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  1. yikes this sucks. take nothing away from the Rays though. They're young, but they sure as hell have some good hitters.
  2. the MARLINS!!! AHHHHHHHH :jump so it's pouring down in Miami Gardens, but 190 miles up the coast with similar geography (Cape Canveral), not only is not raining, but there's not even a cloud in the sky. Weird.
  3. that's what I want to know. I have to watch FSN Wisconsin tonight.
  4. f***, so we can't use him to pitch?? that's a gay rule.
  5. He's great! He's worthless! I love the extremism when he does something good or bad. :huh
  6. They should have gotten Reggie. Cubs are playing like crap!
  7. way to f***ing go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO MARLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. the New Orleans Marlins? Sounds funny, but it's a PERFECT rhyme! :cool
  9. Does anyone pull for the Devil Rays when they are not playing the Marlins? No harm in pulling for the state AL team.
  10. yeah, and I had to watch the Nationals tv coverage, because the Marlins are on the road, and I'm on mlb.tv :banghead
  11. I've been away from the news lately because of Finals, but Anibal is with the Isotopes right? Is he playing, because they are coming to NO next week, and I'd like to go see a Marlin play, in person for the first time!
  12. Shh!! Don't tell anyone from Oklahoma about the attendance problems! They've constantly berated N.O. about the Hornets attendance, simply because they want them to stay. Well, boo effin hoo for Oklahoma -- the team is back here now. The Marlins and Hornets both have cheap owners, for one. We were last in the league in 04-05 when the team went 18-64, and a Final Four college team could have beaten them. We got Chris Paul, lost all the Charlotte players, and then sales started flying during the Summer of 2005. That all gets lost because of Katrina. The team plays 6 games in N
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