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  1. Hi guys.


    I have two tickets for the 3 games this weekend and I can't make it..


    they are in Sect. 149 Row 32.....


    I'm selling them for $20.00 each plus the $4.00 ticketmaster mailing system thingy..


    pm me if you are interested! thanks

  2. Just wondering if anyone knows by chance, do the Rays have autograph sessions with the concert performers on Saturdays? Thanks!



    Went to two Saturday Concert games over there in Tampa. Gilberto Santa Rosa signed...but the other act didn't... :-/

  3. It isn't his fault we're playing this badly; with that said, I still wish Girardi was our manager.


    Why? It came to pass that he overused every single one of our arms, which destroyed our 2007.


    Not to mention he hasn't exactly taken the billion dollar team to the promise land.

    I agree with 100% with you Rab.


    Personally, I don't think we should fire Fredi.....I think we should step back and look at the higher powers that are behind him and evaluate the decisions they make of who comes up and down and who we trade or what not. Techinically all Fredi can do is play the players he is given. He isn't in charge of putting Amezaga over Maybin or what not.


    And yes, this thread happens EVERY season ever since I have been on Marlinsbaseball.com.....that's over 11 years now.

  4. No worries babaru. I received the payment and I am turning it in on first thing on Monday morning. Pm me with your info and we'll see what's best for you when I have the tickets in hand.


    Question...would more of you be interested if I could have the tickets for you at Will Call?

  5. Trust Me Joe Girardi.........if there's anyone on this board that knows how the Marlins attendance is and how the organization in itself works, it's me. You could say I've been around them for a long time! :)


    Ernesto305- the offer is until Sunday and yes I could do Cash.

  6. Hey everyone. I am opening up this special offer to everyone on the boards and those who might lurk and might be interested. I am currently hosting a Marlinsbaseball.com group for Opening Day and I'm extending this invitation to you all to help you save $$$$$.

    If you are interested in purchasing the tickets, please pm me with your ticket request (# of tickets, Section, name and e-mail) and we will be able to complete the transaction. I am currently accepting Paypal since I am a verified Paypal seller. I am ending this opportunity on Saturday, March 28, 2009 @ 11:59pm, since I need to turn in the money and have the tickets turned around and ready to be given to you all by April 4th (the latest).


    Bullpen Box- Section 102 (Middle Rows)- Premium Advanced Pricing: $28 Premium Gameday: $ 33 YOUR PRICE: $26

    Infield Box- Sections 144 & 145 (Middle)- Premium Advanced Pricing: $42 Premium Gameday: $48 YOUR PRICE: $37

    Founders Club- Section 144 (Rows 6-7)- Premium Advanced Pricing: $95 Premium Gameday: $ 105 YOUR PRICE: $82

    Club Level B- Section 201 (Rows 7-10)- Premium Advanced Pricing: $ 50 Premium Gameday: $56 YOUR PRICE: $47


    There NO additional ticket fees like Ticketmaster would charge you for.


    Happy Shopping!

  7. I wanted to inform you all that Manolo Alvarez, one of the two Original Marlins Spanish Broadcast Team members, passed away yesterday (01/17/2009) in Naples, FL. He worked along side of Felo Ramirez from 1993-1998 and was later a Hispanic Community Representative with the Marlins and as well was a member of the Diario de las Americas after leaving WQBA.

  8. I am happy to announce that we are hosting a local competition as a part of MLB Pitch, Hit & Run.


    This competition is open to boys and girls 7-14 and it's free. So if anyone on here has a little league team, or is on one and is interested in participating, let me know!


    Here's a flyer so you guys can get more info.

  9. It's been long over due (the rehab). From what I have been reading about the rehab on disboards.com, they are thinking of making WDW Space Mountain like Disneylands and bringing back the two-seater cars. I'm curious to know if they would add different music options in order to compete with the Universal IOA Rollercoaster that is opening up in the Spring/Summer

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