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  1. absolutely. the entire rotation costs them next to nothing right now, if they don't spend now on hitters then you never will. Going into next season you'd have Sandy/Pablo/Trevor now established and hopefully by then Sixto and maybe Elieser. That is a damn good inexpensive rotation. If you do not support that with talented bats then you are flat out not interested in winning, or you're exposed as a cheap owner.
  2. lol did she actually say that? I don't know how much it would take, but they need him. I don't see a CF in the upper minors who can hit like that. Bleday/Payton/Sanchez are corner guys. Maybe there is just concern with a big multi-year deal going toward a guy who you're hoping can man CF and stay healthy in his 33-36 years. If he slows down and has to play corner then I think the need lessens somewhat.
  3. way to go middle of the order. just god-awful
  4. Cooper has never played the outfield ever. It's like every day is his first game out there.
  5. Alfaro 1st pitch hack weak bouncer to the mound Fellas...
  6. did Bass just have an uneventful inning? Why yes he did
  7. the thing you have to remember about Alfaro is that usually he's nowhere near a hit.. Crap Isan robbed of a HR
  8. Floro picking a bad time for this
  9. had to watch the game on replay last night. slow motion replay of Bender's 1st strikeout pitch is bananas. the trajectory of that pitch is headed like a foot out of the zone and it hardly even starts to move until really late, then Leon catches it nearly in the middle of the strike zone. and it's 98 mph. i don't even know how you tackle that pitch.
  11. wow they had to bring Disco in to hit
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