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  1. hi. i'm hoping this will be a fun game between the braves and marlins, but seeing 4-0 for atlanta and hudson pitching, it may not happen...
  2. whats with the rays and being on the wrong side of no hitters? anyways, congrats king felix.
  3. quick question: i wonder what the marlins will do for chipper when the braves visit miami in september. and btw, i'm hoping to go to one of the games in that series to see the new park for the first time and chipper for the last time. i'm going to miss chipper.;(
  4. fun fact: the 18K game ben sheets had against the braves in 2004 came one game before the randy johnson perfect game.
  5. AJ Burnett is going to throw a no hitter, former marlin. Oh he threw one with the fish. fixed. he's through seven. brenley, quiet about atlanta fans cheering on randy's perfect game. i'm watching the wgn broadcast. Game resumes 10:40 thank you.
  6. question: is this game going to restart? btw, aj burnett is a good pitcher.
  7. Did anyone else hear Rich Waltz say "football" instead of "baseball" yes. lol.
  8. fun fact: the braves are 0-12 on mondays this season. but a serious question to the marlins fans: what happened to the fish? i expected the fish to be competitive this season.
  9. great, i'm late. and it looks like despite that homer, we squandered risp again.
  10. hanson allowing all of those jams bit him there.
  11. i'm shocked that it's still no score. i would have thought one of the pitchers, being as mediocre as they are would cough one up by now.
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