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  1. aren't marbury and randolph both considered cancers for teams. Ever since Marbury left Minnesota I have heard nothing but bad things. Smush was good for the Lakers, why has he fallen off so much, playing time? Smush was never good and his playing time fell off last year with the Lakers when he was also benched by them at the end of the season. As far as with the Heat, he sucks, hes Smush f***ing Parker and he also gets into fights in parking lots.
  2. On the other hand - how can you hate Giants fans? Easily.
  3. I still can't believe we gave up Kotsay to the Padres for Dan Miceli. What was the reason behind that? Educate me. Seriously? We didn't We traded Kotsay for Eric Owens and Matt Clement Seriously educated
  4. I guess when the media is finished they can get back to telling you what to think of players.
  5. Yeah, lets gang up on TO because Jimmy Johnson says if he says he matured, then its all an act! I couldn't care less about what Jimmy Johnson says. In fact, I had no idea he said anything. Im using Jimmy Johnson here to mean the media as a whole. Everybody buys into the stupid sh*t the media tells them.
  6. Yeah, lets gang up on TO because Jimmy Johnson says if he says he matured, then its all an act!
  7. He ain't all that ? He's all right. Reggie Nelson on Tom Brady "It was a check down game," Nelson said, suggesting that most of Brady's completions were short and underneath the pass coverage. "Anybody can go 26-of-28 in a dump-down game."
  8. *not sure if douchbag is one word or two but he's both
  9. omg Cromartie damn, holding nullifies the td He's good. And to think, none of them (The NFL on CBS guys, I mean) said he'd get an INT, and he gets screwed out of the Pick-6. :mischief You use the face too much
  11. Just to be clear, this is the post I was saying I agreed with: I would say a drug that gives you more energy through the course of the season would be a performance enchancer. Not sure why I'm debating this. You dont' seem to use your brain on this issue.
  12. its a PED vs a drug that is non PED so damn riight I can decide which is worse....we agree to disagree case closed Sigh. I agree with the post above this.
  13. Oh, dont know if this was mentioned, but the first couple dates of Gigantour announced and I recall it including Megadeath, Children of Bodom and In Flames.
  14. Where are all the Riley lovers that bashed me at the beginning of the season for saying it was a bad idea when he announced he was going to coach for at least 3 more years????? If you know someone who'd be a better coach than Riley, i'd like to hear it. Ugh
  15. As for using previous inductees as the primary standard for admission...assume that we do use players like Puckett (short, less than outstanding careers), just think of all of the mediocre talent that will be placed alongside of names like Cobb, Ruth, and Mays. Just because a mistake was made doesn't mean that borderline players should benefit. The voters should take the necessary measures to ensure that the same thing does not happen again. I didnt say it should be the primary standard.
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