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  1. Marlins Updated Top Prospects List

    Super. I'm gonna go ahead & hold my applause.
  2. Marlins Updated Top Prospects List

    this post is inane. The team didn't need to play any games to improve the farm system if you're just going to trade away all the major league talent. And you have no idea whether he's about saving money until it comes time to spend it. I mean we all hope that's true but c'mon man.
  3. i didnt really see this coming. thought they hang onto Yelich and JT.
  4. Realmuto Trade Rumors

    could we not with the Nats tho?
  5. rebuild #8 off and running! but sure i guess, it's still baseball. ill be watching.
  6. of course its a good deal, yelich is awesome and on a great contract. sigh, will miss watching him. looks like a fair haul at least.
  7. This is right. Jose's death and Chen's collapse meant the team's plan to compete for a title in this window of 3 years or whatever was basically gone. Probably just my playing devil's advocate but part of me wonders whether keeping that good lineup together and piecing together a rotation for the next few years at least might show some goodwill from new ownership and perhaps builds the fan base up in south florida. I suppose when you're perceived as having the worst baseball fans in the league anyway, the worry that a fire sale will be perceived as more "screwing over your fans" probably doesn't give an owner pause. Can't go lower than zero, etc.
  8. Opening Day Lineup 2018

    I didn't see much on the rotation predictions, fair to say they're just gonna suffer through 2018 and then 2019/20 will be when most of the better arms in the org would be ready to appear. So Straily/Urena/Chen/Peters/Conley I guess. Deal Straily maybe at the deadline. Then you see who pans out over the next few years. I still don't know that there's *top of the rotation* talent here (Alcantara is still seen as probably a #3) but with decent depth hopefully one or two will make strides. The list could grow of course if there's additional deals. MLB's estimate earliest arrival year, # ranked pitcher in marlins org (based on mlb.com rankings): 2018 crop: Zac Gallen (8), Jeff Brigham (9), Cody Poteet (10) 2019 crop: Sandy Alcantara (1), Jorge Guzman (2), Braxton Garrett (4), Nick Neidert (5), Sam Perez (13), Brandon Miller (15), Trevor Richards (14), Pablo Lopez (17) 2020 crop: Tyler Kolek (6), Merandy Gonzalez (7), Colton Hock (11), Ryan Lillie (12), Edward Cabrera (16), 2021: Trevor Rogers (3) *also I'm going to post constant reminders that we just traded Stanton and Ozuna and didn't get back a single top #100 prospect.
  9. Opening Day Lineup 2018

    I really hope JT and Yelich are a part of this team.
  10. Manfred claims he didn't know Jeter's plan

    man LeBatard really tore into him in that interview.
  11. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    Anyone surprised? Of course not.
  12. What are the most darkest depressing years in Marlins history?

    As a moment, Jose's death of course. The single player that hurt most leaving was Cabrera. You knew that kid was already a superstar and he was ours and we were going to have to watch him play out most of his career in another uniform. As a full year, 98 hurt the most. Since then yeah there's a thousand tiny cuts but all that built-up scar tissue you earn as a Marlins fan deadens the pain.
  13. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    Sir there is no ceiling higher than that of a speedy leadoff hitter.
  14. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    I mean if Alcantara winds up an ace then it'll look ok in retrospect, but how likely is that? Because if not, it's an All-Star cleanup hitter for Juan Pierre, a #5 and a wild bullpen arm. Fangraphs threw in a Jacoby Ellsbury comparison for Sierra best-case scenario fwiw.
  15. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    lol fast slap-hitting leadoff outfielder? CHECK fastball with control issues? CHECK