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  1. Whatever move. He gives up a ton of hits.
  2. Didn’t see this one coming but she has been mentioned as a candidate many times. Hope she does a good job but they didn’t give her the President of Baseball Operations title so maybe another hire is coming.
  3. Obviously Chen coming off the books is huge. Boxberger would also be a solid option to bring back. I don’t think $50 million is that high for the tv deal. I think that ranks even lower than San Diego and Tampa. Not sold on a guy like McCann. I think Alfaro needs one more chance to put it all together. We’ve seen flashes of what he can do.
  4. All in all a productive season where they battled a lot of adversity.
  5. One blown lead, one close loss and one blowout. Nice combo.
  6. Well that was nice while it lasted. Lots of progress this season but nobody worse for them to face than Atlanta.
  7. From a bullpen implosion to some solid pitching and horrible at bats. Pretty infuriating.
  8. That really fucking hurt. Anybody but the fucking Braves man.
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