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  1. Well that's a shocker coming off the season we just went through. Ultimately they prob wanted *their own guy* in place. Hill may have seen the writing on the wall too and felt it best to move on. So many ups and downs in Hill's time here, tough to say whether he was in the end a success or failure, when you have a ring during your tenure that's something you can't take away. And he certainly was constrained by Loria's budget and/or meddling.
  2. yes same. I did that batting stance as a little kid in the Cincy suburb where I was born probably a million times. Such a baseball giant, and so many got to hear Joe's voice call baseball games for years too. Really sad to hear of his passing.
  3. Hopefully we see some of the young hitters shine next season, the way the pitchers did in 2020. Bleday, Sanchez, Monte, Lewin, let's see what we have. With Marte back and the young rotation with a ton of confidence, should be a lot of fun. I'd hate to rush to a decision on Alfaro, there seems like a lot of upside there but man, not using him in any of the playoff games was not exactly a vote of confidence. That was such a great season though, means a lot for the organization as a whole, not to mention building up the fanbase.
  4. if i have to watch Acuna dancing around anymore i'm gonna scream
  5. ah well, it's been fun as hell this season gang
  6. if you told me we were gonna score 5 runs today i would've taken that in a second.
  7. no and my expectations were already low
  8. crap. Garcia has been so good this season too.
  9. one thing i actually like about this situation is Yimi is our best reliever and he's not the closer so they're not locked into waiting for the 9th to use him like dumb managers generally will do.
  10. someone is not devoting themselves to the task
  11. we usually hit lefties pretty well but this guy is owning them
  12. broken bat single, shattered bat single, weak ass crap GTFO
  13. the broadcast team just absolutely wetting themselves over the Braves players. just peeing all over one another in anticipation of the next Atlanta player they can talk about.
  14. i hate this guy. it's freaking 2020 where do you practice against submarine throwers anymore???
  15. yeah i did not like all the outside location there.
  16. that is some bad luck. check swing bullshit
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