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  1. Big league club wore them in the early 2000s as Road BP jerseys before the white wordmark and piping BP jerseys came out in '03. I bought mine off eBay in the estate sale of the Marlins' former seamstress over 10 years ago. Included were letters, number and nameplate of my choice (of course I selected Dawson, 8). The Jersey itself has the MLB logo patch on the back collar (which according to Wikipedia was added in 2000) and the Majestic "Authentic" label on the shirt tail as opposed to the "Diamond Collection" label from the 90's. You are correct, it got its start in the mid 90s as short season A and extended minor league ST road jerseys. You'll notice the vast majority of the pictures of players wearing them are 1) wearing the all teal hat in a reverse of the normal st combo and 2) wearing road pants.
  2. So, I was really outspoken on hating the 2012 rebrand. I hated the logo, hated the colors (esp the orange). Aside from being a bit too dark, I actually like this logo and color scheme a lot. It appears as if blue is going to be a primary color (important for a team with an aquatic animal as its mascot), and this whole look screams "Miami" more than the 2012 set did. Looks like someone will be buying Marlins merch again for the first time in years. Esp looking forward to the blue ST jersey.
  3. I'll throw my hat into the discussion, because Loria and his stooges nearly permanently killed my support for the team with the rebranding and subsequent personnel decisions. A team I supported from the start, even through the fire sales and losing seasons. A team I used to drive down from Orlando several times a year to see. A team I used to buy hundreds of dollars of merch for. A team that I used to come on this board and discuss daily. I decided at the end of the 2014 season that I was done with them as long as Loria owned the team, and instead have been supporting my college team financially. Haven't been down to a game since, and I got rid of most of my Marlins' crap. I've watched a few games on TV here and there, but my overall love for baseball disappeared with my support for the Fish. Now, however, I'm ready to come back into the fold. I'm willing to take Sherman and Jeter at their word that they're committed to changing the culture and breathing life back into the franchise. Even if it means yet another firesale and seeing Giancarlo leave, I think we almost need it to wipe the slate clean and remove Loria's stench. This team MUST rise from the ashes. I think the biggest impediment to that happening is Michael Hill. If we're going to trade our major pieces, we need to get quality returns to collectively attempt to replace the lost production. I don't want him anywhere near those decisions. We shall see, but for the first time in years, I actually care about what happens.
  4. Solid pick, but the last First Rounder from North Carolina we had left a bad taste in my mouth. Cautiously optimistic Moran will be able to contribute soon.
  5. Yep, I've seen him do that but kept it quiet. So, you condone cheating!?!
  6. ...How about the ignorant pack and the resulting knee-jerk mentality?... ...Every financially illiterate "sportswriter" seems to consider Loria to be an easy target at whom they may take unlimited cheap shots. The equally financially illiterate general public (and some here)... Nothing like insulting people to lend credibility to your argument.
  7. Why did he even hire Red if he's going to micromanage field decisions? Seriously, how much worse is this year going to get? Loria and his little troll are an embarrassment.
  8. Hi, I've been playing this fun little mobile trading card game for a couple weeks now. It's got quite a bit going on for a mobile game (Marvel characters, great artwork, strategy and customization, regular events to win limited-time rewards), and is free to download and play on Android and iOS. Where I need some MB help is the referral program. If new players use my invite code, zvk055004 , you will get a special rare card (only way available) and I will get credit towards an ultra rare card. I only need 5 more people to use my code to get it. Even if you're not interested in keeping the game, it only takes a couple minutes to download, input the code, complete the tutorial and register your device (the steps necessary for me to get credit). You're then free to uninstall (though you might find you like it!). If you can help, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.
  9. If you sat near a few kids who pissed you off, get over it. It's not like you had nowhere to move because it was a sellout. Move seats and watch the rest of the game. They're kids. The fact there were plenty of seats he could move to is not the point, he shouldn't have had to after asking the parents to control their brats. The whole "kids will be kids" excuse is a poor one because many kids are perfectly capable of behaving themselves in public. It all comes down to parenting, which judging by their reaction to MBF's request, is unsurprisingly lacking. Crappy, ignorant, entitled parents will raise crappy, ignorant, entitled kids unless someone puts those kids in their place from time to time (since their "parents" won't). I would have had the ushers either move them or throw 'em out for violating the Guest Code of Conduct, which based on the events of Opening Night, shouldn't have been too difficult.
