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  1. All I see is “Florida Man Yells at Wall” They want two open air ballparks because building a dome in ONE location is too expensive. This just comes down to politics and a politician being a dick. I think this is the only leverage they could try to get without burning all bridges for 8 more years. Realistically, I’d just fold in a few years- bankruptcy like if you will. They can’t force a business that went under to play. They can pay- but they won’t have anyone here. Let him try to purchase another team after a one team expansion is done- move the organization / players to a new team and let sternberg buy some other team eventually. Think of he Barons/Seal/North stars/ Sharks situation as a fallback if anything.
  2. I don't believe in payroll increases either, but.... if you're going to bring someone in... why Ozuna. He was so erratic when he was here. Unless his arm issues have really killed his value and he wanted to be back at a discount. Really, I hope they don't break the bank to bring this guy in.
  3. That team- Easily between 73 and 83 wins. Add One or two starting pitchers and we could have a real chance at a Division Title. Wait... Isn't that the 2015 Lineup? I think if we were still with that group, we would have signed a SS or put Dee Gordon back there, moved Dietrich to 2B or Bench and had Brian Anderson Playing 3B by now. Prado (assuming he's in the same physical condition as now) will play the utility infield role. Loria would have traded JT Riddle, and Drew Steckendeckerriderdafur for Hansel Robles too.
  4. I'm more of a Jessica Robbin fan myself.
  5. 99 Problems but Monte Harrison aint one.
  6. Baseball Americas top 100 list.
  7. If we trade for Ozuna, Yelich, Stanton and Trout... and somehow convince the Dodgers to give us Turner, Seager.... we could have a great lineup tomorrow.
  8. Oh, and merchandise was up because teal was a very “in color” in the 90’s (remember the orange hat was one of the best selling hats in MLB for 5 years or so too). We weren’t successful in 1994-1998 either, we just won a World Series in 1997 and tore it down because we didn’t draw enough fans that year. Our TV ratings are down, our mechanise sales went down the last two years and those markets you mentioned (ATL, BOS, STL) have had teams for as little as 60 years and as long as over 100 years. Educate yourself a little more on the history and marketing of the game, then you’ll see we aren’t just a “empty” state away from thriving. Jeters right, this team needs to build a winner to have any chance of long term success. I just think he killed any goodwill he had gutting this team in this market and ultimately made his job 10x harder in the end winning over the casual fan. This team will only draw in August September and October, maybe April’s with a sustained winner and a decent playoff run. It will never be NY, Bos, STL or even the Jays or NYM.
  9. No we aren’t. Tampa fans have it worse. A lot worse. With that said, if those in WPB and Browaed would stop crying that they aren’t in Miami Gardens anymore and show up a little more we wouldn’t be as pathetic.
  10. Easy, make the time delay 30 seconds and make the offer “will this guy get him out” with a high % money play. Then show the guy getting the single hahahahahaha
  11. Please stop making threads. Also, Rays will leave Florida because their lease expires in 4 or 5 years. Marlins will stay because they signed a lease for 30 more years.
  12. Just saw Sinclair wants to develop sports betting and pitch by pitch prop bets. They might see a future in gambling on specific play outcomes and pay $$$ for the rights to control it.
  13. They were polished and graduated in the Reds and Padres systems. They while they were drafted here and played here, I don't see a single thing Loria's team would have done to make them the pitchers they are today. The history of this team points otherwise.... they wouldn't have reached full potential until they left.
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