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  1. canada-marlin24

    Jarlin Garcia to AAA

    Drew Rucinski called up. Not sure what’s wrong with Jarlin but he’s got to get himself right. Been pretty terrible the last month.
  2. canada-marlin24


    When Jarlin Garcia is having better at bats than Lewis Brinson it’s time to send him down. He’s not improving.
  3. canada-marlin24


    Seriously where the fuck is Larry? He runs the site for years and then leaves?
  4. canada-marlin24


    The real shame is that this young team could easily be 4 or 5 games better at this point and have a shot at at least a decent record for a young and rebuilding team.
  5. canada-marlin24


    Its been enough for a while but is now really enough? Jose pitches well, the bullpen does its work for this garbage? Way to boost morale of a young team. Intentionally put them in a position not to win.
  6. canada-marlin24

    5/29 Marlins @ Padres 10:10 EST

    Guerrero and Garcia are completely lost.
  7. canada-marlin24

    5/29 Marlins @ Padres 10:10 EST

    Well done Dan. Way to pick up your team.
  8. canada-marlin24


    I really want him to succeed and you can see the quality of his defense, but how much longer can he trend towards .100.
  9. canada-marlin24


    It’s a fucking joke. This has to be the third or 4th time Mattingly has called on him to get a tie game to the bottom of the 9th and he fails miserably. Great start by Chen down the drain. Thanks Brad.
  10. canada-marlin24

    Adam Conley Velocity

    He cane out throwing 95+ so for sure he found some of that velocity again. As a starter I don’t think he can maintain it but I’m thinking that we try an Andrew Miller experiment here.
  11. canada-marlin24


    Haha sorry. I meant walk off losses against the Braves in Sun Trust in such a shirt period of time.
  12. canada-marlin24


    Ziegler aside, The amount of walkoff losses at Sub Trust in such a short period of time in Atlanta is nuts. The tean is playing better but that’s how you blow a series win in epic fashion. It was 9-5 with 2 outs and a runner on first.
  13. canada-marlin24

    5/20 Sweet Chen Music

    I want to be furious and break something but it’s not worth it.
  14. canada-marlin24

    5/20 Sweet Chen Music

    I don’t know what it is but the Braves have like 5 walk off wins against the Marlins at Sun Trust already. This one is on the list of all timers.
  15. canada-marlin24

    Junichi Tazawa designated for assignment

    lol no change of scenery is going to help that garbage and flat low 90s fastball and terrible hanging curve. Not to mention he can barely get the splitter over. Hard to believe this guy actually had some success before. Guess he had the fastball then.

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