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  1. Amazingly, they have already played 18 games. The faster the season goes by, the better. All we can hope for is that the young guys take the next step. Not so thus far for guys like Riddle and Brinson.
  2. I do kind of feel bad for Chen. He’s never struggled like this and you can see he doesn’t really know what to do.
  3. And he's getting paid $20 million to do it.
  4. They weren’t kidding when they said this year was going to be awful. Again, would rather lose by 5 then get a solid start and pull that shit. Real shocker that they get blown out, shutout and blow a save against a team that was 1-8 before the series.
  5. Just awful. Trade Steckenrider and try to attach Chen.
  6. This offense is brutal. Typical Marlins. Will lose to a 1-8 team.
  7. Give the guy some credit he finished last season strong.
  8. Urena just doesn't like to start the season well.
  9. Just in time to play the Reds that have lost 8 in a row so obviously their losing cannot continue.
  10. Sun Trust is a fucking horror show for the Marlins. Jesus Christ. The Braves must have like 10 walk offs already in this park.
  11. All three of Alfaro’s home runs have been impressive. Off the bat you don’t think much but the ball just goes. Good work by the bullpen but Alcantara has to get the consistency down.
  12. Not that we were ever great against Atlanta, but since Markakis joined the Braves it’s been hell.
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