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  1. I mean look at that lineup we're stuck with right now. Sandy had no hope for a W today.
  2. IF we're still valuing WAR free agent value around 8 mil per? At his best he's a 4 war player and though injuries are always a concern this isn't a Stanton body that you worry will break down every time he runs. Dude is in freakish shape. Even if it's a tick higher, say 4/75, I think you'd still get good value for the next 2-3 years.
  3. absolutely. the entire rotation costs them next to nothing right now, if they don't spend now on hitters then you never will. Going into next season you'd have Sandy/Pablo/Trevor now established and hopefully by then Sixto and maybe Elieser. That is a damn good inexpensive rotation. If you do not support that with talented bats then you are flat out not interested in winning, or you're exposed as a cheap owner.
  4. lol did she actually say that? I don't know how much it would take, but they need him. I don't see a CF in the upper minors who can hit like that. Bleday/Payton/Sanchez are corner guys. Maybe there is just concern with a big multi-year deal going toward a guy who you're hoping can man CF and stay healthy in his 33-36 years. If he slows down and has to play corner then I think the need lessens somewhat.
  5. way to go middle of the order. just god-awful
  6. Cooper has never played the outfield ever. It's like every day is his first game out there.
  7. Alfaro 1st pitch hack weak bouncer to the mound Fellas...
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