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  1. get Gallen up here in place of Urena. Was hoping to get something for him but I dunno how likely that is.
  2. It's not a good team, I mean they came off a 7-game losing streak prior to this... But no reason not to be happy to see the team make strides - particularly the starting rotation.
  3. hey you guys know that Tayron throws 100+?
  4. Yeah I feel same about Conley, though it's frustrating. I mean Guerrero didn't exactly come in and save the day either. Get an out guys.
  5. I don't understand how they were unable to trade him. Straily has a pretty solid track record, what am I missing?
  6. I'm down with 6-man rotation. Urena, Straily, Caleb, Trevor, Pedro, Sandy.
  7. Well this seems not terrible. I am unsure how to proceed without the usual post-trade rage.
  8. LOLPEN. Steck is an idiot. Nice pitch hayseed. That dugout has to be super excited to play baseball. In a normal season I'd be throwing things. Now, eh who cares whatever.
  9. I'm enjoying watching him play in Jax so no rush.
  10. a year ago the Phils got him for Howie Kendrick fwiw and here was Sickels write-up on him at the time. minorleagueball
  11. wonder if Straily could've used another rehab game, seemed like he didnt have much out there. but nice win
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