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  1. They can read the posts. You can bullshit all you want. You don't like my answers because they don't fit in your nice little format. Too bad. Deal with it.
  2. You're either too scared to try because you enjoy mediocrity or too stupid to actually believe this team actually wants to win. But hey, keep living in your fantasy world. Keep blindly following this stupid mentality that Sherman actually cares about winning and that this "strategy" will work. Keep it up! While your heads up your ass, those with rational thought will keep our distance. We have better things to do than be mindless, feckless pawns like you seemingly enjoy being.
  3. Yeah, like believing breaking up the team and doing it this way with this ownership will produce winning. Article: Baseball Is Broken. Can Anything Short of a strike http://flip.it/SQMZhs
  4. I guess some people only want to believe what they want to believe. Oh well.
  5. The only issue I have with Jeter is that he knew going into buying this team with Sherman that he was going to have to break this team up, that was the only way he was going to get the money to buy the team. No one else was going to give him the amount of money that he got to buy the team without those restrictions. So while Jeter may want to win, he knew he had to break this team up to be able to run it. In reality, he could have probably worked out a deal with bush or with mas to get the deal done. The problem was he didn't want to share the reins. So in order for him to get the deal to where he could run the team by himself he had to accept these restrictions. And it's with those restrictions that have an issue with.
  6. I haven't heard much about Jeter regarding his motivations. It appears he genuinely wants to win in spite of his limitations. His problem is he can't be honest with the public in terms of what he has to work with. So, all he can do is say what he's been saying. At the same time he is making 5MM a years so he'll recoup his investment just staying as ceo and doing nothing. So long as he stays withing budget, Jeter can't lose financially so he can afford to try to win albeit with limited resources.
  7. As I mentioned, we're not in normal times. Many teams are in a race to the bottom choosing revenues over winning. It would have been the perfect time to do it. And I've said numerous times, they had the money to overpay for this team. I know there was money to spend to win. Micky Arion does it. If they cared they would have done it at least through the trade deadline, if things didn't work out then blow it up. We'll just have to agree to disagree on the bullpen. It was fairly strong in 2016 and just needed less use. As for sherman, this has nothing to do with what takes place on the field. This is from my conversation with people that know him personally. The team was an investment. He is looking to make money. He does not care about winning. The article I cited shows he's not the only one. It is true Jeter is running the team. Sherman is not interested in that. But he's given Jeter marching orders with respect to budgeting and how much to spend. The budget, as of now, is comparble to that of lower market teams (I've tried get specifics but havent been able to grt those). Jeter can do whatever he wants in running the team. It's his show. However, he is on a tight leash. This is not what I signed up for. We had a team with an obvious missing piece. Instead of trying to find ways they blow it up in the name of profits. Sadly, this is the new trend in baseball. Next time, I see manfred I'll make sure he knows. But I'm not about to have season tickets to watch a garbage. I could barely stomach it last year and I only had because I got suckered in August of 2016. I supported past rebuilds during the prior ownerships (not the 1998 one). But this was wrong. The least they could have done was try to fix the problem but that was never going to happen. The payroll was too high for sherman to ensure his rate of return so it had to go. Even if we were winning it would have gone. And that is why the only games I will attend are the games where they wear the only logo that matters.
  8. One of the reasons our bullpen suffered was because of it was overused from the stupid short start garbage. Having been used less it would have held out. I also think playing in this environments wouldo have yielded better results on those pitchers. All in all, it was worth the shot. The only thing is it was never going to happen because Sherman is not interested in winning, only profiting.
  9. That's funny. I didn't know those picthers didn't exist. News to time. And why do you need others to validate your position? Can't stand on your own? FYI, since day 1 since I joined I could care less what others say so not sure where you'you're going with that. And why bring up the #fuckjeter crowd?
  10. Teams that want cash. Your problem us you seem to think it's all about winning. It's not. But because you're only looking at it from a fan's perspective you only see that.
  11. Says you but Ill give you names. Mike Fiers, Bretton anderson, and Matt harvey.
  12. Um, so according to you you trade for cash? Never seen those deals? Well, let me introduce you to the world of tradea for "cash considerations"
  13. Just because you drink the sherman koolaid doesn't make it BS. You want a name, pick one. How you do it. Spend on it! You don't need to give up players you can give cash as well. I explained in a prior post they overpaid for this team. They spend money on players. The fact is they won't. They did this deal. Winning be dammed. Article: A warning about Major League Baseball’s Revenue http://flip.it/U2svb7
  14. As I said, you don't trade. You just spend more money. You can have cash involved with a trade. Win, then reevaluate or now can safely say, we tried and then blow it up like in 2005.
  15. Because starting pitching is what we needed. How is that wrong?
  16. In free agency no. But there were plenty. Hey, Sherman overpaid for this team. Might as well have overpaid to get pitching in trade. But what's done is done. No sense in discussing it.
  17. You did followed by calling it "nonsense". So not sure why your taking your words or if context.
  18. Sadly, I got saddled with paying last year so I was late to the party. But this year I plan to let my wallet be heard.
  19. Stats say our starting pitching was the issue. You don't win without starting pitching. Nice try though. There's no rebuild just recouping of their 1.2 billion investment. I don't trust these new York guys. I'm waiting to let Manfred know how I feel though lebatard did a good job of it.
  20. The uni's are an improvement but still not what they should have been which was to bring back the originial uniforms, at least as an alternative jersey. Regardless, the team is still garbage and will remain so for the next few years. The hope is they fix the off the issues as those are just as bad, if not worse, than their on field issues. Remains to be seen. Looks like this team would a mess for the next few years until they figure things out.
  21. I love how everyone focuses on Jeter and not Sherman.
  22. Now, that's a good question. I'd be curious to know the ratings as well as that would have a direct impact on the TV deal.
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