  10. I thought the stadium was owned by the city/county? The stadium is 100% owned by M-D county. However, the Marlins are the "sole and exclusive operator and manager" of it. With "sole responsibility and authority and full control and discretion in the operation, direction, management and supervision of the Stadium Premises." http://www.miamidade.gov/internalservices/library/operating_agreement.pdf And that's the end of any contention along the lines of "the Marlins shouldn't have the right" to do whatever because they have the absolute right to throw anyone out of the joint for any reason they deem sufficient. Hell, an UMPIRE can eject a fan, never mind Marlins management and their agents. You want to buy a ticket to my event and then try to rain on my parade? You're going to be asked to leave and if you don't leave peacefully, you'll be forcibly ejected from the premises. Thanks for clearing up the sole management of a publicly-owned facility issue, but I have to disagree w/ you on a few points. The ticket license grants the ticket holder the right to admission provided the ticket holder follows the rules of conduct; I don't believe they have the right to remove someone from the premise for ANY reason they deem sufficient. What if a security guard wanted to remove someone behaving themselves simply because of their own prejudice? That being said, from what I've seen and read, it doesn't appear as if these fans violated the Stadium policies as posted on the website (which ironically enough, still says Sun Life Stadium!?!). http://miami.marlins.mlb.com/mia/ballpark/policies.jsp One could argue the "F Jeff" was profane clothing or the "Save the Marlins" sign as inflammatory (per the A to Z guide) but that's a stretch to me. Even Samson said the signs themselves were "fine." I also have a hard time believing they were blocking other people's view of the game or created a loud disturbance. According to the group, they entered the concourse, were immediately followed by police and Marlins security, interviewed by the media and then ejected from the premises before they even got to their seats in the 2nd inning. I know this is Miami we're talking about (thus practically another country), but removing someone from the building that's being critical of you seems fascist and contrary to American values. If the Marlins had the right to eject them because they were "raining on their parade," couldn't you argue wearing the Away Team's gear could create a disturbance under that standard? See how ridiculous that sounds?
  11. Why go to a game to protest? Your out looking for trouble. I'm sure they did something to make other fans uncomfortable and they were removed. I can't see anything good coming out of a situation where you go to the game just to tell others you shouldn't be there. We aren't getting the full story. When 14 Dominicans sitting in 8 seats aren't getting ejected while they are drunk and looking for a fight with two Americans, I can't see a few signs getting someone booted. Not at all. Which is why I said if the fan's version of events was true; I wasn't there, so I only have the videos, photos and articles on this incident to go by. I've seen pictures of people w/ similar signs that presumably were not ejected, so I don't know. I also agree, it's counterproductive to buy tickets to protest ownership. This would have been more productive had they been walking the courtyard before the game and denied the team the profit they received from their attendance.
  12. I thought the stadium was owned by the city/county? That being said, if their version of events was true and they weren't causing a disturbance other than walking around with their t-shirts and signs, the Marlins shouldn't have the right to eject them BC they don't agree with the criticism. I find it telling that according to Capozzi, they weren't ejected until they were approached and interviewed by the media.
  13. And how about adding a category for TV and radio broadcasters? Of them all, Rich and Tommy are my TV choices, although I thought Len Kaspar was pretty good too. I'm not sure who I would pick for radio. Call me old-fashioned, but it doesn't get much better than Dave O'Brien and The Kid.
  14. The problem w/ these lists is that there's never a clear rubric for the selection, and even if there is, people generally can't agree on the criteria (for example, Mike Lowell has the longevity w/ the team and position as well as the defense, Miggy put up the better offensive #'s but not all at 3B; which is more important in terms of the best franchise 3B?)
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