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  1. I'll be there. Who is pitching for Wash tonight? I've seen Olsen listed as well as another pitcher.
  2. A couple of the games will be on FOX national so we're missing less than 12. Problem is, we shouldn't be missing any. There is no reason why they can't broadcast every game like almost every other major league team does. Thank god we finally got HD broadcasts though. I remember living in Boston and every Sox game was in HD like 10 years ago.
  3. Hit - Maybin Double - Hanley Triple - Coghlan HR - Hanley RBI - Cantu Run Scored - Coghlan Stolen Base - Bonafacio Caught Stealing - Maybin Error - Cantu Win - Nolasco 2 points
  4. 3:00pm: A 180 in this rumor - FOX now says the Marlins acquired Johnson for Double A lefty Aaron Thompson, with the Nats paying Johnson's remaining salary.
  5. looks like johnson will be lucky to see the 5th today
  6. how many arb years does he have remaining?
  7. What is Cantu's contract situation? Thanks
  8. Hotel Commonwealth I am originally from Boston.
  9. We're going to win this one 6-3. Volstad gives up one in the fifth, one in the sixth. Bullpen holds nicely with one run allowed. We get 3 early runs on Vazquez in the second, one more in the fifth, and two off the bullpen in the 7th. Homer by Chipper for ATL, two for the Marlins from Hanley and Uggla. how many sunflower seeds will Jorge Cantu eat?
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