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  1. im looking forward to D-Trelle vs the Cubs @pps
  2. im only gonna pick 1 topic because my attention span is nonexisting... ...what was the question again? D-Trelle has the ROY locked as long he doesnt implode in the 2nd half, and if he mirrors his 1st half he will not only win ROY but he will have quite a few Cy Young votes as well. As long as he wins 15 games with an era under 3 the ROY is his and Bo Hart will just have to live with that.
  3. the problem is there isnt a position to put that "big bat" everyone really likes Miggy and other than LF the positions are locked. the only way a big OFer would be picked up is if Cabrera has a very bad 2 weeks after the break and the way hes been contributing that would be hard to do.
  4. coaches and management realized after blowing a game in chicago with pavano still in there in the 8th inning that a quality setup man was definately needed and if/when spoonman comes back it just makes the options even better. now if only one of our awful lefties can step it up...
  5. 1b is not an "Organizational need" what we would like is a few more options @ 2b and ss in the minors (...and the Hooper fans scramble to the keyboards...) another need would be C but thats mostly as roster fillers since we have 3 ML recievers and 1 solid prospect and while we are at it lets get some pitching how bout it?
  6. now if only we can get Barry Bonds lol
  7. I am convinced that D Lee will stay in SoFlo until at least the end of his contract (through next season) especially with AdGone who was our hgihest level future 1b (stratton doesnt count hes like 26 years old) Stokes should be ready just in time if Lee leaves and if he doesnt we will have a nice problem to solve.
  8. KJC


    i use Ux3 but what do i know?
  9. most likely Levrault goes donw now and if/when the spoonman comes back i would like Tejera to go to the minors but it all depends on who has minor league options remaining
  10. Dude look at the numbers the past couple years, Benitez has been the best closer in the game. Far better than Urbina. Mostly anyone would take Benitez over Urbina no question about it. i said that, Benitez might have better #s but hes the worst pitcher under pressure i have ever seen. Just 2 weeks ago sunday night baseball on ESPN vs. Yankees with a 1 run lead in the 9th he walked 4 in a row. In a meaningless august game for the Mets he will get you that 1-2-3 inning but in a playoff atmosphere he will unravel
  11. I think we are all missing the most important part of this trade, We Didnt Get Benitez!!! WoooHoooo. the last thing we needed would have been getting that proffesional choke artist. the fish are hoping to be in some big games this year and having someone you trade for be the goat would be horrible. Benitez's #s might be better but i would take Ux3 in a "clutch" spot anyday over Armando.
  12. Cash FROM the Rangers is what Kasper reported. Great deal for this season
  13. with Miggy in LF Juan 1 in CF and Juan 2 in RF we had no need for Will Smith to get jiggy wit the big league team (sorry) Adrian was the key to the deal but the way people talk about stratton and stokes who needs him? snare was a throw in from the reds last year and We Got Urbina!
  14. who cares about the prospects this management didnt even draft or sign any of the guys traded. i hope everyone apreciates the fact that Loria and his crew DO want to win, John Henry would have never signed pudge or made any trade to improve this team if he was in charge. It Has Begun!
  15. most likely the reason for all the prospects we gave up is Tex is paying the rest of Ugies contract
  16. the question now is; Looper or Urbina in the 9th? they both have had quality seasons
  17. i have a feeling the organization knows something about Gonzalez, anyone else think this could be true? they have been shopping him ever since that wrist injury last season.
  18. we gave up alot of quality prospects but if we win the W.C. its all good
  19. Brad Penny + no Vladdy = First of 3 wins. SWEEEEEP!
  20. Recently Peter Gammons wrote that Allison is a T.J. case waiting to happen and he even cracked a joke by saying Dr. Andrews Area code. the kid was the best player in his state and his team rode him way too much, it may end up helping the fish if he signs later in the summer rather then having him get back on the mound risking injury.
  21. As long as the new name doesnt end up being The Washington D.C. Marlins its all good
  22. KJC

    Carl Pavano

    I found it very interesting that Kasper and Hutton pointed out during the broadcast of Pavanos start vs CHC that his first 3ip are almost always ( the Boston Massacre doesnt count) very efficiant and effective. In my opinion leaving him in there until the 8th inning was a huge mistake and cost the Fish a very important game, if Beinfest could somehow land us a quality starting pitcher maybe Pavano could be that answer for the 7th and 8th innings. Even if this Benitez thing does happen i would still prefer to have Pavano as the long man or power righty from the pen. Opinions??? Any ideas on what starters could be available in late july???
  23. does Trader Jack not remember this kid is 21 years old and had a small arm injury towards the end of last season in the minors? maybe they shoudl let everyone go on the fair turn until the break then let D-trelle get his home start vs the Cubbies infront of a HUGE croud at the Pro (that last home start was the best croud in the last 3 years) hopefully they make the smart choice the last thing this team needs is another injured starter who was overused
  24. KJC

    Gammons Speaks

    Has anyone else noticed a huge difference in the way Gammons reports on the Marlins? He was the ultimate hater last season after John Henry (lousy piece of $hizzle) bought Mr. Gammons favorite team but since Loria did an interview with him a few weeks back there has been nothing but backtracking, denial, and sunshine being spread by the master of the Diamond Notes. I really liked when Ravich had Gammons backpeddling faster then Ali over the Lowell rumors Peter had been spreading lol
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