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  1. Another CG today with 1 ER meaning his E.R.A rose to 0.84. He is now 8-1 and has 5 complete games. Ugh he's struggling right now. Hopefully he'll ge out of it soon and start ranking up shutouts again.
  2. Well, I guess this is probably a good time to say that the "Worst Marlins Bullpen in History" is 2nd best in the NL in ERA. If both statment is true, then "'Worst Marlins Bullpen in History' is 2nd best in the NL in ERA" really say something about our team bullpen history. :mis2
  3. Everything was going so good until someone bump this thread while we were on a hot streak. You destroyed all the angels that were helping us during the first week of the season. >
  4. I truly believe this bullpen is the worst the Fish have ever had. Meyer, Calero, and Penn got lucky in the beginning of the season- look at their careers. Kensing chokes worse than any pitcher I've ever seen not named Heilman. Pinto can not throw strikes and Lindstrom throws straight as an arrow fastballs. The good news is we are still in 1st place- but how much longer with Bonifacio batting leadoff and our pen? We need to change these two things. You must be new at being a Marlins fan. Welcome to the club, its hard for us to recruit new fans to replace the old fustrated ones. But ya this is what happen when the FO don't want to spend just $1M on relief pitchers.
  5. Hmm... http://www.marlinsbaseball.com/forums/inde...showtopic=88118 http://www.marlinsbaseball.com/forums/inde...showtopic=88099 http://www.marlinsbaseball.com/forums/inde...showtopic=88078
  6. Dude, don't scare away the forces that have been letting us win so much so far into the season.
  7. People wanted Pudge because they wanted to see the Marlins 2003 WS key player again. He was valuable to the fans as a showcast, not as a good player. They wanted him sign as a Marlins and hope he'll do well here despite his sharp declining skills.
  8. Seriously, even to Johnson? I don't believe in this hoopy spooky stuff but I do believe in respect. Show the man hard work some respect, it take a lot for him to still be hanging around at his age and be a decent pitcher. Its like me saying I hope you break your leg today.
  9. Umm who care. They're basing on it on what they think the Marlins would do on the whole season, not just a week of baseball.
  10. All managers are awful in New York Standard. I'll start looking at the guys who put the players together before I start blaming the Yankees manager for the 5th straight years.
  11. Since we are going to be referring to him alot more in this forum I think we need to find a more user friendly moniker. Emilio Bonifacio just does not trip off the tongue too easily. Suggest a nickname and then we can make a poll out of the best ones. So far I've seen: Bonerface EBo The Flash (my personal fav - thanks Hotcorner) Boni So get to work. Castillo
  12. if they call him up and hes a beast, awwws sh*t. i never get to see him cuz he never got called up, but ive heard such good things i didnt understand the cut. Probbly roids.
  13. With the small amount of Marlins fans, I should have a high change of winning the lottery.
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