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  1. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    Thanks for that. Funny thing is he probably doesn’t even realize it’s a Piazza Marlins jersey as my profile pic.
  2. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    If you can’t take the see the irony of following the Mutts and A’s to “get away from this mess” then you’re truly a moron. Anyone on this board knows who my first team is and has been since I was 5. gFY
  3. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    That’s cute, considering I’m a member of a Marlins message board and passively follow my grandfathers favorite team. Then again, you’re very likely the same person who can’t ckme up with your own opinion and decides to attack the poster instead.
  4. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    Because those people you don’t care about.... that’s who every ownership group has been trying to bring back since 1998. Without those “schmucks” we’re a bottom 5 attendance team and have no leverage to get a top 5 tv deal. Hell, we probably won’t even get top 20 without those “fans”. They make this a major market, right now we went broke at the blackjack table and were playing penny slots for the last 20 years.
  5. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    I don’t think there were any two pitchers, but the effort should have been made to keep this team as it was for one more year. Go after Vargas and Cobb if you must’ve, especially in this dead market. Realistically, going into February with the same team as last year should have been the goal. Blow it up at the AS break if you must, or go for the unemployed starters in a week from now who will settle for a one year deal and a promise to ship em where they want to if it doesn’t work out. But to come in like a wrecking ball a month into their ownership? Those casual fans silverbullet hates just turned their back casually for good. When was the last time anyone on this board saw a marlins fan in the wild? How often has it been? I haven’t seen a regular marlins hat or shirt in three months outside of my own, and let me tell you- I get shit everytime for it. I’m in the kendall area for comparison.
  6. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    Here’s the deal, all those people you just mentioned..... those are the people who they are trying to bring back into the fold- and they’ve failed them with this “build”. Its obvious the fans who know the team can comprehend it if they want to- but those same fans had the stadium 1/3 of the way full the last 5 years. This build ran those fans off for good, we’ll see them for a playoff run or three, but never casually again. The team may not have been good, but seeing it eventually get to 70 wins next year and THEN blowing it up would have saved this market. As Lebatard says, in 25 years when the lease is up- they are going to point to how WE didnt support the team in this market and why it’s going to Puerto Rico or Montreal. MLB did nothing to keep the market either.
  7. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    This, it’s not accepted by many. This board is a minority, AND I’d even say this is he one that hurt this market the most because the expectation was things were going to change. To many it’s 97,05, and 12 all over again.
  8. Mini Piazza

    Funny thing is he played MILB too, a lot of Card companies got his sig mixed up with the HOF one. Cant stand when people walk around with the phone on speaker everywhere- Fucking everyday in Miami i’m Hearing “Mira mira, no me hoda” or whatever the fuck it is.
  9. Marlins limiting media access to players

    It’s because you guys evisterated Loria and Huizenga for the same thing the last 20 years. So either you guys are naive, choose to be ignorant, or just outright hypocrites. I’m not saying Jeter’s a bum. Im not saying he’s not going to make a great team, I’m saying he’s been full of shit since he first shook hands with Jeb and he’s been two faced to the media and players. He can push whatever narrative he wants- but these players wanted to be here, and wanted to play together and he made Giancarlo make a choice- him or his friends. He left, and shortly after Ozuna and others followed. He might as well complete the tear down, sent Realmutto packing. Straily to the Pacific Nw where he lives, JT to a Washington or NYM to “compete” and tie the noose that is Tanzawa and Ziegler to their necks.
  10. Marlins limiting media access to players

    I guess there’s no proof, because there’s a Halo on Jeter. I’m sorry leaked documents aren’t good enough for you. I’m sure you distrust everything you read, like the WaPo and nYt.
  11. Marlins limiting media access to players

    Here’s one- from his most “honest” fluff piece yet. “Says Jeter, “The speculation of what they say my salary is—$5 million?—that’s not true. And then I get a bonus based on what?” Profitability. “Not true,” he says. “That’s not true.””
  12. Marlins limiting media access to players

    It’s more about the fact they’ve lied every time hey open their mouth and manfred denied denied denied o.n lebatard
  13. Marlins limiting media access to players

    Chances are this is probably only because they haven’t reported for spring training yet and haven’t been addressed how they should act in front of and to the media. Our players are young and aren’t used to a hostile media like this offseason has been. probablg want to prep them
  14. Do you have an interesting "secondary team" in mind for 2018?

    I would have taken it.
  15. Do you have an interesting "secondary team" in mind for 2018?

    I'm so fucking tired of this shitshow this offseason. 1998 I became a real fan, hence my unhealthy infatuation with that season. *Fuck Pimpleface* 2005 I understood but was upset. *They tired to keep it together as best they could cheaply* 2012 I wanted to happen *Fuck Bell, HanRam and Reyes* 2017? This shit hurts- way more than the others ever did. Stanton, Yelich, Ozuna and Realmuto and Bour had the potential to be a solid core, and deserved one more year to see what they could do. Jose doing dumb shit ruined this team- and it never recovered or even had a chance to get out from under his shadow. Next year was supposed to be that year. It really fucking sucks.... atleast I have the Mets and A's to look forward to. (Stanton in NY too, hopefully he demolishes the Judges Chambers)