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  1. dim

    Zephyrs become Baby Cakes

    The Jumbo Shrimp and the Baby Cakes. How am I supposed to talk about our minor league teams seriously? I think I'm just gonna stick to saying Suns and Zephyrs even if it isn't correct.
  2. If Ramos was traded, yes. We also have David Phelps and Nick Wittgren who are both very capable of doing the job. Even Brian Ellington has a chance to be a good closer imo.
  3. Hey look all those bench Tannehill people look dumb. How shocking and totally not predictable. Dolphins should win the next two games, which obviously means they'll be 5-6 after.
  4. We're not getting Chapman nor should we. I'm not spending $15-20 million a year on a closer.
  5. If you're serious you would go and patent certain IP involved with making the product. If it's an app go online and find a legitimate coder. Anything else you're going to have to do some research on the building process. Hard to help without some specifics. A real useful invention is gonna take a great deal of time and resources to get done.
  6. dim


    It got better. Although I don't know why everybody says the last episode twist was so shocking since I had that one pegged episode 1.
  7. With qualifying offers being $17.2 million, there are going to be so many players taking offers this year that would've usually tested free agency.
  8. I just don't get why the Marlins don't want to shop AJ Ramos. There will never be a better time to do it than now. Chapman and Miller reaching the World Series and getting so much publicity means teams are going to throw way higher prospects than usual to acquire an All Star closer. Keeping Ramos is just prime waste of a perfect opportunity.
  9. Anderson is without question the team's best hitting prospect. It's good to see him hitting well in the AFL. He's still a good year and a half away from the majors though unless he has a huge breakthrough in AA next year (aka a JT Realmuto season).
  10. Prado's not being traded. He just signed a new deal. He's the third baseman. Talking about it now is nonsense. Ozuna isn't getting you a #1. MAYBE packaged with Dietrich, Hech, Telis, Castillo, etc... he might get a potential #2, but more likely a high end #3.
  11. Castillo has been heavily overrated by the front office now that they need to hype their own prospects.He wasn't even a regular starter until late 2015. He did great in Jupiter, but his sample size for success is very small. If you want to see a positive though, he's following a similar career trajectory as Desclafani did, so that's cool. But again, temper down expectations. Peters is the best pitching prospect we have imo and he likely wouldn't be top 10 in a good system.
  12. As for Garcia/Wacha, Garcia is going to make $11.5 million next year and $12 million after that so it would be a definite no for him given his current numbers. Wacha is interesting, and he's only just now arbitration eligible. He is estimated to get $3.2 million, which isn't bad at all. The bigger question is would the Cardinals trade him at a low value. The Marlins would not give up Ozuna in a trade for Wacha. It would likely be a deal centered more around a Marlins top prospect like Luis Castillo or a Derek Dietrich, both guys I'm not sure they'd want. I'm not sure how much of a fit the Cardinals are.
  13. It's an internal debate I'm having with myself. The trade makes sense but I've become numb to trusting the coaching staff given how they've handled some pitchers of the past. I really think Bauer has all the tools to be successful, he's just a bit of a wild card.
  14. dim

    Braves get Dickey

    Not surprising Marlins didn't go for Dickey. I mentioned him but he was a bit more down on the list of guys for the Marlins to go after. It seems the Marlins want some pitchers with a bit more long term viability as opposed to a real 1 year guy, which is what Dickey would be.
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