster dongs ;-) lol.
  12. http://amp.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/greg-cote/article168209752.html Cote is absolutely right. A new ownership group can't do the same purging the previous ones did. The goodwill will be completely lost- and they'd associate the jeter group with loria's. They cant even separate Huizinga, Henry and Loria. The best thing this group has going for it is the clout and prestige Jeters name brings, his popularity and the fact that everyone and their mother knows Jeter isn't Loria.
  13. Or they can leave it as it is.... i like the friggingthjng- just wish It'd pop up instead of sitting there like a pinball machine waiting to be turned on. CHanging it to special seats is just going to have it go unused. Only other idea is remove it and place it in the west plaza, fill it in with grass, and then try to keep a marlins logo flower arrangement there.
  14. Koehler traded to Blue Jays

    Man, I liked Tommy's two guns. Hope he has a long career from here on out. Maybe he'll find a groove or maybe he'll be as productive Jason Vargas. Sorry to see him go. My first words after finding out.
  15. Episode: Law and Order from 2004- Vendetta. Murder Victim has a eerily similar background to Bartman. "Detective Lennie Briscoe: [finding the vic's ID] Brendan Donner. Ed Green: I thought he looked familiar! Dr. Judy Waxman: Not to me. I'm drawing a blank. Who is he? Detective Lennie Briscoe: Public enemy number one. At least in this city. Ed Green: League Championship Series, this dude goes for a foul ball, cost us the game and the pennant. Dr. Judy Waxman: We're talking about baseball? Detective Lennie Briscoe: Yeah. Instead of being the third out, the batter draws a walk. Next guy up hits a two-run homer and it's "wait 'till next year." Again. Ed Green: Looks like somebody was pissed off about waiting." How many of us Marlins fans saw this when it was first out?