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  1. Boy watching the Marlins is like watching Little League baseball. I a team of 12 year olds could beat the Marlins.
  2. HeatFanNY

    Phil Rizzuto

    Today is truly a sad day for me and all Yankees fans. Scooter always made the games from his birthday wishes, to him leaving in the middle of a game if he saw lightning. That was classic! Those were the good old days of watching Yankees games. Now I am stuck listening to lame a** Michael Kay!
  3. The generic brand Sandman is coming in, the real Sandman is on the mound in Cleveland.
  4. I too was at this Photo Op yesterday. It would of been nice to get a few autographs but it was an awesome experience meeting the players and going on a major league field. The players were very nice. I wanted to bring my 5 month old son, but it was way too hot. I was able to get all the players on video saying hi to my son. Next year I recommend having this photo op in the winter or early in the season. August is just brutal!
  5. Hey don't look now but the Nationals are only 2 1/2 games behind the Marlins for 4th Place in the NL East. you're loving this aren't you No I'm not, I want to see the Marlins win, they are my favorite NL team plus I can't stand the Mets! alright, that's interesting. are they your favorite because they walked all over ny in 03? (that's a good reason) Hey if any team is to beat the Yankees, I am glad it is the Marlins and the Yankees beat the Marlins 2 out 3 games last season if you remember. I know it wasn't in the postseason but a win is a win.
  6. Hey don't look now but the Nationals are only 2 1/2 games behind the Marlins for 4th Place in the NL East. you're loving this aren't you No I'm not, I want to see the Marlins win, they are my favorite NL team plus I can't stand the Mets!
  7. Hey don't look now but the Nationals are only 2 1/2 games behind the Marlins for 4th Place in the NL East.
  8. Is there any chance we can fire Jeffrey Loria?
  9. Will tomorrow be the D-Train's final start as a Marlin? I personally would like to hold on to him. This guy will eventually get himself straightened out and help this team win in the future.
  10. I just came back from the Garden and I have to say I was truly embarassed by the way the Heat looked tonight. Jamal Crawford looked like Michael Jordan out there. He was unconscious knocking down shot after shot. If he stayed in the game, he would of scored 60 at least. The Knicks had 60 points at the half! I just don't understand how the Heat can blow out the Knicks without Shaq and Wade on Monday night and not show up tonight with Shaq and Wade playing. Plus Eddy Curry was not playing! Did the Miami Heat forget how to play defense? I understand Alonzo Mourning was out but we could of showed a better effort tonight. I have had it with Antoine Walker. Can the Heat just send him home and take their losses financially? I am tired of seeing Antoine Walker shooting 3s and missing. Is there anyone players out there who could help the Heat defensively? All night I had to see the Knicks fans rub it in my face. You would of thought the Knicks won the championship tonight. Is there a solution to this problem because even with Shaq and Wade back, the way the Heat are playing they might not even make the playoffs. Man I hope Pat Riley was watching this game tonight. :banghead
  11. The following is from ESPN.com: If Roger Clemens pitches in The Pinstripes again next season, the Yankees are ready for his return. Second baseman Robinson Cano will give up his No. 22 if Clemens returns to the Bronx. Cano will switch to No. 24. A team official told ESPN that Cano approached the team's equipment personnel and said he was aware that he was wearing Clemens' former number and hoped that the availability of the number would be a lure for Clemens to New York. Cano chose his new number because its digits reversed would be Jackie Robinson's old number. Cano's uniform switch was first reported by The New York Post. "I was happy to give up the number to a future Hall of Famer if Roger comes aboard," Cano said in a statement, according to The Post. "Hopefully, he will be one of my teammates, I'll have the pleasure of playing with him." Clemens, who has pitched for Houston the past three seasons, wore No. 22 when he pitched for the Yankees from 1999-2003. The Post reported that the number switch already might have been relayed to Clemens' representatives. However, Randy Hendricks, Clemens' agent, told The Post in an e-mail that his client is in no hurry to pick a team. "No decision will be made until well after spring training, perhaps until after the season starts," Hendricks wrote to The Post. It looks like the Yankees are confident that the Rocket will return to the Yankees in 2007. Way to take one for the team Cano.
  12. The following was in today's New York Daily News written by John Dellapina: They've tried Matt Cullen and Blair Betts without success. So against the Thrashers today at the Garden, the Rangers will give Jason Krog a chance to be the center who gets the puck to Brendan Shanahan often and accurately enough to get the future Hall of Famer scoring again. But the Rangers' desperate search for a Shanny sidekick won't stop there. Multiple NHL sources confirmed the Rangers are among nearly a dozen teams that have contacted the Philadelphia Flyers about the availability of all-world center Peter Forsberg. And it is believed that while Forsberg is interested in remaining a Flyer, he would waive the no-trade clause in his expiring contract (worth $5.75 million this season) to come to New York for the stretch run and playoffs. Of course, a potential bidding war with fellow Eastern Conference playoff hopefuls such as Ottawa, Montreal and Atlanta is only part of the problem in attempting to acquire Forsberg. For one thing, the last-place Flyers have publicly stated that they are interested in re-signing the 33-year-old Swede, who has won two Stanley Cups and two Olympic gold medals. For another, acquiring Forsberg is a risk because he has been ravaged by injuries in recent seasons. In fact, he told reporters yesterday in Philadelphia he will head home to Sweden during the All-Star break to be examined by doctors in hopes that they can come up with a solution to his right foot problem that so far has eluded Flyers orthopedists (he is unable to keep the surgically foot secure in a skate). That trip will delay the sit-down Flyers GM Paul Holmgren had hoped to have with Forsberg and agent Don Baizley next week to determine whether a contract extension could be hammered out before the Feb.27 trade deadline. Holmgren recently conceded he might have to consider trading Forsberg if no new deal appears imminent. "At the trade deadline, if we didn't have something done for future years, we might just be inclined to roll the dice," Holmgren said. The Rangers passed on a chance to sign Forsberg two summers ago, when there was talk he and boyhood pal Markus Naslund wanted to come to New York as a package. At the time, Rangers GM Glen Sather didn't believe the Rangers were close enough to making a title run to commit so much cap space to the pair. And Forsberg signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Flyers. If I'm Glen Sather, do whatever it takes to get Forsberg. Adding him will make the Rangers a legimate Stanley Cup contender. Let's bring the Cup back to New York. Let's Go Rangers!
  13. Yeah maybe he can bring in a better back up quarterback who could fill in for Eli Manning when he struggles and improve the defense.
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