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  1. After the last few weeks of non-stop LeBron-Strasburg-AROD-mania, I don't mind Favre Watch 2010 so much.
  2. McFly


    where did shutter island end and inception begin?
  3. Wouldn't matter if he did or didn't miss the season.
  4. what a bitch to clean that place We need more Lemon Pledge
  5. Wait, you mean ESPN is actually downplaying a LeBron related story? What's next? No Favre coverage?
  6. I just think it's funny that there aren't any Laker or Celtic teams on there, yet a Heat team that has yet to play a game made the list.
  7. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/201...ams/index.html 1986 Hurricanes are #1 & 1990 Hurricanes are #11 on the list. #25? 2010-11 Miami Heat...yes, the same Miami Heat team that was put together 5 minutes ago. Hate away, America. Hate away.
  8. This is cool and all, I suppose, but unless you were around for the original rivalry...irrelevant. ND doesn't matter anymore and Miami hasn't been any good in nearly a decade. Maybe things'll change by then. Who knows.
  9. Chevelle- AWESOME! Very underrated band, played everything new and old stuff Yes, yes they are. Saw them in Ft. Lauderdale in '07 and they haven't been that far down since. Angers me, it does.
  10. get the f*** out and take your entire family with you! this joyous news is up there with the news of wanny's resignation and antoine walker being traded
  11. I think this will hurt the Dolphins more than help them to be honest. I, as a Kyle Orton fan, am SO glad that Marshall is out of Denver. I see the Dolphins going 7-9 next year, just no way to compete with the Jets and the Patriots, too many holes. really...REALLY? not that your opinion should matter after admitting to your full membership to the kyle orton fan club, but saying that trading for a top 3 receiver makes the dolphins worse when their leading receivers are named f***ING brian hartline and davone bess? gtfo. seriously. there's the door.
  12. After a home run, a player must use jazz hands when hig-fiving teammates at home
  13. way to not show up tonight against the zombie sonics. thats exactly the game they need with atlanta on deck. jeebus
  14. dwyane took a dump on sideshow bob
  15. yeah, thats a fair trade off. here, have haslem and some bench trash for the future of your franchise, memphis.
  16. this years theme looks uber lame. theyre running out of ideas
  17. they're going to be in the same spot, maybe worse than last season. unfortunately they've already thrown the white flag up this season by not signing or trading for anyone that'll help. i know the 2010 offseason is what they're aiming for, but having wade on your team in his prime and not doing sh*t about it? f***ing ridiculous.
  18. the panthers off to a slow start? this scene seems vaguely familiar
  19. you mean its not an overpass?
  20. yeah, and how'd that whole 1997, 2003, 2009 trend work out?
  21. a jets fan would recognize a chokejob when they saw one, wouldn't they? The dolphins have seen their fair share of chokes recently. explain.
  22. a jets fan would recognize a chokejob when they saw one, wouldn't they?
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