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  1. Piazza31

    Future Marlins Offseason speculation thread

    Didn't the Blue Jays sign a bunch of cheap vets and flip them at or near the deadline for prospects, and it only cost them money.
  2. Piazza31

    Future Marlins Offseason speculation thread

    Not for nothing, but sometimes I feel like Scoops likes to hear himself talk. BUT.... if true sounds like the Marlins are going the Blue Jays route last year.
  3. Piazza31

    2019 promo schedule unveiled

    I don't get this lol- 6.29 Rojas Bobblehead 8.10 Urena Bobblehead 8.24 FauxBilly Bobblehead 9.7 Anderson Bobblehead 9.21 Lopez Bobblehead I wonder why the are so scrunched together like that, and I wonder if Rojas is gone before the deadline ;).
  4. Piazza31

    Anderson to play 3B

    I like this move also... we need a 3B of the future and he can always fill in here and there in the OF.
  5. Piazza31

    Anderson to play 3B

    I'm sure it's partly to keep Prado Healthy for a trade, and to keep him available. His body fell apart at 3B.... let him play 1B and pinch hit.
  6. Piazza31

    New Billy The Marlin

    "Scared of the old Billy" is just people grasping at straws. This new Billy would be ok if the eyes weren't so "Anime" looking, I THINK thats the thing that's throwing me off. Him slimming down alot too kinda kills the "joyfulness" of a fat guy, and takes some of Billy's schtick away too. The "Nosejob" though, I can understand wanting to fix that. The way they had this mascot rolling around, and acting- reminded me of Minnie Mouse at Disney.
  7. Piazza31

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    I legit thought he was sitting on three of the four players laps the way the tweet is displayed on the forum.
  8. Piazza31

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Why is he sitting on it? Which one is the minute, hour, second and baby hand?
  9. Piazza31

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Feels good though.
  10. Piazza31

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Is my Mom Derek Jeter? The windows have been open for like three weeks at her / my house.
  11. Piazza31

    Class of 2019 MLB Hall of Fame announced

    Murray Chass is an ass. That is all. Oh, and fuck Roger Clemens, Goddell, Rabbit.... fuck em all.
  12. Piazza31

    Rays go cashless

    A hockey puck is sufficient.
  13. Piazza31

    Rays go cashless

    Kevin Credit can't pinch run, he's not a Player/Manager.
  14. Piazza31

    Rays go cashless

    I see this as a precursor to them "Mismanaging" the stadium and attendence / revenues... and forcing their way out of St. Pete. Much like the St. Louis / LA Rams situation.
  15. Piazza31

    Rays go cashless

    I want to see someone try to pay with a check, then forget their debit card pin... then try to swipe their AAA card. Only to accidentally walk away with their soda, crackerjack and ice cream helmet without paying because the cashier walked away to look for a supervisor. Actually.... I'm going to Tampa this year.