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  1. Hotcorner

    5/1/18 Phils @Fish

  2. Hotcorner

    4/30 Post Game

    wonder if Straily could've used another rehab game, seemed like he didnt have much out there. but nice win
  3. Hotcorner

    4-30 PHI/MIA Straily Returns

    daym 102
  4. Hotcorner

    4-30 PHI/MIA Straily Returns

    I don't love Minervini but they probably should've just given him the play-by-play job if they wanted to make a change from Waltz. He's better.
  5. disappointing that Adam Conley isn't getting it together. Ugh.
  6. Hotcorner

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    keep keep keep
  7. Hotcorner

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    Is there a consensus on severino + hollandsworth yet? Good lord Severino is bland. And Hollandsworth always kinda sucked, never meshed with Waltz either for that matter. Between the two of these guys they have the personality of a wet mop.
  8. Hotcorner

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    O'Grady should be in AAA but I suppose he sort of is so whatever.
  9. Hotcorner

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    Just popped in to say Mattingly is an idiot. O'Grady in the 8th inning with a 1 run lead? Nice idea. Pen blows another lead.
  10. Hotcorner

    Marlins Updated Top Prospects List

    Super. I'm gonna go ahead & hold my applause.
  11. Hotcorner

    Marlins Updated Top Prospects List

    this post is inane. The team didn't need to play any games to improve the farm system if you're just going to trade away all the major league talent. And you have no idea whether he's about saving money until it comes time to spend it. I mean we all hope that's true but c'mon man.
  12. i didnt really see this coming. thought they hang onto Yelich and JT.
  13. Hotcorner

    Realmuto Trade Rumors

    could we not with the Nats tho?
  14. rebuild #8 off and running! but sure i guess, it's still baseball. ill be watching.
  15. of course its a good deal, yelich is awesome and on a great contract. sigh, will miss watching him. looks like a fair haul at least.

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