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  1. That is no joke one of the best plays I've ever seen.
  2. Lol you see Braxtons face on the replay? Hes like what just happened?!
  3. Holy crap. Great steal but wow I dunno if that's worth the risk.
  4. i think Conley would have done better than Yamamoto. *ducks*
  5. hell I'm just pleased our offense scored 9. Took the series AND we're in the record books? Ok then!
  6. Vespa serves up 3 run homer. I cant turn it off.
  7. After this debacle we'll still have won the series so that's cool at least.
  8. If Matts doesnt pull Jordan Yamamoto out if this game right now. Yams should just walk off the damn mound. Its his fault hes not good but the Marlins are the ones throwing him out there.
  9. BA has thrown in the towel. Like would the Braves be fine calling the game right here?
  10. My god what are they doing on the tv broadcast.
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