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  1. Tough loss tonight, some pics I took of my trip. http://picasaweb.google.com/Ant2213
  2. I would go outside to take a follow up to that picture, but it has gotten real bad. Lightning is nasty.
  3. Haha I hope so, I have to fly back to FL tomorrow, so yesterday and today were the only games I could attend, so this has to be played.
  4. weather is shittty here. I'm 10 mins from stadium currently and dark clouds are forming all around.
  5. I'll be there, I have 2 xtra tickets for anyone in NY area.
  6. I have two extra seats to tonights Marlins/Mets game if anyone is interested. My 2 buddies had to fly back to FL early, and two Field Box seats are available(sec 73 row F with Diamond Club), I will be there as well.
  7. marlinsfan2 was this your first day watching the Marlins play?
  8. Soap Opera Material... Today on Life Lessons From a 16 Year Old
  9. How many ZOMG ESPN threads can be made in 1 week It's directly proportional to the times they are wrong. Sweet..You tell them!!!
  10. I'm happy for Uggla, he is close to be the man from last year. Although he is still striking out a lot. He should be more patient on the plate. It's weird, half of the rotation can pitch 6/7 innings (Olsen and Hendrickson), the other half is not able to throw strikes. Oh, the Mets did not win. Neither the Phillies What game you watching?
  11. Whe should have a solid 3rd starter asap. We will not be able to beat the Mets, the Cards or the D-backs with this guys. Is it craaaaazy to move Pinto to a starting role? Now I'm missing Jason Vargas and Yusmeiro Petit. Are you joking?
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