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  1. Sandy's awesome. Somebody better walk this shit off in the 9th.
  2. Jazz muffs the double-play ground ball that maybe gets them out of the inning with the game tied. Instead 2 batters later and it's 7-4 probably ballgame.
  3. sigh, Jazz has glove issues.
  4. "back-to-back strikeouts of Leon and Sierra" is a thing that I don't even want the possibility of having to say or read or hear anymore.
  5. even in a double-header, it's a complete waste of time.
  6. has the Brinson surge officially ended? I think it's ended. September let's get Isan and Brinson out of the lineup.
  7. Sierra leadoff triple. Arepa power doubles him in!
  8. not getting a position player out of it was...... curious.
  9. Always liked Conley. I mean couldn't argue letting him go at the time, it had gotten pretty bad. But figured he had a decent chance to turn things around eventually.
  10. quite possible Alex Jackson is worse than Alfaro. how is this possible.
  11. I thought it sounded okay but admittedly I did not know the guy very well.
  12. I know the thinking is maybe having him up with the big club is good because then he can work with their pitching coaches & all (sure I guess?), but see I don't actually want to WATCH him working with the Marlins pitching coaches.
  13. we have a pretty good pitching organization generally so it's a high bar but Luzardo might be the worst starting pitcher we've used this season. good lord i hope that gets better.
  14. Alfaro is not a good hitter.
  15. attention 3b coach: we're like 20 games under .500, SEND EVERYONE
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