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  1. canada-marlin24


    Fucking pathetic. He’s just not the same pitcher. His stuff has turned to garbage. I would shut him down and let him rest. Possible his arm needs to heal.
  2. canada-marlin24

    13 let go from Minor League Coaching & Development staffs

    “Haaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhooo mannnnnnnn.” “Wow!”
  3. canada-marlin24

    9-7 Fish at Pirates

    Guerrero is predictable and has no solid breaking ball.
  4. canada-marlin24

    Rest in Peace, Marlins HR Sculpture

    Not sure why they are so against it. And they can’t just get rid of it because it was a government commissioned artwork so they will have to put it somewhere.
  5. canada-marlin24


    Man when Conley is bad he gets absolutely wrecked. Three or four outings this year that have torched his ERA.
  6. canada-marlin24

    Todd Hollandsworth

    Take a listen to Hollandsworth on the Sierra base hit in the 9th tonight.
  7. canada-marlin24

    Tayron Guerrero

    No idea why he can’t seem to get it together.
  8. canada-marlin24

    Todd Hollandsworth

    I do think Severino might do well with a guy like Hutton. Not only do they sounds much different but Hutton's reactions are diverse and opinionated not just a stupid laugh or "ohhhhhhooo man wow" and "haaahaaaaa."
  9. canada-marlin24

    Todd Hollandsworth

    I agree, he's a little up and down. His reactions are too excited sometimes.
  10. canada-marlin24

    Todd Hollandsworth

    Does he come back next year or do they maybe bring back Hutton? Sorry but Hollandsworth has gotten so boring and generic and pretty annoying. When you watch highlights of positive plays by the Marlins, almost every reaction is “haaahaaaa” or “hohoho” or some other form of accentuated laugh.
  11. canada-marlin24

    8-18 Marlins at Nats

    Brutal. Simply brutal month.
  12. canada-marlin24

    Monte Harrison liked this tweet

    Yeah honestly his numbers are far from deserving a call-up.
  13. canada-marlin24

    Bour traded to Phillies.

    Not thrilled with the return and did not expect to see Bour get traded. Thought he would have more velocity with those strikeout numbers.
  14. canada-marlin24


    I think he has shown significant promise at times and needs to find consistency. Too many times he has gotten off to a good start and then been unable to finish an inning. Needs to stay focused every pitch and I find sometimes he still think he can lay a mid-90s fastball down the middle and he’ll be ok.

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