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  1. Hech traded to Rays

    Donovan Solano, Jhonathan Solano, Jeff Mathis, .... wait, did you only want former marlins?
  2. Hech traded to Rays

    Hecht actually is paid 4.3 million I think.
  3. Conine Baseball League Reborn?

    Hahahaha I'd totally be down for a revival fornthose hatbdont remember- my team name was the Gotham Knights. Kinda made me laugh seeing the Knights vs the Marlins
  4. Garrett makes pro debut this Morning after 2 years!!!

    There's gotta be a problem in the minors development program. This is aggravating
  5. Hech traded to Rays

    Is he fucking gone yet?
  6. Conine Baseball League Reborn?

    Hahahah, saw this and thought it was funny as hell.
  7. All-Star Game Volunteer

    You mean a uniform lol
  8. Kevin Pillar suspended 2 games for homophobic slur

    That's rich coming from you lol.
  9. 5/19/17 Miami Marlins @ LA Dodgers, 10:10 EST

    This is a team I just can't quit. It's like a crystal meth addict ex girlfriend who always fucks you right but you kno she's bad for you.
  10. This was the most fight I've seen in them in weeks. Love that Donnie,Freddy and Giancarlo were trying to kill people lol. Eapecially Giancarlos "Don't Hit me Bitch" lol. That is why it said right lol?
  11. Kevin Pillar suspended 2 games for homophobic slur

    I anxiously await Admin's punishment.
  12. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    I don't think it's ignorant- face it jack- me and you are in the minority. I like my old school stuff, but I love the new colors and the actual use of colors after being Rockies or White Sox lite for years. Most people wear the old teal as a protest- in one way or another, or they just don't want to buy something new and support the new owner.
  13. Tell everyone to look at me.... that I am the captain now. Actually, I hope jeter does that.
  14. Cash Me On TV, Howbowdah?

    I found that out myself first hand. He's a great dude who isn't popular from the decisions and the public face he has to put out. He singlehandedly helped me meet Mike Piazza, took me out onto the field himself and introduced me. He joked to me never to say a word about it. He's approachable and accessible for such a high ranking position in any team. I can't thank him enough, for everything throughout the years. Then again, others only see what the news depicts.
  15. Loria worst owner in all of sports???

    A excerpt of the following link: "county manager wrote in a memo before the vote that the bed taxes "cannot be used for general government funding purposes such as social services, public safety and public education." But some bed tax dollars can be used for non-sports projects, such as museums and theaters." http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2013/mar/05/jeffrey-loria/marlins-owner-jeff-loria-says-tourists-not-taxpaye/