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  1. I still have the game on tape! Man those were the days! And Chuckie Carr didn't start Opening Day...it was Scott Pose :thumbup oh yeah that catch.
  2. Whitmore is the first that came to mind to break up that trend. :unsure : hehe whitmore? how can you forget bout chucky C? http://smilies.jeeptalk.org
  3. What is a chickenhead? :hat "a young lady who enjoys putting her mouth on....the member....of what is called a...crackwhore." Dave: correct!!...in some way that is correct.
  4. Serena I believe was all her as well. I could tell.
  5. I cried when i saw airbud when that clown man took buddy away from the boy.
  6. Archie Eversole. the remix has got bubba in it the original doesnt.
  7. 75% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score!
  8. did you see who was sittin next to him? mabye JP?
  9. I swear i just saw dontrelle in the audience.
  10. catch us if you can wuz last years. but we won the WS with it so why change.
  11. haaa well it was a great run bangin on a trashcan had.....but sadly we lost in the "coin flip". i would just like to thank all the fans of doug who supported my nomination. I guess ill vote for changes
  12. Please do not let bangin on a trashcan win-get it out of here dont vote for it Thats only going to make ppl want to vote for it more.
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