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  1. Likely ends what was turning in to a really solid season for Anderson. Frustrating.
  2. This is really it for him. It better click.
  3. Brinson also coming up so this is likely one of his last chances to put it together.
  4. Alcantara has better stuff than Gallen but has a lot of work to do to become as polished of a pitcher.
  5. Completely shocked that they traded Gallen. Seriously? I understand Chisolm was Arizona's top prospect but Gallen was looking like a top of the rotation piece.
  6. Looks like Bronson is in a pretty bad slump. Numbers have dipped significantly.
  7. The key will be whether Brinson figures it out and if Diaz and Harrison come up and hit. I think we could see all of them up here pretty soon, assuming Harrison's wrist issue doesn't linger.
  8. Hernandez has adder some velocity and sitting consistently at 91-93 and his slider has got some much improved bite.
  9. And here we go. National (or Braves) slaughtering any momentum Marlins ever have.
  10. Completely agree with him. However, it always seems like whenever they have played decently the last two seasons, they run into the Nationals or Braves who killed any momentum. Hope not.
  11. The most Conley inning possible.
  12. This can’t be good considering he had a shoulder strain at the end of last season.
  13. Man that was pathetic. I love how Mattingly acts Iike Conley doesn’t have a 7.5 ERA. But I guess he had to today. Wasted a great start by Lopez.
  14. Was very solid for several years. Maybe he can get back on track and help out.
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