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  1. Hope so because you never know. Just look at how Cabrera has struggled so far and Lopez can’t stay healthy
  2. This was one of the classic check the score, "oh its 5-1 top 9th so it should be fine" then check the score 2 hours later and there is a giant 5 in the bottom of the 9th on the box score.
  3. I normally wouldn't be worried but considering how much velocity Garrett lost, this is concerning.
  4. Lol - Jorge Guzman. What a get this guy was.
  5. Luzardo needs serious delivery work. His finish is so square it’s like he’s desperate to throw a strike.
  6. Agreed on Luzardo. He has good stuff but doesn’t look like a guy who actually commands the stuff he has. A lot of his pitches just look like he’s desperately trying to throw a strike.
  7. This guys can have all the stuff in the world but if he can’t locate…
  8. Loved Marte - maybe they get him back in free agency?
  9. Almost disaster two days in a row. Bender looked composed. Garcia has been very good overall but Bender deserves a chance.
  10. Haven’t commented in a while, but wow, leave it to the Marlins in Atlanta. Nobody loses like them there.
  11. Not crispy. Absolutlry atrocious series. Three straight games where the Cardinals finish it off just at the right time. This team has good pieces but overall is not good.
  12. This team has certainly battled injuries but one of the most up and down Marlins teams I can recall.
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