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  1. They said he would refrain from activity for 5-7 days. I am no doctor but this doesn't seem like anything crazy, does it? Seems better than a muscle injury.
  2. Two 1-0 losses already. Pretty weird season so far.
  3. Really frustrating - they can’t seem to close out sweeps when they have the chance. That was a terrible offensive performance. The rare 1-0 loss on an unearned run.
  4. Love those clutch 8th inning runs when at home. Castano was solid and I noticed that he was also throwing harder and touching 93-94 several times. He’s usually in the 90-91 range.
  5. I mean we took 3 of 4 which is great. But when you are 3 outs away from a sweep you want that sweep. Pretty frustrating the Floro looked like shit. Really hope Garcia isn't hurt. And 3 blown saves in 12 games isn't going to cut it.
  6. Man that felt like one of those that would come back to haunt them after having the 5-0 lead and not getting Aguilar in. Great job by Garcia in the 10th.
  7. Big win - usually on the losing side of these games in Atlanta. That city has been blown save central for the Marlins over the years.
  8. Really solid outing by Rogers. Impressive stuff and he’s looking a lot more promising than Braxton Garrett. Insurance runs really helped too. Hopefully this can get them going.
  9. The thing that I still don’t understand sis that the rule is pretty damn clear about a hit by pitch not applying if the ball is in the strike zone.
  10. Two Bass meltdowns in 7 games. Horrible.
  11. On Gameday the ball was well within the strike zone.
  12. My god - just brutal. Absolutely brutal.
  13. Not the best start to the season here. Really dont want it to snowball into some 2-8 or 3-7 garbage.
  14. At least Bally Sports changed the graphic colors to teal from black.
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