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  1. Stanton is a MVP finalist

    Jeff Passan says Votto should get it over Stanton.
  2. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    depressing thread guys. I am PUMPED for next season!
  3. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    I'm just not sure about that, the biggest thing the other team is giving is taking that contract, I just don't see teams shelling out all that money AND trading top prospects. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  4. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    Stanton and Ozuna are good as gone. Stanton to get payroll down and Ozuna to help build rotation.
  5. Who's gone before Opening Day 2018?

    If they can get through next season then at least a bunch of money comes off the books after that. But all kinds of problems loom.
  6. Marvel's The Defenders

    I didn't like it nearly as much as the solo shows, just felt like the pacing was all over the place, tons of exposition dialogue, I dunno. I get they had to connect a bunch of pieces together here but ugh.
  7. Dan Straily

    shouldn't have traded Castillo, shouldn't have traded Castillo again, and then should've sold high on Straily. Word was that the Marlins price was ridiculously high at the trade deadline.
  8. Straily getting shelled. Why didn't we sell high? Marlins apparently wanted a ton on trade offers for this guy and other teams were smart enough not to bite.
  9. 9/12 Marlins @ Phillies

    Only good thing about extea innings at this point is more at-bats for Stanton.
  10. 9/12 Marlins @ Phillies

    Walk-off play at the plate call reversed, holy shit. celebration fail. Bullpen blows though, Jesus christ.
  11. 9/12 Marlins @ Phillies

    Screw-ups. Blowing a damn 7-2 lead. They can't beat the friggin Braves and Phils. Awful
  12. 9/9 Marlins @ Braves

    Lead gone. I'm not kidding myself against the Nats but it would be nice if we could at least beat the Braves.
  13. 9/9 Marlins @ Braves

    Conley's a damn mess.
  14. 9/4 Nats Marlins

    I missed Conley getting pulled, 4 innings?? Does anyone have a strong feeling about Conley either way right now? I literally have no idea what to expect of him from one start to the next. Frustrating.
  15. always new and exciting reasons to keep Marlins fans optimistic about the future of this team! World Series 2034!