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  1. Great day to check in on the marlins. Also what happened to miamimarlins.com or flamarlins.com? Sad!
  2. Stupid as fuck. Sick of all this liberal bullshit.
  3. That year was magical for me. I don't know why I picked that season to follow hardcore but it was amazing how it turned out.
  4. Goddamn looking at that join date. I just realized I'm getting old. I was 12 or 13 when i joined here lol
  5. I'm happy for all of you. You are true fans. Not me. Jose's death kinda ruined it for me (I still tear up thinking about it) and some out-of-state witch who interviewed me at the stadium. I did work as event staff early last year around Monster Jam but then I caught what I guess evolved into covid. The supervisor there was also a dick belittling older employees so I had/have a shit view of the top
  6. I'm still here, reading the comments. Barely following the team. I'm a terrible fan. But this is a terrible team.
  7. https://twitter.com/yikyquintana Basically saying that there is good news, he is getting better but he will stay at the hospital for tests.
  8. username? i'm gonna reinstall it to play this new character
  9. that's what they get for being greedy and wasting his arm
  10. Just corrected a lot of people who are quick to judge and call him a killer or an addict. They weren't there. They should wait for more details to come out before judging. Using drugs / alcohol does not make someone an addict. Also the cocaine thing. "He used an illegal drug, that makes him a horrible person." I don't know, you can see the ignorance of the comments for yourself. I'm probably stupid too for wasting my time arguing on the internet. I also pointed out to the people complaining about wasting tax payer money on a damn sign for someone "who is a terrible role model" that we have a street named after a radio dj whose vanity and butt injections killed her.
  11. My responses got deleted though. https://www.facebook.com/miamiherald/
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