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  1. Maybe Gaby going down, hatcher up. Morrison/Dobbs platoon on first while the knee heels and Petey in left It must be a hate thing between you and Gaby,thats all you come in this forum for.Get Gaby out and put Morrison in are you family. You sure are not a Marlins Fan.This team needs both of this players to do good to win.
  2. Suddenly everyone misses him. Lol funny. It is a shame ,we needed him this year ,but it could still happen I hope so
  3. Ozzie in his post game interview promised drastic changes will be made and they will be contemplated during the "long six hours flight". Let the speculation begin? I think it's going to be lineup shifts and position shifts. LoMo to first on a platoon basis, Peterson into LF platooning with LoMo, (6 games a week for LoMo) Hanley in the two hole with LoMo hitting third and Stanton dropped to 8th in the order with reyes at 7th. Bell will probably be sent to the DL with "lower leg" problems. Sanchez playing time diminished until he picks up 3B again and starts hitting. The promised d
  4. I like Petey, he can cover the OF very well and has a great arm. But can't see him just suddenly jumping in the lineup and giving us much spark offensively. He's not really known for his bat. That said, can't be too worse than what Cogs was doing at the plate. Kinda saw this change coming anyway. I don't mind LoMo doing some 1st. You can run Dobbs at 1st too some or LF and RF. Gaby -----> .205 avg OBP .234. Ouch. Not going to put it all on Gaby though, it's pretty much across the board sans maybe LoMo and Infante. yes .205 ave. but 2nd on the team with 8RBI 2nd on the Team with 8
  5. Are my eyes deceiving me or is Gaby really sucking? Juan C. Rodriguez Also In Miami Marlins #Marlins 1B Gaby Sanchez was charged with the error, but SS Jose Reyes fell on the sword for the defensive misplay that led to the #Nationals' 3-2, 10-inning win: "“I need to make that play. I think I took my eye off the ball at the last moment…I’m better than that. In that situation, we came back in the ninth inning and tied the game so we felt very good about ourselves then we lost the game like that. It’s not acceptable.�
  6. Moved again to Today Monday 2/20/12 at 5:00PM and 7:00PM
  7. will be on Feb. 21,2012 Tuesday at 5:00PM
  8. I think what Gaby gets us is this. Gaby Sanchez should be the National League Rookie of the Year. Do you think he did enough to win the award? -- Christian R., Hallandale Beach, Fla. If the voters really looked at the overall numbers, and the fact that Sanchez was in the lineup every day all season, his case would seem to be a lot stronger. Unfortunately, the publicity surrounding Jason Heyward from Spring Training throughout the season, plus Buster Posey enjoying a strong season with the Giants, could make it tough for Sanchez. Sanchez was so steady throughout the season that he tende
  9. Infielders Gaby Sanchez:A Dan Uggla:A+ Jorge Cantu:C Hanley Ramirez:B Chad Tracy:C Wes Helms:C Emilio Bonifacio:C+ Catchers Ronny Paulino:C John Baker:0 Brad Davis:C Brett Hayes:C+ Outfielders Cody Ross:B Chris Coghlan:C Cameron Maybin:C Logan Morrison:B Mike Stanton:B Brett Carroll:0 Starters Josh Johnson:A Ricky Nolasco:A Anibal Sanchez:A Chris Volstad:B Andrew Miller:D Nate Robertson:D Alex Sanabia:B Relievers Leo Nunez:B Clay Hensley:A Burke Badenhop:B Brian Sanches:B Jose Veras:B Jorge Sosa:C Tim Wood:D Renyel Pinto:0 Chris Leroux:0
  10. Marlins1


    Yeh that was pretty bad not catching that pop-up that ball should have been Ugglas ball not his. he did the right thing by calling it at the beginning and when the wind took it to the right Uggla should have call him off. I'm feeling generous this morning. not calling BroncoBob27 and A!! I think your constant bashing of Gaby is getting really old.
  11. Marlins1


    Every offseason it's the same crap about how "we're trying to improve, defensively." It's crap. This defense is still the laughing stock of MLB in terms of defenses...get it fixed, already. /rant What do you think is going to happen when you have inexperience young players? For the most part, this team is no longer inexperienced. It's just a bad defensive team. Our three worst defensive players this year have been Gaby, Maybin, and Coghlan. Gaby is a rookie, Maybin is basically a rookie, and Coghlan is in his first full season playing a position that he had never played befor
  12. Marlins1


    The good news is Uggla and Cantu will be gone soon. The bad news is that Ross will be, too. The good news is that LoMo should eventually be an above-average 1B. The bad news is that Gaby isn't and he probably keeps the job for the time being (not saying this is bad overall, just relative to the defense). The good news is that Coghlan should be better at 2B than he is at LF and he should also be better than Uggla. The bad news is that we don't have a 3rd baseman. That good news is that Hanley seems to be improving. The bad news is that both of our catchers are not good, and most of our
  13. I saw that too. Personally, I think Branyan will easily beat out Sanchez and Morrison. I still don't think the Marlins have much faith in Sanchez or he would have been with them last year. As for Morrison, I have a hunch he will need some more time in the minors. All one has to do is look at how he was "used" when he was called up last year. Rarely. Never a defensive replacement. It is obvious the team has no confidence in his bat or glove at this level. And he didn't help his cause in Winter ball this year. Going into ST it appears Gaby is a long shot to make the team in any ca
  14. I have no issues with Gaby, I just see Morrison has a brighter future overall. I actually wanted to see Gaby start last season at 1B, and so did many people on this site back in February and beyond, so we haven't been all "bias" as you say (which in effect makes no sense since we are fans of the Marlins and want to see every player succeed). The difference is Morrison has progressed. If he has a AWESOME spring training, I fully expect him to be our starting first baseman come April. If he's average, we can keep him in AA, then give him the Coghlan treatment. He's coming off a wrist injury,
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