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  1. Last year to the minute was my "final" post on this site, but with all the changes to the team and the world I wanted to say a few things. After enjoying the incredible season of 2003 most of us knew things could never top that moment in time but who could have predicted this? Remembering the original fire-sale was always hard but this is just a shame, the local gov. should have had a stadium in line back in late 03! Renovating the OB site was atleast an idea, it should have worked and the fact people still blame the Marlins for its demise is idiotic. Yet another insult is the fact Evil H. Wayne may be our omg-savior is a mushroom stamp in the face if you ask me, but atleast it would keep us in state... Someone needs to step up, this team and its loyal ( HA HA HA cuz theres like 10 of us ) fans shouldn't be treated like 2 dolla whores. Under better situations we praise Beinfest for making some incredible value trades, too bad all the stadium hoopla and politics ruins an impressive overhaul. Can this team win in 06? No. But Miguel and Dontrelle will be joined by Shadez Ramirez and a bounty of young SP for years to come. Killing the imaginary fanbase with the salary dumps was a great plan, either we start over in Florida or we gift wrap a dynamic young team for our new home. Sometimes change is for the best and we should just move on, sometimes things should just stay the way they are... :pimp © *leaves again knowing Team Awesome has everything under control*
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    Hey babiis, Well the time has finally come and with alot of things ahead of me I am officially leaving the site tonight. We had a nice lil run and I truly enjoyed this place. It was a good year and a half with the Fishiis shocking the world to the bandwagoners ( that is not a bad word! ) joining the site following the 'Ship it was all good times. If anyone wants to send me an e-mail you can holla to: KJCmarlin@yahoo.com Well peace out homies... WHO'S COMIN' WITH ME??? :lol bye weeblez. *logs out for good*
  3. My last name + 27 = Hawt 631402[/snapback] Skeeter #27?
  4. My 30 seconds > 02pac's 43. *went there*
  5. KJC

    Jeff Kent

    Kent agrees to $17 million, two-year contract with Dodgers http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylc=X3oD...ov=ap&type=lgns
  6. KJC

    The Wish Thread

    My wish was granted.
  7. KJC

    To: The Mods

    *shreds guitar riff* :rock
  8. KJC


    Hawt deal for the Looo and not so bad in the long run for the A's since pitching has never been the problem yet they still cant win big. Use the money they would have on him for some freakin hitters.
  9. KJC

    The Wish Thread

    Directions: Rub Lamp to recieve 3 wishes... :mischief *zzzzzzzzzzip*
  10. KJC


    1: Balls to drop *sad face* 2: Another inch or two 3: Pendejos porfavor THANKS SANTACHOCHA!!!!
  11. They probably believe that they will end up with one, but not two, of those starters that we are going after. 630031[/snapback] One would think so. But there is a real possibility we come to terms with Pavano and Valdez accepts our offer of arbitration. 630037[/snapback] we can still trade players who are Arbii cases.
  12. Beckett for Dunn, duh. :deadhorse 630035[/snapback] :lol that is getting so annoying holmes :lol
  13. If Pavano signs they dont offer Ish a deal allowing him to choose A) take arbii and be nothing more than a long reliever or B) decline arbii and sign elsewhere. If Pavano does not sign we work on getting Ish a deal.
  14. good. he will be huge in 05
  15. im sorry but when you say "hard on" i just cant take you serious.
  16. last i remember she said "I dont think I want to be in these chats anymore" havent seen her round since on AIM. its all my fault
  17. KJC


    :lol i feel bad that you wasted your time with that Phoenix, censorship is going on and i dont really care that much. i guess crackin a joke about a s*** list wouldnt feed such a fire if it didnt have some merit... i could go on and be a prick and bring up more details but much like you i was a mod and i actually like most of you who work on the site, and i am willing to leave it at that since i wub ya
  18. i see you kidz found my site
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