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  1. Berti needs to not be an OF.
  2. [MEDIA=twitter]1125558733143253000[/MEDIA] K, chill, Javy.
  3. Liked the reports I heard on Giron who is just 17 and looks to have solid tools. I will like VVM/VJR/Gastón more. Probably got around $750 K for that pair.
  4. He’s back on the DL since the start of the year with tendinitis. Just can’t stay healthy. Happens when you’re all arm and very little lower half, don’t get your hips involved or torqued into your windup, and throw over 100 as a HSer trying to impress scouts. At this point it’ll take a near miracle for him to reach his ceiling. But he could potentially still be good closer material.
  5. We only owe him $20+ mil the next two seasons.
  6. Which won’t be the case if he sticks as a starter which I’m sure we will doing.
  7. Is it just me or does this feel a hell of a lot worse than last two firesales? At least before those we won the damn WS the year before. This team was as Stanton said a few starters away from serious playoff contention. Yeah the system was thin but this whole process was totally unnecessary if Jeter was smart about dealings, shed Prado (Anderson), Straily, and a few other costly contracts, made some educated SP acquisitions, and only raised payroll a few mil, if that. Instead this organization has been set back at least five years. Loria was a terrible owner. Between everything he’s done since taking over Jeter has started out as a worse one. And we even still have the HR sculpture.
  8. Was pissed about Tommy. This makes even less sense. Waltz was an award winning broadcaster and loyal to this team for over a decade. Terrible decision.
  9. Whoever gets Ozuna has him in a contract year after what he did this year. We better ask for quite a huge prospect haul for him.
  10. There’s 1200 bobbles in there. Only 900 of them are Loria’s the other 300 are staying.
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